7 Cool Desks for 2024 Home Office Work
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7 Cool Desks for 2024 Home Office Work

|Mar 18, 2022

As you contemplate what every element in your office space is going to look like, a cool desk is almost mandatory. Remember that your table is the centerpiece of your office design, and it can make or break the aesthetic that you're going for. 

Think of a standard bedroom that doesn't have too many decorative pieces to split your focus. In this kind of setting, an untidy bed can break the whole visual, even if everything else in the room is in order. Think of your desk in the same way. 

As you choose, there are several elements that you may want to keep an eye out for to ensure that you're making the best choice. 

One of these is size. Depending on your equipment load and size, you may want a 40, 50, or even a 70 inch desk to suit your workflow. Nobody wants to choose a visually awesome desk only to find out that it can't handle all the items that need to be atop it. 

If you're concerned about your health, then you may find that a standing desk is a tremendous idea. After all, the sedentary lifestyle associated with sitting is a huge health concern in today's office. On the flip side, you don't want to be standing consistently, so your standing desk should be an adjustable one. 

What kind of desk decor are you going to go for? Remember that designs are meant to compliment your base. So, if your desk is not the best-looking thing in the world from the get-go, getting as creative as possible with decor probably is not going to save you from a tacky-looking layout. 

The color scheme may also be something that's on your mind. For example, you may choose to go with a black or white adjustable desk, as these colors are neutral and can fit into almost any aesthetic. Additionally, if you're interested in a minimalist desk setup, these are almost always the go-to colors to bring out that unique office desk visual. 

All of that was quite a mouthful or eyeful, depending on if you read it aloud or not. However, you have just touched the tip of the iceberg, as there is quite a lot more to go. On that note, it’s time to delve into why you’re here. 

Now that you have a high-level idea of how you need to be thinking as you review cool computer desk options, it's the perfect time to put a catalog in front of you. Below, you get to see some of the coolest office desk designs on the market in 2022. 

These cool desk reviews include standout features that may appeal to you, and these can be used to guide an eventual purchasing decision.

7 Cool Desks for Your 2022 Home Office

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) cool desk

While you can certainly pick this one up for your traditional workspace, it is technically designed to be a home office standing desk. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) embodies the fundamental principles that Autonomous considered when creating designs for the office space. 

The idea is to provide a desk that yields increased well-being while encouraging you to be as productive as possible. You're getting a black tabletop with a gray frame, creating quite the interesting, yet neutral visual. 

With no trouble at all, this cool computer desk can handle up to 270 pounds. The lift mechanism features an incredible electric dual motor, yielding powerful lifting with almost no noise to deal with. It's a two-stage frame, which means that adjustment comes with some level of increased stability.

Each desk includes a keypad, and you can choose whether you want it to be simple or programmable. The simple keypad cool desk has a shorter adjustment range, no pre-drilled holes, a single tabletop size option, and a simple up-down keypad. 

If you are interested in the superior programmable keypad desk, you get a wider height adjustment range, three sizing options with pre-drilled holes, and four programmable keypad settings.  

This is probably a good time to mention that the largest size for the programmable option is a staggering 70.5-inch x 30-inch tabletop. 

2. Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Desk Connect cool desk

This is one of the coolest office desks in the market. If you've been following Autonomous products, you may not necessarily be so familiar with the Autonomous Autonomous Desk Connect. Well, it's time to acquaint yourself with the most advanced Autonomous Desk that has ever come from the company. 

It integrates with a well-designed app that keeps track of your preferences. As far as your tabletop goes, you can choose a variety of typical or unique colors, including white, black, dark bamboo, teal, blue, and pink.  

Regardless of your tabletop color choice, you're going to be getting a white frame. do not worry, as you are going to find that white goes incredibly well with whatever tabletop you choose.  

The adjustable desk like this cool computer desk is easily controlled from the mobile or desktop app. Not only can you make manual adjustments, but you can also schedule your reminders to switch positions during your sit-stand sessions during the day. 

There is a very advanced sensor built in that detects obstructions above and below the cool desk, which stops the engine during adjustment. This prevents any damage or injuries. 

Autonomous Desks tend to have strong SPCC steel frames. Well, this one is the strongest of them all, which explains why it is backed by an impressive 7-year warranty.

Other good points to mention include the even quieter adjustment mechanism, wide height adjustment range, upgraded electric dual motor, and an improved weight load capacity of 310 pounds. 

3. Mount-It! Desk Converter

Mount-It! Desk Converter cool desk

While this is a list of cool desk choices, leaving out this standing desk converter would be a travesty. You don't necessarily have to buy a whole new table to achieve a sleek visual. 

If you are not in the mood to replace the one you already have, you can convert it to a standing desk by purchasing this Mount-It! desk converter

If you are not familiar with what these mechanisms are, here is a bit of a short explanation for you. They're designed to help you turn a standard desk into an adjustable standing one. 

