6 Ways to Combat with Virtual Meeting Fatigue
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6 Ways to Combat with Virtual Meeting Fatigue

|Mar 15, 2021

Imagine yourself in a video conference with other team members. Your boss is currently discussing a set of objectives for you to complete. Suddenly, you begin to feel tired. What you’re experiencing is a recent biological phenomenon known as virtual meeting fatigue. Ever since 2020 and the pandemic era, there has been the rise of virtual meeting platforms. It brings unexpected challenges to remote workers while working from home, which they must properly address.

What is Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

When you experience virtual meeting fatigue, you end up tired after a series of video calls. It’s also known as the Zoom meeting fatigue, due to the popularity of the virtual platform. While scientists try to figure out what is the exact cause of this phenomenon, one thing is certain - you can feel drained after these video meetings.

Virtual meeting fatigue might occur due to an overuse of virtual meeting conferences. There are underlying factors to consider, such as the difficulties of remote work and Covid-19 restrictions. Nonetheless, to work productively, you must find a way to combat zoom fatigue.

What is Virtual Meeting Fatigue?

How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue

Zoom meeting fatigue affects both your physical and mental condition. While remote workers can set up their schedules, a mandatory conference can throw them off. If they feel tired afterward, it can negatively impact their performances later in the day.

The good news is there are reliable methods you can use to reduce exhaustion and apply for fatigue treatment at home. Remote work is the way of the future, which means you need to adjust to the current climate. Here are six different ways you can combat virtual meeting fatigue!

1. Limit Your Screen Time

Too much time staring at a computer screen often causes virtual meeting fatigue. You want to potentially limit your screen time since it can give you headaches, blurry vision, and dizziness. If you have to attend a video conference, try using your phone instead of a large computer screen. It makes it easier for you to concentrate on only a single person. Always be mindful of how much time you spend on a computer.

Limit Your Screen Time

2. Eat Nutritious Superfoods

Zoom meeting fatigue is the result of a lack of energy. One way you can regain and boost energy is delicious superfoods. These are healthy snacks full of minerals and vitamins, which also promote a more active lifestyle. For example, you can eat a cup of blueberries or a banana to gain energy throughout the day. You can even try out new recipes like a spinach energy smoothie, especially if you like to work out.

Superfoods for energy boost your overall performance, so why not give it a go? You also need to eat throughout the day; otherwise, your body is prone to exhaustion. Find a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables, while also avoiding too many carbs. If you eat food high in carbs, it might cause your feelings of sleepiness.

Eat Nutritious Superfoods

3. Take Necessary Breaks

An effective means to combat virtual meeting fatigue is necessary breaks. When you take a break, you give yourself time to recharge your batteries. Without a break in between your work, you spend more energy. Avoid tiring yourself out with a break every now and then. You can take the time to boost your energy with fun events like listening to music or exercising.

Never push yourself past your limits. Everybody needs time to regain energy, so be mindful of your breaks. You can also use standing desks to switch between sitting and standing.

Take Necessary Breaks

4. Use Office Accessories

Office accessories make it easier to deal with virtual meeting fatigue. For example, there is the anti-fatigue mat from Autonomous. If you use a standing desk, these mats protect the soles of your feet. It also allows you to relax easier. Other accessories include file cabinets and organizers to reduce potential headaches. Work is hard enough without constantly looking for your supplies. You can use as many office accessories as you need for quality of life.

Use Office Accessories

5. Try an Ergonomic Chair

Try an Ergonomic Chair

If you’re already tired before a video conference, chances are you’ll end up even more tired. An ergonomic chair boosts your energy with practical design, convenience, and maximum comfort. Consider the Autonomous Chair 2:

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Chair 2

  • icon checkComfortable seat cushion
  • icon checkAllows you the flexibility to move around
  • icon checkCorrects your posture with lumbar support
  • icon checkThe varietal assortment of colors
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments
  • icon timesLacks leg support

There is also the Kinn Chair:

Pros and Cons of Kinn Chair

  • icon checkPromotes back health with fishbone design
  • icon checkBreathable mesh for your back
  • icon checkUses high-quality materials
  • icon checkCompletely adjustable
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments
  • icon timesSlightly expensive

Finally, there is the MyoChair:

Pros and Cons of MyoChair

  • icon checkAllows a head, arm, and leg rest
  • icon checkHigh level of comfort for seating
  • icon checkConsiderably affordable price
  • icon checkReclines in an instant
  • icon checkMonthly payments
  • icon timesOnly two colors

6. Change Your Desk Setup

Change Your Desk Setup

Another reason for Zoom meeting fatigue is you sit around all day. Sometimes a remote worker needs to be active. A standing desk solves this problem by encouraging a more energetic lifestyle. The Autonomous Desk 2 allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. It’s easy to do with a single press of a button. You can perform physical exercises like squats while you stand.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Desk 2

  • icon checkFour programmable height settings
  • icon checkSeamless transitions between height changes
  • icon checkA powerful dual-motor lifting system
  • icon checkSolid foundation with durable steel legs
  • icon checkEasy assembly with easy-to-understand instructions
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments
  • icon timesPremium version is more expensive

Prevent Zoom Meeting Fatigue!

Don’t let virtual meeting fatigue happen to you! There are ways to significantly reduce the tiring effects of this phenomenon. You can reduce workplace fatigue or combat virtual meeting fatigue in a variety of ways. For example, a proper desk setup with an ergonomic chair can make a difference in your energy.

Zoom meeting fatigue is a real problem for remote workers, but there are solutions. You can get through your daily assignments by finding ways to remain active. As long as your body and mind take it easy, you can maintain a consistent energy flow.

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