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6 Best Black Table Top for DIY Desk Building
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6 Best Black Table Top for DIY Desk Building

|Jul 15, 2021

Looking for a wooden top for your DIY office desk? Well, here are our top selections for an office desktop.  While desktops are available in many colors, a black table top can represent various things. Black is a representation of supremacy and hence an executive color. It goes well with most office decors. Even for a home office, black adapts well to any color décor.  Black is a great color for your office standing desk

Why Wood Only?

Why Wood Only?

While desktops are available in metal and glass, the feeling of a natural material like wood is quite different. There is enough research that proves that wood makes human beings feel closer to nature and hence calmer. While you choose various colors and include your likings, you cannot overlook a black desk top.

MDF Wood

MDF or a Medium Density Fibreboard uses hardwood/softwood residues. They are then added to a mixture of wax and resin to shape large boards and panels.  These panels are then treated to high temperatures, and strong pressure forces them to help the particles bind together. MDF wood is the best for office furniture where you do not need heavy density or hardwood like oak, pine, birch, maple, or walnut wood.  Why? The density of wood being high, they become heavy for office use and are not needed.  MDF board can take enough weight for the usage required in an office.

Best Black Table Tops for DIY Desk Building

As you search for a black wooden desktop, don't miss our reviews for a black desk setup.

1. Autonomous Desk Surface


This awesome desktop is available in black color. Black is a dominant color and pairs well with most contrasting airs colors. This Autonomous Desk Surface is also available in fourteen other colors and shades for your range of choices; yes, you heard us right – in fourteen other colors! What's more, you can even ask for a custom painted table top.

Choose from a matte or standard finish as you select this prime warp-proof MDF wood option.  Prefer a natural wood selection? Opt for the scratch-resistant bamboo wooden desktop that is a perfect match for the best black standing desk. Both the options are TSCA & REACH certified for safety and offer you a year’s warranty. 

The black table top comes in a dimension of 53"L x 29"W x 1"H with two cable management orifices. Each orifice has a dimension of 2.4 inches, wide enough to manage most of your cables. Of course, you can always find easy payment options with Affirm or look for a table top for sale.

2. Casaottima L-shaped Desk


This sturdy corner office desk offers you value for money. The black wood table top is made from MDF wood and comes with a steel frame. You can adjust the table's stability with the rubber feet studs that are fitted for your comfort. This office desk is easy to assemble and has a small shelf which you may use to place a monitor or computer speakers. The dimension of the table is 130cms W x 46cms D x 75cms H.

3. VWINDESK Table Top - Black


This black table top makes a good choice for your standing work desk. The MDF board is one inch thick to give you sustainability and durability. In addition, the eco-friendly desktop is of P2 grade of CARB. With an easy assembly, it is a perfect choice for many.

The MDF wood is PVC blister lamination finish, water-resistant, and easy to clean. This beautiful tabletop surface is a great choice with a dimension of 72" x 30"*1" thickness.  It has two 60mm holes for all your cabling needs. The custom black table top is your perfect choice for all your needs.

4. LittleJimmy Black

This wooden black desk top is available for your office desk or a standing desk.  Made from a single piece, the desktop is free of seam breaks. No breaks, no tangling of papers or computers with the breaks in the wood. Available in a dimension of 48''x27.6'' surface, it gives you ample working space. It is made from synthetic wood furniture where the CARB P2 class board is used.  It is sturdy, durable, and offers easy assembly.

5. Kaboon Black Table Top Wood


This Kaboon desk tabletop is available in four more colors apart from black. It has quite a few bold and realistic designs to match your decors.  It is laminated on both sides for solid and sturdy construction. It is available in different surface textures like woodgrains, stones, woven, and more.

The double laminate is constructed under high pressure and is decorative. The material is highly durable, eco-friendly, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof, and easier to clean. It is available in the following sizes (inches X inches): 20×20, 45×20, 46×24, 48×30, 55×28, 60×24.  It weighs only 28.7 pounds.

6. Sanoolir Laminated Wooden Table Top

This wonderful laminated wooden tabletop is a perfect finish with the dimension of 24"W x 60"D x 0.98"H. Available in Walnut or black finish, this table is spacious for your office workload. Store your computer, add space for working on files, or do your homework for a school/college-goer. The smooth surface enables easy working. The scientifically designed tabletop has quality materials to increase the durability and life of the office tabletop. It includes a 3-year warranty too for your comfort

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

While you have numerous choices of a black wooden desktop for your productive workspace, our verdict is the Autonomous Desk Surface. Why? The superior quality MDF board is used as the best finish to last you a lifetime. The quality of this black table top is incomparable to many others, and of course, there are other features like Affirm for easy payments. So there you go! Get yourself one today!

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