7 Things to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk
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7 Things to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk

|Nov 23, 2020

With many people working from home, it is essential to create the perfect home office. One way of doing this is to make sure one has a suitable work desk. This choice is having many trying to determine what to consider when buying a standing desk. 

Why is this important? Maintaining proper ergonomics at home is just as crucial as maintaining proper ergonomics in the workplace. Therefore, having the right desk, that suits your work style and height, is essential.  

Aren't desks all the same? No, as a matter of fact, there is a growing interest in many work from home employees to look at investing in standing desks.  

What Makes a Standing Desk Better than a Normal Desk?

When you choose to go with a standing desk, you are choosing to go with a workstation that is suiting your needs. Not to mention, the use of a standing desk has been shown to offer sample productivity and health benefits.  

The next time you are looking to change your office, and you have an eye on a standing desk, these pros and cons can help when you find what to consider when buying a standing desk.

Pros of a Standing Desk

  • Increased Productivity: Did you know that when you work standing, you are increasing your productivity? How is that possible? When you choose to stand while working, it allows for the oxygen and blood flow through the body, which in turn, leads to an increase in awareness. For those who already suffer from back pains or with their weight, standing is a great way to get fit while working.  

  • Decreased Pain in the Back and Neck: Unless you have been ergonomically assessed by your workplace or you are aware of the proper sitting postures, there is a good chance your screen may be too low, your chair or desk is not at the right height, and your posture may be bad. There is a reduction in neck and back pain with a standing desk because it forces an awareness of one's posture while working.  

  • Improve Your Mentality and Energy – Monday's can be challenging, Friday's can be exciting, but did you know that your mood and mentality are always positive with a standing desk? Users of standing desks have been shown to exhibit fewer signs of stress and exhaustion and positivity and energy in their workday.

  • Customizable - Did you know that you can build your own standing desk? Some companies allow their customers to mix and match the style of the table along with the material and color. This customization is something that many companies offer, but also many desks aren't capable of. With a standing desk, pick one that is not just going to help your productivity, but that is going to suit your style as well.

standing desk is better than a normal desk

Cons of a Standing Desk

  • Require the Right Equipment – While it is easy to say that standing is useful while working before one can kick their chair to the curb, they have to ensure they have the right equipment. Knowing what to look for in a standing desk is the first step to getting the right equipment to be able to work while standing.  

  • Space Taker - Desks, in general, can take up a lot of space; therefore, the standing desk is no different. Buying a standing desk can mean you are taking up space both from a height and width perspective. Before purchasing a standing desk, consider the space you have to work with. 

  • Not Mobile – A feature that many people enjoy and find beneficial when working from home is mobility. One can take their computer and go from their office to their kitchen or backyard. With a standing desk, especially ones where you attach your multiple monitors, mobility is not possible. Once you have set up your workstation, you are practically married to that spot, and for some, this may not be suitable or ideal.

  • Not for Everyone – Though everyone would like to partake in standing while working, the truth is, it is not for everyone. More specifically, standing while working is not suitable for anyone who has a pre-existing health condition. It is also not ideal for someone who has not consulted with an ergo-coach or someone who can ensure their posture or the set up is suitable. 

Most Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Standing Desk 

Still unsure whether or not you should invest in a standing desk?  

Here are 7 things to consider when buying a standing desk, which can hopefully make the process of what to look for in a standing desk a bit easier. 

1. Efficiency

When it comes to what to look for at a standing desk, efficiency should be a number one. Why? Time is money, and the original standing desks were ones that used a hand crank motion; however, nowadays, standing desks are automated. Consider automation when looking for a standing desk to purchase. 


2. Cost

Price is everything in that just because something is hundreds more, it doesn't mean it's better than a lower-priced desk. With a standing desk, the cost of one should be part of your standing desk checklist. Having an idea of desks on both the high and low end can help make the decision and create a base for what you are willing to spend. Remember, with a standing desk, the cost does not necessarily dictate whether it's good or bad; that is going to be a preferential decision. 


3. Health Benefits

Increased circulation, increased awareness, increased focus, and increased productivity, are just a few of the health benefits that come from a standing health desk. The health benefits are an essential consideration when it comes to your standing desk checklist. Imagine if you could work and maintain, if not increase, your health benefits? Thankfully, a standing desk can do just that! 

Health benefits

4. Productivity

Sometimes, you need to sit, stand, and spread out the work. For many potential standing desk users who are trying to determine what to consider when buying a standing desk, productivity is a selling feature, from the arrangement of the actual desk to the functionality of having multiple monitors while still having enough writing space. One doesn't have to lose out on productivity with a standing desk.  


