6 Workout Challenges at Home for Remote Teams
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6 Workout Challenges at Home for Remote Teams

|Sep 16, 2021

Working from home can get monotonous after a while. This can cause your remote team to lose their motivation and decrease their productivity. To resolve this problem, you can ask your remote employees to engage in workout challenges at home.

You can perform these exercise challenges at home. Not only will it increase your remote team’s flexibility and efficiency but also enhance their performance at work. Below we have listed a few workout challenges that you can do while you work from home.

Top Workout Challenges at Home Ideas

1. Walking Challenge

During the pandemic, it becomes difficult for us to step outside. Hence, you can begin walking as one of the simplest workout challenges at home. Earlier in the pre-pandemic times, we were used to roaming corridors and commuting. Therefore, with this pandemic, we stopped these activities as a result of which remote employees feel into depression.

As a leader, you can ask your remote employees to walk around their neighborhoods. They can keep track of how many steps they are taking each day with the help of smartwatches. This will enable your employees to enjoy the benefits of walking while they work from home. Some of these benefits consist of good sleep, better immunity, bone and joint health, improved blood circulation, strong muscles, and high dopamine.

Top Workout Challenges at Home Ideas

2. Yoga Challenge

You can conduct yoga sessions in zoom with your remote team. The only thing that you will need is a computer screen, a mat, and a living room for online yoga classes. Once you start practicing yoga, you will notice how significantly the performance improves. This becomes possible because yoga connects our body as well as our mind.

Among all, yoga is one of the best exercise challenges to do at home. You can select a home office design for starters so that you can use it as your Zoom backdrop. Moreover, you can ask your remote team to start by doing normal stretches in a room where they feel the most comfortable.

You can conduct yoga sessions in zoom with your remote team

3. Indoor Obstacle Course

Making an indoor obstacle course will help your remote team to work out while having some fun. Even a kid at your home will enjoy these exercises. This makeshift indoor obstacle course is very easy to make. You will only have to shift your furniture and other pieces of objects.

Once you put it all together, you will be able to make a jog and walk the path. In this area, you can try out jogging as one of the best home workout challenges. Or you can also perform various standing desk exercises. This will enable your team to have fun workout challenges to do at home every week.

4. Heart-Rate Stair Workout

Among workout challenges at home, you can try out exercises that boost your cardiovascular health. You can do this simply with the help of getting up and down the stairs of your house instead of using the lift. Even an outside stairwell to enter your building can improve the cardiovascular health of your remote team remarkably.

Jogging up and down these stairs can enhance your heart rate. You can ask your remote team to attach a heart-rate monitor and see the target heart rates suitable for each age. This will let you know how frequently you need to repeat this workout.

Heart-Rate Stair Workout

5. Yoga Break Workouts

Besides yoga, you can try out other virtual team building activities. You can do the workouts given below when you take breaks between your yoga poses. These workouts will improve your posture and enable you to work out more effectively.

  • Cat-Cow Stretch

This is a desk version pose adapted from yoga. It is done on the knees and hands. When you sit in your desk chair, you can alternate your positions between looking up and arching the back. Lastly, you will have to round your spine and drop your head forward.

Yoga Break Workouts

  • Neck Rolls

For this workout, you have to drop your chin to your chest gently. You can then slowly circle your neck in one direction. Later, you can repeat the same in the other direction.

  • Forward Seat Bend

This is a converted desk yoga pose which you can do traditionally while sitting on the floor. In this desk version, you can interlace the fingers and push the chair back from the desk. Then, you have to bend your waist while you bring your hands towards the ceiling.

Forward Seat Bend

  • Seated Eagle

Like a yoga pose, it is perfect for loosening your hand muscles, tight arm, and wrists. You can put forward your arms while you cross the left arm over the right. Touch your palms and lift the elbows when you move down the shoulders. Next, repeat the same pose in reverse by crossing the right arm with the left.

6. Push-up workout

Push-ups enable you to tone and sculpt your body fast. You can create push-up challenges for your remote team. This will build team spirit and make them push harder towards their goals.

Apart from all the other workout challenges, you can try this workout once each month. Or, you can opt for a thirty-day challenge with your team. The one who can keep up with this exercise till the last day wins the challenge.

Push-ups enable you to tone and sculpt your body fast


You can perform simple workout challenges at home with your team, like walking. It will improve blood circulation and make the muscles stronger. Other exercises include yoga, push-ups, and heart-rate stair workout. Some of these workouts help boost your cardiovascular health.

When you do these workouts with your team, you help to build a sense of trust and bond. Therefore, as a leader, you will make them better in every possible way. Hence, without any delay, start doing these exercises with your team.

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