6 Pocket Office Ideas Fit Perfectly to Your Home
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6 Pocket Office Ideas Fit Perfectly to Your Home

|Apr 10, 2022

Soon after home offices, the idea to get a pocket office has become the latest fad. Anyone would love to have a small space dedicated for billing activities and some small online chores in their home. It is unnecessary to take every work to your home office, as some can be left for your pocket office.

We can understand that some of you might not be aware of a pocket office design, so you may not understand its perks in the first place. Thus, we have shared a brief introduction on what is a pocket office before diving in deeper to understand its benefits.

This article has everything you need to know about a pocket office, so stick with us until the end. We have shared some of the most amazing pocket office ideas in a later section here, so you will surely get a complete package of information. So, let’s first begin with the introduction of a pocket office. 

What is a Pocket Office?

What is a Pocket Office?

A pocket office is a part of the modern residential design trends. This type of office is a part of your home and is usually built around a nook. The major difference between a typical home office and a pocket office is its size. A pocket office is roughly half or a quarter the size of a modern home office. Pocket offices are favorable for people who wish to keep their office work separate from their home chores.

Therefore, people often use this space for billing activities and planning their home's budget. Nevertheless, it doesn't end here. A pocket office is a lot more than a small workspace for home chores. People who are short on space can make a pocket office their basic home office space to work remotely. Pocket workspace helps them stay more focused and organized and lets them have higher productivity.

In addition, the pocket office helps them have a compact office that is more of a talk of the town these days. People usually don't need a large home office space in most cases, even because of the compact and modern accessories and tech gadgets that they have these days. So, in all cases, a pocket office is a great idea to carry out your online office activities and other chores.

The question that arises here is how you can get the best pocket office design to suit your home and work. This leads us to the thought of sharing multiple pocket office ideas with you here to help you best. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Best Pocket Office Ideas for Your Home

1. Office in a Closet

Office in a Closet pocket office

You might think that your closet is an odd corner, but this place can be a great corner to set up your pocket office. You can easily place an office desk in your closet and couple it with an ergonomic chair to set up your office. This space will ensure you stay focused at your work because a closet is somewhere you won’t get distracted by any noise. 

2. Office Under the Staircase

Office Under the Staircase

You may also use the space under your staircase for setting up your pocket office. You can get a compact office desk and chair to make this possible. All you will have to do would be to place your desk underneath your staircase and suit yourself with a chair. You can improve this setup by adding a file cabinet and increasing storage. Since this space might look gloomy, it will be better if you buy an LED desk lamp for your desk. 

3. Pocket Office with an L-Shaped Desk

Pocket Office with an L-Shaped Desk

If you want more desk space in your pocket office, think of creating one using an L-shaped desk. An l-shaped desk offers you double space and is ergonomic in all aspects. It comes with an adjustable height and has a sleek design. You can dedicate its two tabletops to multiple tasks. For instance, you can use one for your office work and the other for planning your home's budget. 

4. The Nook Office

The Nook pocket office

Getting a nook office is one of the best pocket office designs. Office workers often live in an apartment with limited space. In such a situation, selecting a corner next to a window is ideal for planning your pocket office. You can make a DIY desk for such a workspace and fix it in a corner. You may even try adding some shelves to ensure you get some space to place your files and any collectibles if you have them. 

5. Wall Office

Wall Office

If you have a shelved wall, you can use that wall for your pocket office. All you will need to do will be to place your work desk in front of such a wall and begin working. Since sitting in front of a wall might make your corner a bit gloomy, you can use an ultra-wide desk lamp to light up your workspace. 

6. Living Room Workstation

You can set up a living room workstation as your pocket office as well. This pocket office design can be successful if you place your office desk behind your living room's sofa. In this way, it will get a little separated from your socializing spot as well. Thus, you will be able to work in peace while maintaining your personal space. 

Wrapping It Up

This is all from our side! We believe that you have a complete idea as to what is a pocket office and what are the best pocket office designs. We hope you will use one of the pocket office ideas we shared above to create your pocket office. Such a setup will keep you active and focused on your workspace and ensure you stay productive overall. So, go ahead and pick your best office design to elevate your work experience.

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