5. Style

Many assume that standing desks are white, dull, and industrial. These are common assumptions; however, something that many look for in a standing desk is style. Style of a standing desk can be a significant consideration.


6. Compatibility

When you are trying to determine how to choose a standing desk, it is crucial to consider compatibility. This means determining the height of the desk, from the minimum to the maximum, and the layout. For example, some standing desks are L-shaped, while others are the traditional straight desk. Consider whether you prefer or need an L-shaped or not.  


7. Functionality

Of course, the most significant thing with a standing desk is the functionality; however, some companies offer standing desks with a specific purpose. For example, gamers looking for a table that can handle their monitors and be compatible with their needs to be able to see that there are standing desks to suit their needs. The same goes for stockbrokers who have been known to have multiple screens; there are standing desks that can accommodate that.



These are the seven most common considerations for checking out the market for a standing desk.  

Considering what to look for when buying a standing desk can seem overwhelming. It can seem a lot more complicated than just buying a regular desk; however, it is not. The process of buying a standing desk is not as complicated as it seems. If anything, it is very much like purchasing something personal and unique for yourself. Don't settle for less, but more importantly, don't feel like you don't deserve a high-tech desk to improve your productivity and well-being. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Consider these frequently asked questions as guides regarding what people are looking for and asking when it comes to searching for the perfect standing desk.

1. Are Standing Desks worth the Price?

There is a misconception that standing desks are overly expensive than a standard desk; however, this is not entirely true. Some traditional desks can go for the same price, if not more than a standing desk.  

When determining the price, it comes down to an array of factors. Some factors include color, style, make, and brand. These can easily dictate whether the desk is going to be expensive or not.  

Remember, just because a desk is expensive does not mean that it is the market's best desk. As well, with the holidays just around the corner, keep your eye out for potential standing desk deals and promotions

Are Standing Desks worth the Price?

2. How Can I Find the Right Desk for Me?

Finding the right desk requires a few things, the first and foremost being the height, followed by functionality and space.  

Height is essential when looking for a standing desk as you don't want the desk to be too high that you aren't able to stand correctly or that you are over-extending yourself. This posture could create long term aches and pains.  

The other two considerations are functionality and space. Ask yourself, do you require a desk that can angle or just rise and fall? Another thing to ask yourself is how much space you need, yourself and your monitors, etc.

3. Can a Standing Desk Work If I Have Multiple Monitors?

Yes, a standing desk can work even with multiple monitors. When searching for a standing desk, something to ask yourself is how you plan on having your monitors arranged. Take, for example, desks that offer monitor brackets that allow a user to have two screens that can be vertical or horizontal. Some standing desks are made for multiple monitors; therefore, see what kind of desk best suits your needs. Are you a gamer or a stockbroker? There's a desk that is meant for your functionality.  

Can a Standing Desk Work If I Have Multiple Monitors?

4. Do Standing Desks Come in Different Colors, or Is It Just White?

No, the standing desk does not just come in white. This may be an assumption as most offices with a standing desk have white; however, standing desks can come in an array of colors and material. 

When looking for a standing desk, something to note is that the color and material of the desk can dictate the price, similar to that of a non-standing desk where a plastic desk would be cheaper than an oak or metal desk. 

Do Standing Desks Come in Different Colors, or Is It Just White?

5. Do I Need a Unique Chair for My Standing Desk?

No, you do not need a unique chair for your standing desk. A standard office chair can work with any standing desk. Those looking at a standing desk and who may prefer to have height can opt-out for a stool as a desk chair.  

Do I Need a Unique Chair for My Standing Desk?

6. Does My Height Affect My Ability to Use a Standing Desk?

When it comes to buying a standing desk, height is going to be essential to consider. Why? It is going to be vital as you want to ensure your desk choice can meet your minimum height requirement, as well as the maximum height, or when you stand. It is important when shopping for a standing desk to test it out; however, if you cannot test out the desk, look for ones with an online height calculator or warranty. 

Work Smart, Work Standing 

Take productivity and efficiency to the next level with a standing desk. It can seem daunting at times knowing how to choose a standing desk when before, the hardest thing to decide was the color of a desk; however, now, one has to consider not just the color but its functionality.  

If maintaining a healthy lifestyle and work-life is essential, a standing desk is the best way to combine the two worlds. Our seven considerations hopefully can help when it comes to what to look for in a standing desk. Stop sitting, get standing, and get productive with a standing desk today.  

The holidays are just around the corners, which means you may be in luck with some great holiday deals.

work smart, work standing

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