5 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Party

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 17, 2017

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1.       Food is the life of the party

Food is the life of the partyAt the center of all communities, cultures and habitats is food, office parties are not exempt. Halloween is a great time to get creative with new and exciting recipes. The festive flavors of fall mixed with the sugary goodness of Halloween open up the doors when it comes to baking or cooking. Play the culinary artist yourself or invite some friendly competition with a bake off or just simply hold a potluck to get the whole team involved. If you’re looking for some new recipes to try, check out this spooktacular list of fall flavors.

2.       “Boo!” Your Co-Workers

Maybe you’ve seen those signs on your neighbor’s doors saying they’ve been “boo’d.” You can bring that level of fun to an office! Here’s how it works: surprise your co-worker with a bundle of candy, wine, a festive gift basket and leave it on their desk with a note that says they’ve been “Boo’d!” Whoever gets Boo’d has to Boo someone else! The only catch: you can’t be seen or get caught. Boo-ing in the office is a thrilling way to bring your team closer together as they try to figure out how to surprise each other.

3.       Make An In-Office Mocumentary Horror Flick

The advent of IPhones has brought upon us a generation of portable filmmakers! Hurdle the creative minds of your office together and create an in-office horror flick and host a viewing show at your party. Or, if you’re lacking the creative efforts, gather your office together and enjoy a classic flick or queue the next season of Stranger Things! Episodes are only an hour and your office can huddle together on your lunch break from some spooktastic bonding.

4.       Hex Your Office Into a Haunted House

Hex Your Office Into a Haunted HouseIf you’re looking for a go-getting activity, why not spend some time spooking out your office space? Everyone loves a festive office and decoration shows your clients that your business is fun and personable. Have some of your co-workers dress up as zombies, monsters, and witches and guide the others through the maze you create. Keep the fun to your office our send out an e-vite to some of your local business partners to stop by and share in your haunted house. To save on a budget, collab with your office to pool together from your own decorations and ramp the office up the next level. Decorating can be a great team building activity and the coordination required to deck out the office can bring your team together on something with lower stakes than work. If you’re close with the offices around you, incite some friendly competition with who’s office can spook themselves out the most. Upload pictures to your social media channels and get your customers involved in the decision making!

5.       Host Your Party at an Orchard

There’s a lot you can do with an office during the holidays, but sometimes you gotta get out and switch up the pace. If you think your team needs a break from the fluorescent lights and luminous glow of computer monitors, take them out for some fresh fall air. Orchards are a great, low budget expense trip for small parties that let the team interact with each other in an environment that’s not the office. If you’re in a city, make your own orchard! Pick up some fresh apples from the market and disperse them around the office in burlap baskets. Host popular orchard games like pie eating contests, apple bobbing, and pumpkin carving!

Your options are limitless! The holiday season is a wonderful period to try something new. Giving your team a rocking party lets them know they’re valued and respected. When they feel they’re a part of strong-knit community, production is incentivized and people feel revitalized to come back to work because the place they work is a rewarding experience.

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