6 Heavy Duty High Back Office Chair for Tall People
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6 Heavy Duty High Back Office Chair for Tall People

|May 22, 2021

For individuals who are on the taller and bigger side, shopping around for good office chairs requires extra effort. They could quickly go for a standard chair, but they usually fit people falling under 300 pounds and around six feet in height. In fact, the full design of the chair can comfortably hold and operate within that height and weight limit: the backrest, hydraulic piston, cushioning, and seat. A taller, heavier person needs a heavy-duty high back office chair so that they could sit easily.

If they sat in a chair that’s not a high back office chair or is too small, it wouldn’t be ergonomic. Ergonomic seating means getting the right-sized chair and it's something to think about if you’re a taller person. Our buyer's guide on some of the top tall office chairs for heavy people shows which ones are best for longevity, comfort, and long-term investment.

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

The ErgoChair Plus is one of the recent additions to the brand’s heavy-duty office chair with a tall back lineup. It is one the best, most affordable ergonomic chairs made for improving posture. It offers the users a lot of movement and ensures a healthier back when you're at or away from your desk.

Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

The TPE backrest is designed to flex with your back for 100% support. This mid-back vs high-back chair base is also made of TPE, with coil springs that absorb the weight. TPE is highly durable and can be cleaned easily. The wrist rests are made of soft plastic, and they're adjustable – either up or down – using a button.

Under the seat, you will find the level for chair height adjustment up to 21 inches. Here, you will also find a crank dial for controlling the backrest tension. On the other side, you have another level for controlling the backrest angle locks.

2. Global Obusforme chair

This is one of the few names that came to our minds when we heard of heavy-duty high back office chairs. It’s the perfect ergonomic workhorse that has a 32-inch backrest and a host of other adjustments.

Both the seat and the backrest are padded with thicker foam and controlled via a tilt lock, tension adjustment, and center-tilt setting. This heavy-duty reclining chair even has seat sliders and pneumatic adjustable seat height. The seat can be moved back or forth as you wish.

Global Obusforme chair

The backrest height and back angle can be changed individually to get the optimal curve for sitting. On top of that, the back support channel has elastomeric suspension technology and polycarbonate pieces.  

The Obusforme big and tall office chair has a 300 lbs weight support limit and height range of 16 inches to 20 inches. Even the seat is much bigger at 21 inches wide. The advantage is that the back height and armrest adjustability make it perfect for smaller people as well.

The lumbar sections can’t be adjusted independently. You do need to move the backrest to make adjustments to the lumbar. 

3. Ergohuman Chair from Eurotech

This extra heavy-duty office chair has a headrest with a maximum height of 30.5 inches. Also, it's a good mesh chair with even better lumbar support. Three sections have been added to the backrest design – one for the upper back, lumbar and neck-head areas.

This trio-lumbar section even flexes according to the person's weight. The whole backrest area is adjustable for the perfect height. It even features three lockable positions and tension adjustment for an even closer fit.

Ergohuman Chair from Eurotech

You can pivot the headrest after adjustments so it reaches the curve on the neck. The Ergohuman is a more affordable mesh chair with a full mesh design and many adjustment options.

The seat might be uncomfortable for some due to the metal frame. The seat even has mesh on it that doesn't offer the highest comfort level; especially to those who don’t like mesh seats.  It is a perfect heavy-duty high back office chair you should own now!

4. Global Arturo Chair

This is a plush leather high-back office chair with a 30.5 inch back and padded cushioning. It is upholstered using top grain leather with detailed stitching and a pillow area for head support. The chair features an infinite tilt lock, tension adjustment, and center-tilt mechanism.

Global Arturo Chair

This heavy-duty high back office chair even has loop arms that are padded, a waterfall seat, and contoured cushions for maximum comfort. The seat pad is 21 inches wide but doesn’t have the adjusting settings found on most ergonomic chairs.

The Arturo is a large chair exclusively for bigger people. That is, smaller people might find that they have too much space. 

5. Via Oslo Chair

The Via Oslo backrest is 31 inches with a steel frame and injection molded foam. Big on size and customization, the chair offers more functions and adjustments. It has the standard knee-tilt system and back height adjusting.

The Oslo even has seat sliders, eight different armrest positions, and synchro-tilt mechanisms. Also, the chair comes in a variety of upholstery options, including leather. You can even choose various patterns, durability levels, and colors.

Via Oslo Chair

The price tag on the Oslo is on the higher side, but you are paying for comfort, customization, and ergonomic settings. It can be on the larger side for petite people, who may find it a bit uncomfortable, even with adjustments. Why don’t you buy this heavy-duty high back office chair now?

6. Freedom Chair with Headrest from Human Scale

This heavy-duty high back office chair is a premium ergonomic office chair with a good build and a 32-inch backrest. The lower part of the backrest can pivot to the correct positions. It has a lumbar curve and height adjustment settings. The chair has a weight-sensitive recline function, excluding the need for tilt locks or tension controls.

Freedom Chair with Headrest from Human Scale

Lean back till you're comfortable, and the chair will hold that position. It even keeps you at the right eye level, even when reclined.

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