8 DIY Standing Desk Wood Ideas Easy to Build
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8 DIY Standing Desk Wood Ideas Easy to Build

|Feb 3, 2021

Standing desks are becoming mainstays in the modern office. They help keep you focused, offer health benefits, and promote an active lifestyle. There are so many advantages, but sometimes, the cost can outweigh them. As an alternative, you can do a DIY standing desk to save some money and feel more productive. 

Wood is always an excellent material choice for these types of products. That's why we have decided to focus on easy do-it-yourself projects that use wood materials. No matter what profession you are in, standing desks made from wood can support a fair amount of weight, including your computer and any other gadgets you may require. 

8 DIY Standing Desk Wood Ideas

Pros and Cons of Building a DIY Wood Office Desk

  • icon checkSave money
  • icon checkTap into your creative side
  • icon checkCustomize the desk as you see fit
  • icon timesSpending more time on the project
  • icon timesNot building the desk correctly

Despite these cons, they may be an advantage—depending on how you look at them. Overall, we provide eight suggestions that are meant to be easy for beginners. Therefore, you may be in the clear. 

Choosing the Right DIY Wood Stand Up Desk Design

Before picking your DIY wood stand up desk design, you should be careful with your choice. Consider the design, its practicality, and whether it is strong enough to support all your equipment and supplies. You also can search for many DIY wood standing desks ideas to build online to help you have more interesting design.

If you work with a particularly large computer and lots of office equipment, a desk with a heftier design may be the right way to go. On the other hand, if all you require is a laptop and some lightweight supplies, the simpler DIYs would be permissible pastures. You also should notice the space and the shape of the floor to choose the right standing desk base. Additionally, if you are not very savvy when it comes to carpentry, it may be a good idea to avoid the desks that require some construction. 

Eight DIY Standing Desk Wood Ideas for Beginners

Here are some of the popular DIY standing desk wood ideas that you can construct easily. 

1. Steel Pipe Standing Desk

One of the more popular trends for a DIY wood stand up desk is made with a steel pipe base. This gives you some of the modern industrial flair you may want for your office space. Plus, it is an easy design to complete if you are a beginner at desk building. 

The industrial pipes typically mean that this is a DIY adjustable wood desk. You can purchase pipes that have adjustment capabilities to always be at the right height. 

We suggest doing an H-shape design on the bottom for a stable and reliable base. For the top, you can go with any type of wood. Some of the more attractive types of wood include oak, walnut, and pine. 

Steel Pipe Standing Desk

2. Mobile Wood Desk

If you want the benefits of a standing desk but don't want to get into all the tricky parts of attaching the leg and ensuring that the entire piece is stable, then the mobile wood desk is for you. Less than half the size of a regular DIY standing desk wood, you can make one of these to easily fit on top of your standard desk. Then, when your day is done at the office, you can take it back home for your home workspace

3. Tall Bookshelf Renovation

Don't want to deal with all the construction complications? You don't have to! Instead of getting wood and building the desk yourself, find a bookshelf you don't use and place your work items on one of the shelves. However, if your shelf is in use, clear off one shelf and dedicate it to getting all your work done. 

Tall Bookshelf Renovation

4. Spaceship Design

The spaceship design is beneficial when it comes to desk workers with a lot of equipment. The base is thicker and stronger, making it perfect for larger items to go on top. It is one of perfect standing desk designs recommendations for people working in engineering or designing fields.

What you need to do is make two thick legs with the same width that matches the tabletop's width. You can also add some drawers to the legs if you choose. 

5. Treadmill Desk

If you want to channel the runner within you, a DIY wood office desk that goes over your treadmill is great. Of course, you do not need to run all day, but walking for a bit can really up your daily steps. Just make sure that the dimensions match the treadmill, and that the desktop can rest securely. 

Treadmill Desk

6. Wood Pallet Desk for the Wall

Wood pallets are one of the most common materials used for DIY wood office desk projects. Due to their shape and configuration, they can attach nicely to your wall. When attaching your pallet desk, make sure that it is at the height right below your elbow

7. Dresser Desk

Like the bookshelf design, a dresser desk is another great idea for a DIY standing desk wood. Plus, it is the perfect way to maximize your space and take advantage of any unused areas in the home. Keeping all your office supplies on your dresser is also great if you do not have a designated office space. 

Dresser Desk

8. SmartDesk DIY Kit

Finally, one of the easiest ways to construct your own DIY standing desk wood is with the SmartDesk DIY Kit. This kit comes with the base, so there is no need to worry about building the legs or a strong foundation. All you need to do is get your wood desktop. If you want to save more budget or to design your own style you like, then you can check out some best frames to build a DIY standing desk. Easy peasy! 

SmartDesk DIY Kit


A DIY standing desk wood is an excellent addition to your office. Do you have some free time on your hands? Can't find a standing desk that works for you? Take matters into your own hands!

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