7 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Chair For Employees
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7 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Chair For Employees

|Feb 9, 2021

For those working in an office environment, the chair at their desk pretty much becomes their best friend. The same applies to many who work out of home offices too. Quite a few seem to spend more time working than sleeping!

It is little wonder then that chair quality can have a severe impact on a worker's health. Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons for employee leaves and doctor visits? Yes, a low-quality chair can result in back problems, carpal tunnel, and even leg pain, all of which hinder productivity.

So, an ergonomic chair is the need of the hour to promote efficiency and good health. Here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing an office chair for employees.

1.   Full And Adjustable Backrest

With employees spending so much time in office chairs, comfort is of the essence. So when considering what to look for in an office chair, keep a full backrest in mind.

While you are at this, also look out for chairs that have an adjustable back. The ideal seating arrangement should allow height adjustment and changing the angle to support the spine curvature. Your ergonomic computer chair should also have features like reclining capacity and an adjustable headrest.

Features like adjustability reduce the pressure on an employee’s spine and hip bones while still letting them reach their desks. Also, reclining can take the strain off the eyes, shoulders, and arms.

Tips For Choosing The Best Office Chair For Employees

2.   Adjustable Seat

With the many chairs available in the market, the answer to how to pick an office chair can be tricky. However, there are a few vital features to look for, and one of them is an adjustable seat.

The needs in a chair for tall & short people will be different. So the perfect chair should accommodate the legs of a person irrespective of their height. It should allow them to rest against the chair back while having 3-4 inches of space between the back of the knees and the seat base.

For instance, consider an employee using a chair seat that is too long. They can either sit forward and give up the backrest or rest back with their knees pressing into the seat. Both options are equally detrimental, as the former will cause back pain, and the latter will reduce leg circulation.

what to look for in an office chair

3.   Lumbar Support

The key to a high-quality office chair is that it should not overlook lower back support. Without a doubt, this should also be an adjustable feature to accommodate the needs of different employees.

The chair should allow you to adjust the support firmness and position to fit your lower back comfortably. Adjustment is vital because the support needs to mirror the spine curvature for secure resting against the back.

Without this, an employee can suffer from a host of problems, including slouching and lower back pain. Not to mention, it can worsen existing conditions like sciatica.

how to pick an office chair

4.   Wheel And Swivel Base

A crucial element to consider when thinking of how to choose an office chair is rolling. While most chairs usually come with a wheelbase, you may have to look for one that perfectly fits your needs. For instance, if your office has a carpet, traditional wheels will not do the job.

Look for wheels that will fit your work environment because rolling helps prevent straining to reach items. Similarly, the chair should have a swivel base to allow employees access to any part of a desk. Without this feature, they may develop arm fatigue due to overextending to get to items out of reach.

how to choose an office chair

5.   Breathable Fabric

The fabric properties might not cross your mind when thinking of features a quality chair should have. However, a good office chair for employee buying guide will tell you this is one of the most critical aspects.

Think about it, your employees will spend hours sitting on a chair, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible. Choosing an office chair for employees with a low-quality will have materials that are abrasive and itchy, causing your body to overheat.

So, the ideal chair should use breathable materials that will not get too hot. Not to mention, they should have enough cushion support to keep the person from feeling the chair base.

office chair for employee buying guide

6.   Comfortable Armrests

One factor most people tend to overlook when choosing an office chair for employees is the armrest. These should provide comfortable resting on both themselves and the desk where you are working.

The ideal armrests will not be higher than your elbows when standing and will not cause hunching. So they must be adjustable to fit the needs of each person. An armrest that can pivot will allow moving them away when you need to be closer to your desk.

Comfortable Armrests

7.   90-degree Angle Comfort

A crucial indicator that your chair is not right for you is that it is uncomfortable at a 90-degree angle. When sitting at this angle, you should not feel any discomfort in your hips, knees, or ankles. If you do, likely, the chair is not the right height for you.

Employees can suffer from severe back pain if they use chairs that are too short or too tall. Therefore, it is a must to either try out a chair before buying it or opt for an adjustable one.

The reason being comfortable in this position is vital is because it is the ideal sitting posture. The 90-degree angle helps take the pressure off muscles in different body parts, including the neck, shoulders, hips, and more.

90-degree Angle Comfort

Wrap Up

A quality chair is an investment in both employee health and business success. After all, healthy and comfortable employees can contribute much more to the overall work environment. The benefits of an ergonomic chair are endless, from productivity increase to minimize injury risks.

With these tips for choosing an office chair for employees, you will surely be able to make an informed decision. However, you can always go through an ergonomic chair buying guide for that extra bit of information!

Hop on board the trend of making an office environment feel like home today and witness the productivity boost yourself!

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