6 Tips to Help You Create the Best Home Office

6 Tips to Help You Create the Best Home Office

|Sep 21, 2020

Working from home has its host of advantages. From escaping the morning rush with lines at the coffee shops and traffic, you will quickly find added fulfillment working from your home, a place in which you can fully control and achieve your work goals on your terms. As you proceed with your work, with time, you will realize that working in the backyard on a blanket or in bed is not sustainable, and you will need to get a proper home office, just like that in a normal workstation. You may find, however, that in the course of work, that you have to move out, meet a client overseas, or simply work on the go: If you are wondering how to go about setting up the perfect home office and taking it with you while working on the go, read on.

Setting up a home office for remote work gives you the freedom to let out your inner creative self. You can do whatever you want to make your home office suit your personality and make your job a little less dreary.

Setting up a home officeYou can get a red chair, a vintage mahogany desk, and a cream carpet; you can have the walls done in stripes or patterns or mellow colors, whatever you want.

1. Get the right furniture

You cannot work effectively from home without having the right desk to work on and place your most valuable stationery and computers. A home office is not the place for a table that has no other place in your house. There is a lot of uncertainty about whether people will ever return to their offices in the city, and if you are wondering the same thing, you are not alone.

Most people are leaving city condos for peace and tranquility in the countryside, where they can obtain sizable homes. If this feels like you, consider purchasing the Autonomous SmartDesk. This desk is easy to disassemble, reassemble, and install; and will offer you all the tools you need for maximum productivity throughout the day while providing comfort.

2. Get a suitable location

Now that you have invested in modern, comfortable, and effective furniture, you need to find the right location for setting up a home office in the house. If your home does not have a lot of space, it will be time to get creative. You need to determine whether you want the quietness of a secluded place or the stimulation of a readily accessible space. You can quickly set up in an unused bedroom, attic, basement, under the stairs, or a corner in the living room. If you have a study or dedicated library, then your job is much easier.

Get a suitable locationThe best home setup prioritizes support for the neck, eyes, and back.

If you work long hours on a computer, then you should know the impact that poor posture can have on your eyes, back and neck. You must invest in the right chair to avoid straining, which can have severe consequences in the long run. The chair you obtain must have an adjustable backrest and armrest plus built-in lumbar support to cater to your back's natural arch. As you work, ensure that your spine remains in a neutral position and that the top of your screen is either at or below eye level. Your monitor must be at least 20 inches away from your eyes.

3. Get yourself some privacy

Privacy in a home office setup will be important when a client visits your office, as you live-stream on social media, or when you are on a video-conference. You do not want your kids to mess up or have someone come in half-dressed during such professional meetings. Invest in a privacy divider, curtains, or even a door.

Private workplace

4. Invest in adequate and secure storage solutions

Storage is important in a working from home office setup to keep documents, snacks, bottles, and devices from cluttering your desk and making an unsightly office. Consider investing in vertical space for your books, files, and other references that you do not frequently use, leaving the desk for the computer and other essentials.

Storage for home officeYou must also consider using soft copies, which you can upload to secure cloud storage or even external hard drives. If you have any sensitive client data, investing in a safe or lockable drawer will be valuable in a home as it is a shared space.

5. Define clear work time

Among the biggest obstacles to an efficient work day will be your family, specifically your kids. Now that you are home, the kids will perceive you as fully available, so make it clear with everyone that you need space and time to work. Have a sit-down with everyone and highlight the times within the day that you will need to be left alone.

productive working tableYour kids will understand boundaries if you set them lovingly but firmly. You can also say “I have a really tight deadline and need some time to focus deeply on this project, and I will be back soon” to kids that won’t let things go. To appease them, have some breaks, such as lunchtime and 4pm to hang out and eat together before you go back to work. To reinforce to everyone that you need your work time to focus, stick to the schedule you come up with.  

6. Working on the go

If your job requires you to take a trip, technology has made working on the go possible and even easy. Your home office setup should be flexible in terms of both time and space. The first things you will need are the right devices. These include portable chargers, power banks, and portable routers or hotspots to keep you connected to clients and your phone on. 

productive workplaceYou also need to invest in a bag that can carry your devices plus other essentials, including notebooks, documents, and pens. Consider investing in a 'go bag' in which you can comfortably carry accessories such as a change of clothes, deodorant, toiletries, and snacks without anything spilling into the other. Finally, make a plan to move from one place to the other before you start your travels.

7. Conclusion

The goal for making the home office comfortable and stylish is for you to look forward to coming into it every morning, but not too comfortable to get anything done.

minimalist desk setupYou must ensure you achieve your overall objectives for each day to make investing in a home office worth it and for your success. Choose to invest in a smart desk today for continued productivity in your home office, regardless of the time it will take before returning to your old office.

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