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7 Of The Best Sit Stand Chairs And Stools Should Buy in 2021

Avatar of Karen Kimonye Karen Kimonye | Dec 21, 2020

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Most probably you’ve heard of the health benefits of standing when working; however, many of us don’t have the stamina to stand for hours on end.  That’s where a sit-stand chair comes in handy.

A sit-stand chair for standing desk allows you to work upright and maintain a good posture while taking the weight off your feet at the same time. Essentially, with a sit-stand chair, you can easily stand even without the physical stamina and energy needed to maintain that posture. In this article, we’ll review the very best sit-stand chairs out there. Each chair offers something unique based on your existing office setup, function, versatility, and budget.

Here are the 6-best sit-stand chairs you should buy, especially if you want to start standing to improve your posture, prevent back pain, and improve your stamina.

1. ErgoStool from Autonomous

photo of ErgoStool

The Autonomous ErgoStool meets the modern demands of seating with comfort and style. This stylish ergonomic stool has an adjustable seat height, which allows you to switch between sitting and standing. At its lowest height, this stool has a regular seat height of 24 inches while at its highest height it can extend up to 34 inches. It’s easy to switch between these heights: by pushing down the cushioned seat of the stool you’ll release the height lock and the seat base slides easily higher or lower. Once you find the height that’s perfect for you, push down the cushioned seat once more to lock it into place. Thus, this stool is perfect for working on a standing desk.

At a sitting height, this stool can move at 38-degrees allowing for active sitting. The goal of active sitting is to prevent muscle tightness from extended periods of sitting. With this stool, you can exercise your muscles improving blood circulation and muscle strength.

This ergonomic stool also has a circular base allowing for 360-degrees rotation. This means beyond the ‘wobble’ motion, you can also move in concentric circles to give your back and leg muscles more active movement.

Another highlight of this ergonomic stool is that its weighted and robust base grips firmly on most floor surfaces. This allows you to adjust in your seat without shifting your desk or table.

This ergonomic stool is made with high-quality material, especially the base and gas cylinder that props the seat up. If you’re looking for a stylish chair; this stool is your best bet because it’s perfect for all body types and desks.

2. Learniture Learning Stool

This stool is easy to assemble, and it works perfectly in a sitting position as well as a standing position. The stool has a thickly padded seat, comfortable to sit in. The padded seat is very cozy for lower limbs and tailbone.

The Learniture Learning stool has a lightweight design that allows mobility because it has a non-slip, curved base feature that allows a wide range of motion. The backless design promotes proper posture while strengthening the core muscles. This is a well-crafted stool that offers lower limb support and quality height adjustment and movement.

The quality of the material used to make this stool is great, especially the gas cylinder and base that prop up the chair. The stool has replacement lifts, which you can easily install yourself.

3. Winsome Spectrum ABS Stool

The Winsome Spectrum Swivel Stool is one of the best sit-stand chairs in the market. It is the perfect chair for those who suffer from knee pain after sitting in one position for extended periods. The ABS AirLift is one of the most advanced features present in this chair. The feature makes the user feel at ease with adjusting technology. The high-quality material used to make the chair makes it durable.

The chair has an open loop that comes with a working chrome in the base. The open-loop prevents the chair from breaking and it’s not harmful to the user. You can use this chair for long with no faults. Also, you can easily adjust the chair’s height based on your comfort level. This chair needs no hard installation, and it requires a simple assembling.

4. Perch Chairs and Stools

If you’re searching for the best chair that supports both sitting and standing, then the Perch Sit Stand Chair is your best bet. It’s one of the top-rated sit-stand chairs in the market. The seat of this chair extends to support the user, and it can ease back pain after using it for an extended period.

The base of the Chair has five non-slipping rods. This chair has high durability because of its stainless-steel construction. Also, this is a lightweight chair so you can carry it from one area to another with no difficulties. The chair offers the needed grip which protects you and prevents you from slipping. The chair has a two-tiered design, and it has a separate mouse deck.

image relates to top 7 chairs

5. Alera AdaptiveErgo Perch Stool

This stool has a great ergonomic design with a swiveling seat and pivoting angled column. The Alera Perch Stool is a slimmed-down version of the VARIDESK standing chair below. The stool has a versatile pivoting, which allows for a lot of forward and lateral movement in your body, all while keeping your upper body aligned.

The sturdy base of the Alera Perch Stool offers stability when leaning forward, standing, or swiveling. The seat can swivel up to 180 degrees, that’s outstanding! This is a fun element that can keep you energized. Also, when you get up off the seat, it automatically goes back to the front-facing position.

With the easy-to-reach levers on each side of this stool, you can easily switch from sitting to standing. The chair can go from a height of 21 inches to 30.5 inches, all while allowing you to switch from the two positions easily.

The Alera Perch Stool comes with an instruction manual, which makes it easy to assemble.

6. Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

This is a great sit-stand chair with a highly ergonomic moving pedestal and a stable base that supports a range of motions while sitting or standing. The low-cut design of the low backrest and cushioned seat enables your body to stay in an upright position for a healthy posture.

With the air-lift piston, you can easily and quickly adjust the chair’s height. You can easily go from 23 inches to 32.75 inches. At 32.75 inches, your legs will almost be straight.

The weighted base of the VARIDESK chair will keep you in place, no matter how much you move on the pedestal. Also, you can use this chair safely on any floor, which can be a problem with some cheaper sit-stand chairs.

The VARIDESK Adjustable Standing Desk Chair is a perfect sit-stand chair with a modern trendy look. Since its seating is made of leather, it’s easy to clean. The seat pan is made from plastic together with a thick padded cushion and upholstery, the back of the seat has a built-in handle that makes it easy to move the chair from one area to another.

7. Alera – Activergo Sit to Stand Stool 

The Activergo Sit to Stand Stool has a curved bottom that allows the stool to offer substantial support. The stool requires no hard installation, you can directly use it after opening the product.

The adjustable seat provides comfort, and there’s no chance of losing grip. Since this stool is lightweight, you can easily move it anywhere. The compact design of the stool allows you to store it anywhere you want. This stool is highly durable because it’s built with high-quality materials.

The only drawback to buying this chair is that it offers minimal height-adjustable options.

photo of Perch Stool

Should I have a standing desk to use sit stand chairs?

Well, you don’t need a standing desk to enjoy the benefits of sit stands chairs. You can elevate your monitor and computer using boxes. While your workstation may look weird, this cost-free DIY method works.

Alternatively, you can just get a desk riser or stand. A desk riser not only elevates your monitor and computer peripherals, but it’s also height-adjustable for when you want to sit down. Also, there are laptop stands that can prop up and tilt your laptop to the right angle and height for maximum comfort.

Also, you can buy a standing desk to go with your sit-stand chair, but you don’t necessarily need it. The goal is to get off your seat and stand, and you can make the necessary purchases gradually based on your needs and set up as you go.

photo of sit standing chairs


When choosing a sit-stand chair look for one that offers comfort. Make sure the chair is durable and of good quality for long-lasting performance. The best sit-stand chair is perfect for the office, home, or any location.


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