5 Ways to Personalize Your Ergonomic Workspace in 2024
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5 Ways to Personalize Your Ergonomic Workspace in 2024

|Apr 30, 2021

Your ergonomic workspace is your productivity center, and it should be a reflection of your personality and who you are. Customizing your workspace gives you the individuality and comfort you need to do your best work and take pride and ownership in everything you do. Here are some great ways you can customize your workspace in 2021.

An individual would, on average, spend a quarter of their life at work. That's a lot of hours spent staring at your office or cubicle's same dull gray walls. Try personalizing your office to make those forty hours a week fly by a little quicker.

These days, ergonomic office spaces have allowed us to match our work surroundings with what we need most. People have been able to personalize their working environments to suit them but ensure that they are comfortable and working healthily at the same time.

You will make your office a more fun place to be when you personalize your workspace. It's time to figure out what office furniture and accessories suit you - and while you're at it, pull out the art supplies and a good dose of imagination. You can quickly transform your office into a home away from home with these easy ways to personalise your workspace.



Not only can adding plants to your office boost the aesthetics, but it can also improve your wellbeing. Dr. Chris Knight, an Exeter University psychologist, has also discovered that when they operate in an area where plants are present, workers are 15 percent more active.

When you personalize your office with plants, it will bring a smile to your face when you need it most, in addition to giving you health benefits and a boost in productivity. Try starting with tiny potted succulents that are simple and cheap to care for. Then switch up to small trees and bigger plants that can really turn your workspace into something special.



You will help to personalize your workspace by adding photos of your family, friends, and pets. At thrift shops, you can quickly find discounted frames and print out family portraits or snapshots from your Instagram.

Try to include images of past holidays, your favourite places, and the stuff you want most to do. This way, you will be comforted by the memories of the things and people you love most if you're ever feeling stressed out or down at work.



An ergonomic working environment is the best way to ensure your workplace reflects you. Chairs such as the ErgoChair literally adjust based on user preferences, and are specially designed so that your comfort comes first. If you're an active person, let your smart desk give you the ability to be more active during the working day.

Whether you're comfortable in your work chair or stood up to finish a deadline - an ergonomic workspace is suited to you. There's no denying that it also boosts productivity, meaning that you will not only be satisfied as you work, but working at a better level than when your office wasn't personalized for you.



Lighting is another perfect way to personalize your workspace. We all know how terrible workplace lighting has the potential to be; fluorescent, headache-causing lights that really don't set the right vibe for calmness and performance. Using an LED Desk Lamp will keep you working at ease and will ensure that your light is right by your side all day long.

Hanging up fairy lights or unused holiday lights is another simple way to personalise your office with decoration. These will have a soft glow and, without putting too much pressure on the eyes, transform your office or cubicle into a magical wonderland.

Sometimes we also just need a bit of natural light to perk up our day. Being in an office can be consuming if we don't let in some light to guide us through. Try having the blinds up for a portion of the day, or moving your workspace near to a window. If you're a remote worker and really lucky, you may even have the chance to take your workspace outdoors should the weather conditions permit.



Last but not least, putting up a vision board is an easy way you can personalize your workspace. A vision board is a plain whiteboard or corkboard that reflects your aspirations and motivations in life with pictures and quotes.

Vision boards work because the same parts of your brain that are illuminated when you actually accomplish your goals are triggered when you imagine yourself achieving your objectives. Think of your board of vision as your dream board.

Take the time to think about your priorities in the short and long term, and the big picture of your life. Then, try to find correlating photos, inspirational quotes; rummage through old magazines and Pinterest boards for something that relates.  Everything that you find can be used!  Cut out, print and paste to your board to inspire.

Feel a part of your office space

As listed above, there are many different ways to really make your working environment feel like home. You don't have to be the craftiest person in the world to personalize your desk and shelves - and it's not as hard as you think.

Thankfully, a lot of ergonomic furniture, that is specially designed for making working spaces more enjoyable to work in, is available to buy online. Don't settle for furniture and a room that has no personality - instead, put your own personality into your surroundings. Make 2021 a year that the place where you work is also a place that you enjoy.

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