6 Easy and DIY Ways to Clean Mechanical Keyboard
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6 Easy and DIY Ways to Clean Mechanical Keyboard

|Aug 9, 2022

A clean and organized workstation is a simple key to productivity that, unfortunately, not many people realize. Studies focus on the importance of having a tidy work set up regardless of your workload or work hours because researchers prove that a clean work setup will instill productivity and also reduce work-related stress. Hence even if you think your workstation is going to get messy eventually and you will be making the same amount of clutter the other day as well, each day, you must leave after cleaning up the desk.

This impacts the mind positively and also ensures you feel your creative energy flowing effortlessly. Now, this tidying up and organization covers multiple aspects of a workplace, from minimizing the physical clutter on the desk to easing your mind through meditation and cleaning your office accessories from dirt and dust as well. This calls for a weekly or biweekly spree of deep cleaning where you get your tools, scrape off the food marks from your desk and even rub off the desk lying on your gadgets.

Not only will this give you a refreshing work experience, but it will also increase the longevity of your expensive gadgets and work supplies. However, a real challenge is to clean mechanical keyboards because they have more chances to host dust and accumulate in petite corners. But in this article, we will cover some of the best ways to clean mechanical keyboards in your home.

How to Clean Mechanical Keyboard

Below we have listed some ways to clean your keycaps and keep your split mechanical keyboard as fresh as new.

Use a Desk Pad

Use a Desk Pad to Clean mechanical keyboard

If your keyboard often falls prey to coffee marks or maybe is at a greater risk of dying off from water contact, then you need a reliable barrier between the keyboard and your sloppy habits. We suggest getting a desk pad that acts as a protective interface between your gadgets and work surface as well as adds a touch of glamor to your workstation.

The DeltaHub minimalistic desk pad is a wonderful option for all those who use mechanical keyboards because this one goes best with the industrial design office setup. It is also a good price when you use the employee purchase program.

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Looking at the physical structure of a mechanical vs. membrane keyboard, you will realize that dust is more likely to get into the nooks and underneath the keys of the mechanical keyboard as compared to a membrane keyboard. This is because of the design. Hence it is imperative to clean the surface regularly to prevent dust from accumulating too far until the efficiency and reliability of your key are compromised. And cleaning keycaps is an easy task where all you need is a thin bristle brush action which moves over the keyboard surface and cleans it thoroughly.

Clean with a Vacuum

Clean with a Vacuum

Unfortunately, using a basic microfiber towel to wipe in between the keys might be challenging. You can use the vacuum's hose extension to reach a little deeper. You will have more control over the angle thanks to the extension, and the vacuum can pick up finer particles that your cloth can't reach. By doing so, even your best budget gaming keyboard will stand the challenge of time and last you for years to come.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Use Rubbing Alcohol

You might think this idea would damage your expensive gaming keyboard, but the truth is high-quality keyboards have a sturdy design and are made to last, so your proper cleaning spree won't damage them or ruin their performance in any way. Although you can always purchase a good quality keyboard with a gamer purchase program as it is the best way to get a big discount.

However, as far as keyboard cleaning is concerned, ingredients like rubbing alcohol or even basic kitchen vinegar seriously help. Strong antibacterial agents include white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and to destroy the germs on the keyboard, all you have to do is dab a bit into a microfiber cloth and wipe it down. To clean in between the keys, you can also dip a cotton swab into the alcohol.

These activities will promptly destroy any bacteria on the surface, and any gunk that has accumulated will also be eliminated. Every time you sit down, spritzing your keyboard with a spray bottle is a great idea.

Under the Keys Cleaning

Under the Keys Cleaning

This method is for once in a while cleaning, not when we are cleaning your keyboard every other day. If your keyboard is not cleaned under the keys, then you are likely going to suffer damaged keys or keys that don't respond to touch in a matter of a few years. Under the keys, cleaning can save you from such hassle hence reducing any big expenses coming your way. To ensure proper key cleaning operation take a picture of your keyboard, so you will know where each key goes after you are done cleaning.

Then use a keycap puller (yes, it's a thing) to pull away the keys from the keyboard. Put the keys in a bowl of warm soapy water for a few hours and until they are cleaned, use this time to clean up the base. All you need is a damp microfiber cloth to catch all the debris lying on the keyboard surface.

Use Compressed Air

One of the best ways to clean a mechanical keyboard and how to clean your keycaps is with compressed air. You can get compressed air cans at any hardware shop as well as many bigger supermarkets like Walmart and Target. The nozzle of the can is connected to an attachment that delivers compressed air.

epp for gamers

This attachment makes it possible to direct air to a small region when you need it, making it ideal for getting in between the mechanical keyboard's keys. Compressed air is one of the best cleaning agents for mechanical keyboards. Take the keyboard outside, flip it over, and blow the dust out from behind the keys with compressed air.


The first key to keep a keyboard clean is to have a separate keyboard and mouse tray so that your keyboard slides out when needed and then goes back safely under the desk where it is not exposed to any dust and dirt particles.

Some desks come with a built-in keyboard tray, and while the main purpose could be to minimize the occupied space on the desk, you can also get the dual benefit of a clean keyboard greeting you each morning.

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