The converter has its own tabletop that may be smaller than or even equal to the size of your existing awesome desk. With a lifting mechanism that may be manual, gas, electric, etc., its height can range from flat against your existing desk to some predefined maximum upper limit. 

To this end, you get a standing desk for your sit-stand sessions without having to buy a full one. 

The dimensions present are quite respectable, as it is 36.25 inches x 22 inches. It has a separated keyboard tray, which is more than a lot of competitors can say. Note that the weight capacity is 37.5 pounds, so you would do well to consider what you're placing to stop it. 

The only color choice you have is black, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, considering that it's a neutral color that goes with pretty much everything.

It takes no time at all with one of these converters for you to realize that the design is incredibly sturdy and durable. Mount-It! backs this narrative strongly with the presence of a 10-year warranty. 

4. Mount-It! Electric Monitor Riser

Mount-It! Electric Monitor Riser

Like Autonomous, Mount-It! was not going to leave this list with only one entry. This time around though, the focus is on the Mount-It! electric monitor riser, which does bear some functional similarity to the standing desk converter. 

The difference between one of those and a riser lies in the intended purpose and tabletop real estate consumption. You don't lose your whole desk because you have decided to purchase a riser. 

On the contrary, a riser has a smaller base, and potentially a mounted peripheral platform. Your monitor sits mounted along a beam, and in some cases, risers may have arms to facilitate multiple monitors. 

Since the base of this unique office desk is so small, you get to enjoy your desk’s real estate. That means you are getting a mounting point for your monitor, an additional platform, plus your desk space, meaning you should theoretically feel like you have some extra space to throw around. 

This cool desk is ergonomically designed, holds up to 44 pounds, offers a positive and negative 45-degree screen tilt, supports 360-degree screen rotation, features cable management, has a tremendous adjustment range, and even includes a slot for tablets and smartphones. 

Not only are you working more efficiently, but you are doing so comfortably too. 

5. Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Uplift V2 Standing cool desk

Uplift is certainly a household name in the world of cool desk designs. This is especially true if you want one that is highly functional and reliable. It's another motorized unit, allowing seamless adjustments between standing and seated positions. 

It's also quite stable, particularly because of the inclusion of a stability bar in the frame. Therefore, even at its higher heights, you're not sacrificing its ability to bear whatever load is present atop it. 

Cable management areas of this awesome desk are a welcome design choice, and Uplift grants you a host of customization with various office desk accessories. When a manufacturer is giving you a 7-year guarantee, you know you're getting a quality product. 

Note that you can order this coolest office desk in different versions, as there is a standard and a commercial option. It's the latter that features the aforementioned stability bar, though the former is not a wobbly design, even in the absence of one. 

The tabletop space is generous and the build quality is excellent. The only thing you should note about this unique office desk is that the price tag is a little high compared to some of the other models, but one can assume that's because of the quality behind the design. 

6. Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot is another of those names that has certainly made a name for itself in the cool desk world, especially where standing desks are concerned. As you can imagine, you are dealing with yet another adjustable model here. This unique office desk boasts a very quiet motor that does not make adjustment a pain. 

The adjustment range is quite wide, but it does move a little on the slow side with a smooth motion. The tabletop size is large and the overall design quality provides you with quite this sturdy option. 

One of the things that excites purchasers of this one is the extent to which it's easy to set up. The only thing that's not shipped with the desk that you're going to need is a screwdriver, and you probably already have one of those handy. It helps that the instructions are also very straightforward. 

In contrast to the previous model, this one is actually on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Note, however, that if you are a fan of memory presets on standing desks, you are not going to be getting that here. 

7. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis happens to be a pretty well-known ergonomic standing desk, renowned for its ergonomic design. The ability to match your surface height to your frame and chair height is quite incredible to see. 

You're going to notice that adjustments tend to feature a pretty customizable range, which is always welcome in a world where body types are so varied. 

What may excite you from an aesthetic standpoint is the fact that the frame is available in multiple colors. Even the tabletop, which is made from bamboo, can be purchased in two different finishes. If you feel like it, the larger sizes even offer you a contoured tabletop option. 

With a lifting capacity of 350 pounds, accommodating your equipment should be no trouble at all. It's up to you whether the base desk is outfitted with grommets, organizers, wire management kits, etc.  

It's certainly one of the high points of customization and ergonomics in the world of cool desk designs. 

Final Remarks

How do you feel after reviewing all of these cool desk designs? All of them were selected because of their great aesthetic that is ingeniously combined with features to drive the kind of productivity you want in your office space. 

A desk may not seem like the kind of thing you need to give too much thought to, but as the centerpiece of your office layout, the best advice would be for you to not be too hasty in grabbing one. 

Remember that this is one of those long-term fixture investments, after all. Therefore, if you make the mistake of messing it up at the onset, you are going to have to look at and work with that disappointing choice for some time to come. 

Isn't it better then to make the right choice from the beginning? If you were paying attention to everything above, then you should confidently be able to pick something solid.

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