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7 Myths About Working From Home and Its Truth

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 13, 2020

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Plenty of remote workers over the years are concerned with some myths about working from home. Most of these myths revolve around productivity and a person’s work, yet some are more valid than others. In fact, some of these are grounded in reality! Whether it’s the myths or facts about working from home, there is always information to garner concerning one’s work. These seven myths about working from home may even surprise you.

1. The Equipment You Use Heavily Influences Your Productivity!

The Equipment You Use Heavily Influences Your Productivity

This myth is founded on reality! It isn’t a mere salesman’s pitch or anything to convince you to buy products, as the type of equipment you choose to use can significantly bolster your overall productivity. As an example, the ErgoChair 2 is going to be more beneficial to a person with back pain than an ergonomic stool.

Using Good Equipment

  • icon checkSuits your health needs.
  • icon checkCan increase productivity.
  • icon checkIs often more comfortable.
  • icon checkCan create a more professional atmosphere.
  • icon timesCosts money to get new equipment.
  • icon timesEverybody has different health needs.

2. All Jobs Are Less Productive at Home Than in the Office

All Jobs Are Less Productive at Home Than in the Office

For the most part, this myth is false. A person’s productivity can improve with an authority figure’s presence, but they can also increase their productivity through a myriad of ways. For example, if a person ignores outside distractions and focuses solely on work, they may even work more efficiently at home than in the office! This fact is especially true when you consider that you can easily control your work hours that best suit maximum productivity. It can even improve morale!

Remote Work

  • icon checkYou can work at your leisure.
  • icon checkYou can eat whenever you want.
  • icon checkThere can be fewer rules to follow.
  • icon checkYou can finish work quicker.
  • icon checkMost jobs can easily fit in remote work.
  • icon timesSome people may struggle without somebody looking over their shoulder.
  • icon timesSome people may miss the socialization aspect of work.

3. You Always Have to Stand While Using a Standing Desk

Stand While Using a Standing Desk

Standing desks, like the SmartDesk 4, have revolutionized the way some remote workers do their jobs. However, despite “standing” being in its name, you are not required to stand the entire time. On the contrary, you should blend in both sitting in an ergonomic chair and standing while using a standing desk. Sitting too much is bad for your lower body, while most people aren’t healthy enough to stand for hours.

Optimal Use of Standing Desks

  • icon checkBetter health benefits.
  • icon checkMore productivity.
  • icon checkIs often more comfortable.
  • icon checkSuits your health needs.
  • icon timesSome people don’t own a good ergonomic chair.
  • icon timesCosts money to get new equipment.

4. Remote Work is Hard

This myth is one of the most popular ones, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! Many “facts” about working from home tend to come up from a lack of deeper understanding of the situation. Some jobs may be difficult but that’s more of their nature than the actual position of working from home.

5. Remote Jobs Often Have Bad Communication

Bad communication is the result of lousy leadership. The truth is that remote jobs do not worsen a person’s communication skills. Some facts about working from home include how often communication may occur in the workplace. You still have access to your phone, emails, and applications like Zoom for meetings and other communicative aspects.

Remote Jobs Often Have Bad Communication

6. Only Startups Do Remote Work

Some myths about working from home are undeniably wrong. Some of the most successful businesses in the world hire freelancers to do some work for them. Freelancers typically work from home. Likewise, some of their employees may be sent to work at home for monetary reasons (less upkeep in the office building).

All Businesses Offering Remote Work

  • icon checkCan save money.
  • icon checkCan be more productive.
  • icon checkOpens up more space in the office building.
  • icon checkAny business can incorporate it in some way in the digital era.
  • icon timesSome people might not do well working from home.

7. Remote Workers Are Lazy

Some myths about working from home are hyperboles or flat out ignorant. On the contrary, working more efficiently at the comfort of your home, so you have more time to yourself, isn’t lazy. Some remote workers may be lazy, but that means some people in the workplace are lazy by the same token. A person’s laziness isn’t measured by their decision to work at home or in the office. To ignore that is woefully ignorant, especially since some remote workers work hard at home with their kids on their lap, thinking of a brighter future for the family.

Remote Workers Are Lazy

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