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7 Lower Back Stretches that Work for Office Workers

7 Lower Back Stretches that Work for Office Workers

|Mar 28, 2021

If you work or study long hours in a seated position, you most probably hunch over a desk quite a lot. It's proven that staying in this position for a prolonged amount of time can be destructive for your health, both mental and physical. The lower back can cause a lot of pain as it is responsible for keeping you straight. By implementing simple lower back stretches once in a while, you can avoid headaches, prevent back pains, and increase your productivity.

Follow the examples below to implement a healthy stretch routine into your working day.

Best Lower Back Stretches in a Seated Position

Seated stretches are one of the best options, especially when you work with more people. Even though you are seated, you can fully relax and get a good stretch that can ease your pain, release tension, and increase your productivity. 

7 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Lower back stretches don't have to be complicated. You can do them while sitting or standing. Whichever exercise you choose, remember about regularity. You should also keep breathing while stretching. Thanks to this, your muscles relax, and you can enter deeper into the position.

1. Spinal Twist

Keep your feet glued to the floor. Your hands should remain on the chair's armrest. Then, gently twist to the right. When you get to your limits, stop there and take a few deep breaths. Remember to keep your back straight and hips square in this position. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then change the side.

Spinal Twist

2. Torso Stretch

Thanks to this exercise, you can stretch your whole back, including its lower parts. It's one of the quickest exercises, so you can do it whenever you feel stiff.

Lace your hands and raise them above your head. Then move like you would like to reach the sky. Take a deep breath in this position, then unlace your hands and put them down. You can repeat this exercise 10 times.

If you want, you can hold your hands up for more than one breath. To feel some extra stretch, softly try to bend to the left side and then the right side.

Torso Strectch

3. Small Spinal Roll

This is a simplified version of a spinal roll that you can do while standing. You don't have to move from your chair to do it. Simply put both feet on the floor and sit with your spine straight. Then start to roll down your spine, starting with the crown of your head. Then fold vertebra by vertebra until you reach your limits. You can stop in any place that is comfortable for you. Whether it's your knee, floor, or just the middle of the chest.

Then, slowly start to roll back until your starting position. Repeat few times. During this exercise, the pain can intensify, but when you are back to a straight posture, you are going to feel that your muscles are relaxed.

Building good habits

4. Sitting Back Stretch

Place your seat a bit further from the desk. Keep your feet glued to the floor and put your hands on the top of the desk. Take a breath in, and while breathing out, lower your chest between your arms. If you don't feel enough stretch, you can try to lower your torso even more. After a few breathes, go back to the first position. Repeat until you feel your muscles are relaxed.

Sitting Back Stretch

5. Standing

Lower back stretches can be also performed in a standing position. Some of them can be performed without any props, while others work best with office desks.

6. Spinal Roll

This is one of the simplest yet most powerful exercises to ease lower back pain and release all tension in your muscles. Stand in a straight position, with your feet glued to the floor. Then follow the steps from the small spinal roll point.

If you want a deeper stretch, once your hand is pointing down, you can interlace your elbows and take a few deep breathes in this position.

Spinal Roll

7. Standing Desk Back Stretch

It's one of the most common exercises for standing desks. You can perform it also with other tall furniture.

Stand by your desk at more or less the distance of your stretched arms. Bring your feet together and put both hands on the top of the desk. Lower your torso between your arms. Take a few breaths and keep this position for about 30 seconds.

Standing Desk Back Stretch

8. Standing Desk Chest Stretch

When you hunch over, your chest is closed. Because of that, you might develop a respiratory problem. This position can also cause lower back pain, as this area of the spine is unnaturally curved.

By performing chest opening exercises, you can ease discomfort in all parts of your back. Stand with your back to your standing desk. Put your hands on the top of the desk. Stretch your arms to raise your chest and open it. Hold this position for 30 seconds and don't forget to breathe.

Standing Desk Chest Stretch

Take Care of Your Posture with Perfect Furniture

If you are working or studying almost every day for a long time, you should consider investing in furniture that is going to support your posture, increase productivity, and allow you to avoid back pain.

One of the best choices is an adjustable standing desk. Thanks to this, you can quickly change your position while working. You can forget about prolonged hours of sitting. One-click is enough to transform your low desk into a standing workstation.

To give your back the best support, consider checking out ergonomic office chairs. When your body is fully supported, the risk of developing bad posture and experiencing chronic back pain is much lower.

Take Care of Your Posture with Perfect Furniture


Now that you know how to stretch your lower back, your work should be less trying. Whenever you feel stiff or notice any discomfort, try the back stretches for back pain proposed above. If you are going to stick to this stretching routine, you are going to notice a huge change.

Always remember to listen to your body to not hurt yourself. Stretching shouldn't cause pain, so if you feel an increased tension while exercising, consult a doctor.

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