7 Virtual Games for Remote Employees in 2024

7 Virtual Games for Remote Employees in 2024

|Oct 18, 2022

Hybrid work models and remote teams are becoming quite common these days. In such times, building a better relationship with coworkers, which wasn't much difficult earlier, has become quite challenging. Office workers have come up with the idea of playing virtual games to improve communication and build better relations with remote employees.

You can find certain virtual games for workgroups that help you make a better bond with your coworkers and promote teamwork. The online games for work build a friendlier and more inclusive environment where remote employees feel comfortable working. You might feel the need to get a gaming monitor in this regard. Some remote employees even invest in creating a home office that looks like a gaming station to make it more attractive.

Remote teams need to communicate better and think creatively to present out-of-the-box ideas. The more you interact with your remote teams, the more incentive there is to engage them better. The online games for the work team do the job, make the remote teams feel more involved, and improve their participation rate. So, knowing the best virtual games for work is better to keep your remote team more active and engaged.

The purpose of this blog is the same. You will learn about the best virtual games for workgroups as you go through it. We have shared seven of the most inclusive online games for teamwork here, so stick with us till the end.

7 Best Virtual Games for Remote Employees

1. The Alien Game

The Alien Game virtual games

The game “Aliens Have Landed” is an interesting virtual game that you can play with remote workers to keep the remote teams more engaged. Talking about the rules of this game, you should split the employees into groups of three or four.

The scenario for the Aliens game is that the aliens have landed on earth, and you have to explain to them your company using five symbols or images as they don't understand English. So, the groups must collaborate among their peers and come up with five images that best describe their company and its theme.

Such a game will not only help you collaborate better with the remote teams, but it will also clarify the office’s theme and culture to them without them visiting it in person. 

2. Happy Hour

You should have the delightful happy hour game at least once every week during the online meetings with the remote workers. You know that you usually don’t get time off with remote teammates where you sit together and talk about random things apart from work. A happy hour gives you an opportunity to bond with remote employees outside of work.

All the participants need to do is bring their beverages (anything non-alcoholic like tea, coffee, seltzer, etc.), sit together online, talk about what they have, and chill in a relaxed atmosphere. This can be a healthy exercise and improve your remote workers' well-being in the longer run. 

3. Virtual Challenge

Virtual Challenge - virtual games

Remote employees usually don't have many physical activities to do because they are mainly working from home. What you can do is ask them to join your virtual challenge. You can initiate a healthy lifestyle virtual challenge.

Here, remote workers and teams on-site will be encouraged to work on their lifestyle and bring a positive change within. This can be drinking the required glasses of water or doing an early morning workout. The employee with the most checkboxes ticked will be the winner by the end of the month. 

4. Tiny Virtual Campfire

How many times do you get a chance to enjoy a campfire with your remote teams? The answer would be nil for most. You can have a tiny campfire for your remote team virtually. Tiny campfire arranges virtual campfires for remote teams. Tiny campfire sends accessories like tealight candles and some other camping accessories to your remote team to help them have their best virtual camping experience. So, you may give it a try too. 

5. War of the Wizards

War of the Wizards - virtual games

The War of the Wizards is a newly introduced virtual team-building game; you can give it a try too. The game is around ninety minutes long. Throughout this time, you get to enjoy experiences similar to escape room games, RPG, puzzle solving, word building, and storytelling.

You and your remote team are required to select your wizard avatar and play these multiple virtual games that are there, the War of the Wizards. You don't require any gaming expertise to play this game as it is suitable for all levels. 

6. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is among the most popular online games for the work team. You give a list of items to all remote team members, and they are supposed to search for them around their homes or workstation. The treasure hunters can share their findings in a video chat to make it all fun. You can think of adding unusual details to the items to make the game more interesting. 

7. Guess the Desk/Refrigerator

Guess the Desk/Refrigerator

Guess the Desk is a simple yet interesting game. The rule of this game is such that the remote workers are supposed to share pictures of their desks in a dedicated group randomly. The other members then must guess which workspace belongs to which colleague.

In the case of a refrigerator, the members share the picture of what's inside their refrigerator, and the other people are required to guess whose refrigerator it is. Such online games for work groups can be a fun way to know your coworkers better without meeting them daily as a remote team. 

Final Words

We hope that all these virtual game ideas have given you an idea of how you can plan fun-filled activities for your remote teams. We hope you have realized how gaming can help you build better bonds with your remote team and promote teamwork. You can fetch some gaming furniture to make your workstation look more stylish during such sessions. You can even get your favorite gaming chair from the Autonomous store online, so don’t miss this opportunity and make your move today!

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