6 Luxury Garden Sheds Will Change Your Life
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6 Luxury Garden Sheds Will Change Your Life

Autonomous|Feb 24, 2022

Sheds are not only an excellent way to keep your plot organized, but they can also be eye-catching features of your landscape. Of course, the average luxury garden shed design is primarily for storing all your tools safely and preventing clutter from taking over your plot. You'll also want a place to store your BBQ, pizza oven, and stylish garden furniture in your luxury garden shed, especially if the weather turns unpredictable.

However, a luxury backyard shed is suitable for more than just storing things - you can also use it for doing chores around the garden, such as potting seedlings or just relaxing with a book. Our guide to the best small luxury garden shed already lists our picks, but these tips will inspire you regarding the important question of style. We have plenty of ideas for plots of any size, from fabulous luxury garden room options to window boxes and living roofs.

Benefits of Garden Shed

Benefits of Garden Shed

Garden sheds are generally used for storing gardening equipment. Even homeowners who don't do gardening can still use them. The benefits of owning a garden shed are many if you happen to buy a house with one.

Kids playhouse

Your garden shed can become a space where your kids can play outdoors. Paint it in vibrant colors, add chairs, tables, toys, and a blackboard for enjoyment.

Art studio

Turn your garden shed into a place to showcase your artwork or let your creativity flow. Unused sheds make perfect spots for doing art since they are free of distractions.


Your shed could become a workshop if you unleash the DIYer in you. Put a sturdy table up and arrange tool racks in your backyard office prefab so you can do your projects without disturbing your family.

Game or entertainment room

The area offers a pool or other games to relax with. With comfy beanbags, a sofa, a minibar or a refrigerator for your drinks, and a sound system, you can entertain your guests.


With a mini gym right in your backyard, you'll never have an excuse to miss your workout routine.


Home spa

Add an inflatable pool to your property that is perfect as a hot tub, and complete it with all your spa essentials to build a relaxing hideout.

Home office

It's a great idea to use your garden shed as an improvised home office to complete important tasks that require deep concentration.

List of Popular Garden Sheds You Can Find Online

1. Autonomous Pod

Autonomous Pod luxury garden shed

In a Pod, you can set up and use the housing on-site within a day. Expanding housing with this wood pod is simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Invest in an outdoor room that can serve multiple purposes. In addition to providing additional space, the wooden pod for the garden creates a dedicated space and is the more affordable home renovation solution.              

Your personal space will power all your tools, thoughts, and toys. Enjoy a new space to entertain guests, work on a project, finish that book, or just enjoy the new space. Working from home can maintain a boundary between personal and work-life challenges. This is where Pod comes in.

This luxury garden shed is spacious enough to accommodate all kinds of indoor fitness routines, from weight training to yoga to Zumba. The pod is the new fun and leisure spot for your house. You can enjoy your gaming sessions privately or by creating a unique entertainment space for parties and gatherings.

2. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod luxury garden shed

With floor-to-ceiling glass doors, WorkPod provides sound insulation so you can hear yourself think. Make your commute as short as possible by leaving the office immediately at the end of the day. Your workspace should allow you to live your life.

The ultimate office pod set for adults that’s completed in a few enjoyable hours. Build the extension yourself without hiring contractors and wasting a year on it. The WorkPod comes pre-wired and equipped with creature comforts, including air conditioning, warm lighting, and outlets for your gadgets and appliances.

With WorkPod's fuss-free foundation, uneven floors are no longer a problem as well. It will happily sit on concrete, gravel, grass, and brick for years as it distributes weight up to 4 tons evenly.

Prefabrication is meticulously tested and inspected at every step - every bit of lumber, every joint, and every seal. With traditional on-site construction, that is simply not possible. You'll be comfortable regardless of what the weather is outside, and you'll stay protected from insects, heat, water, and mold.

3. Autonomous StudioPod

Autonomous studioPod luxury garden shed

New multipurpose room from Autonomous called the StudioPod can be installed in your backyard. You can pretty much use this prefab shed for anything you can think of, whether you want a backyard studio for work or gaming, a prefab studio for working out, or a studio shed for the kids to play in.

The contemporary shed from StudioPod comes fully furnished and equipped with all the furniture and storage space you could possibly need. With a closet, a workstation, a bookcase, a TV stand, a coffee table, and a convertible sofa bed, you'll be prepared for anything.

4. Autonomous GamePod

Autonomous GamePod luxury garden shed

A gamepad separates you from the rest of your home and gives you a place to play video games. You can focus on the game without being distracted. There is room for everything else on GamePod, along with everything you need for gaming.

Your gaming experience will be comfortable all day and all night, thanks to an insulated, climate-controlled interior of our soundproof gaming booth. Organize competitive sessions with friends or set up an easy-to-manage space for your kids to play with their friends after school.

5. 3 X 3M Garden Studio from Crane

In terms of creating functional outdoor space, this stunning luxury garden shed or garden room is unbeatable. Every inch of it is indoors and outdoors, thanks to double glazing and thermal insulation. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a door provide access to the garden while keeping the house comfortable. For its combination of affordability, functionality, and design, it's the best. Reviewers praised the Scandi-style cladding and the contemporary shades.

6. Deluxe rotating Summer house Pod from Farmer's Cottage

Deluxe rotating Summer house Pod from Farmer's Cottage

It is odd to think a garden pod as positively futuristic as Farmer's Cottage would have a name as pastoral as Farmer's Cottage, but it's full of surprises. The fact that it's smarter than your average shed, considering the somewhat wince-inducing price, is a given, but it's worth pointing out what makes it worthy of its place on the lawn.

Architecture-wise, it's a real beauty. The glass and wood-beamed sphere reflect its surroundings to look like part of the landscape rather than standing out. This luxury garden shed is fully sealed, 240V power-capable, and completely waterproof, which means you can sit outside even during a rainstorm. Not bad for the price, though!

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