7 Work from Home Ergonomic Hacks Change Your Life
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7 Work from Home Ergonomic Hacks Change Your Life

|Nov 3, 2020

Ergonomics has become the saving grace of a lot of people new to the working from home world. 

Making sure that your home workspace is ergonomic is the difference between terrible back pains and a life of working free from aches and worries. 

We want you to get the most out of your workstation, which is why we’re giving your our seven work from home ergonomic hacks that are going to completely change your working life.

Pros and Cons of an Ergonomic Workplace


  • Helps with productivity. 
  • Is incredibly valuable for your health. 
  • It helps you feel better mentally. 


  • It can be expensive. 
  • Requires some setup. 

List of 7 home office ergonomic hacks

1. Get an Ergonomic Desk - One of home office ergonomic hacks

A lot of our home office ergonomic hacks are strictly going to be concerned with equipment. There are countless desks out there with a fully ergonomic design straight out of the box. 

The main feature of these desks is the ability to stand while working. That doesn’t sound too appealing, right? Hear us out, though. 

When you sit, you’re putting an unnatural bend on your spine. By standing instead, you’re keeping your back straight. This helps with both back pains and your posture, ultimately resulting in a more productive home working environment. 

The best part is that you’re not even stuck sitting. With Autonomous desks, you get the ability to automatically switch between sitting and standing with the push of a button. 

Photo of Get an Ergonomic Desk

2. Get an Ergonomic Chair

Nobody wants to stand all day; we get that. That’s why our second work from home ergonomic hack is all about getting an ergonomic chair

Whether you plan to use an ergonomic desk or not, getting at least a chair is going to be a massive help. 

While it isn’t going to help as much as standing would, having a properly designed chair is going to do wonders for your physical health. 

The extra back support you get is invaluable and makes a massive difference when it comes to any long term effects that working from home is going to have on you. 

It’s also going to give you a productivity boost, and who doesn’t want that?

Photo of Get an Ergonomic Chair

3. Fix Your Posture

The point of an ergonomic chair is to help with this, but you can get by with just a little bit of knowledge

When we’re sitting in an office chair, we have a tendency to either hunch over or fall into a slump. Both of these positions, while comfortable, are extremely detrimental. 

It primarily comes down to your lower back. Make sure you’ve got something, like a pillow, supporting it, and sit back into it. Keep your shoulders down, face-up, and make sure you’re not trying to get comfy in your chair. 

Photo of Fix Your Posture

4. Make Sure Your Computer is Set Up Right

Having an ergonomic workstation is more than sitting up straight and typing away. There are actually set values that your keyboard and monitor should be at to maximize ergonomic efficiency. 

The top of your screen should be just below eye level, and the monitor should be an arm’s length away from you. 

The keyboard should be set up so that your arms are by your sides, and your elbows are bent at no greater than a 90-degree angle. 

5. Light

Most people don’t think light when they hear ergonomics, but it can actually make a massive difference. 

For this work from home ergonomic hack, we want to make sure you’re staying away from low light environments. Working in the shade might feel comfortable, but it’s damaging your eyes and killing your productivity. 

Rather than making your eyes strain, get some bulbs that mimic natural light, or, better yet, open up the blinds. 

The difference that this work from home ergonomic tip is going to have on your brain is phenomenal. You’re going to get more work done and feel happier for it. 

This isn’t just a working tip, either. The more natural light you have in your life, the better. 

Photo of Light

6. Move Regularly

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? There’s a reason it’s become so famous. 

Every 30 minutes or so that you’re working, get up and move around. Go out for a smoke break, make a cup of coffee, anything really to get you out of the chair. 

You only have to spend five minutes doing this. Letting your body stretch out and remain active is going to be vital when it comes to performing at your peak level. 

Photo of Move Regularly

7. Drink Water - Work from home ergonomic tip

If we were making general tips for life articles, this would be number one. 

For here, though, it’s still important to mention. We need water for everything, and that includes work. 

Without water to power the system, your brain and body are going to be slow and sluggish, and no one wants that.

Photo of Drink Water - Work from home ergonomic tip

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