8 Essential Hot Desking Tips For The New Working Trend
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8 Essential Hot Desking Tips For The New Working Trend

|Apr 29, 2021

Hot desking is the talk of the hour in successful workspace dynamics. With the concept gaining traction, it is vital to remain in stride with it. This article will take you deeper into the idea of hot desking, with some essential tips. Dive in for a more flexible system of office management with hot desking solutions and standing desk accessories.

What Is Hot-Desking?

Hot desking is a hot topic in the office management conversation today. Hot desking makes it possible for people to work where they want and when they want- in an office. It is a system of workspace organization where different people use office standing desks or workstations based on the requirement. Additionally, you can also pick home office accessories for your space.

What Is Hot-Desking?

In essence, hot desking involves desks based on active usage instead of having people work in permanently allocated spaces. Generally, private offices or coworking areas link hot desking with flexibility, collaboration, and efficient space handling. Hot desking reduces surplus office space and minimizes real estate risk.  

People believe that hot desking can spike up the rates of productivity and innovation. Hot desking solutions also create an ideal environment for team building and socialization. 

Is Flexible Seating The New Working Future?

Hot desking may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a direction many workspaces are choosing to take. While the work-from-home culture exponentially gains relevance, offices no longer require vast permanent areas for employees. Offices are evolving, and soon, sitting at desks may not be part of the equation altogether. 

Workers have discovered that it is possible to be more focused and productive when working remotely on individual projects. It leaves one aspect to ponder over: Why will people want to come to work in an office? The answer to this lies in collaboration. Employees will visit their offices when they need to work together with other people or benefit from social aspects. 

 Is Flexible Seating The New Working Future?

The current scenario doesn't leave much doubt that flexible seating is becoming the new working future. Fewer desks or individual offices and more huddle spaces, collaboration areas, whiteboard rooms, and similar hot desking solutions will persist. 

On another note, with advancements in technology, mobility is at the core of all workplace experiences. Real estate expenses and risks are at an all-time high. Given that over 40% of desks are vacant on an average day, shared desks are more practical. Read on to get more hot desking tips to know how to manage hot desking in your workplace below!

Essential Hot Desking Tips

Now that you're aware of the significance of hot desking check out some tips to manage hot desking and maximize your workspace's efficiency.

Here are 8 hot desking tips.  

1. Strike The Right Balance

Every employee must be able to find an available desk even during peak office hours. It would be best to strike a suitable balance when it comes to the people-to-desk ratio.

Strike The Right Balance

Remember that people whose appointments require them to spend 80% of their time at a desk should have a permanent station. 

2. Make Room For Variety

Make Room For Variety

A little bit of variety in a workplace can go a long way. It is at the core of workplace flexibility. Hot desking involves shared desks, but these alone will not serve different modalities of work. Here are some necessary spaces for your hot desking tips:

  • Areas for personal time such as phone booths and cubicles for essential calls 

  • Touchdown spaces like soft relaxing areas for breaks or socialization

  • Huddle spaces for team projects or collective work

  • Open kitchens and cafes that incite gatherings and networking

  • Collaboration areas like whiteboard rooms, conference halls with teleconferencing capabilities, and more 

3. Form Subdivisions

It is easier to ensure an office's smooth functioning using hot desking if there are neighborhoods or subdivisions. There can be selected clusters of desks for a single team.

 Form Subdivisions

The variation will be simpler to manage for overseers, while the employees will have plenty of growth opportunities. Teammates and colleagues will also find it more convenient to work adjacently. 

4. Make Sure There Is Enough Storage Space

One of the most frequent issues with hot desking is the lack of storage space for people's things. If your office functions based on hot desking, designated racks or lockers are a must.

Make Sure There Is Enough Storage Space

Lockers are ideal, distributed through the office to be close enough to different workstations. This is also one of the hot desking tips that many managements often overlook.  

5. Establish A System For Choosing Desks

If possible, try to set up a system that makes it easy for employees to pick a desk upon arrival. Smart workspace apps, hybrid working apps, can make it easy to keep track of which desks are occupied and which aren't. Alternatively, you can allow employees to book their desks a day in advance. 

6. Help Employees Navigate Resourcefully

It is one of the most important hot desking tips you must notice. Hot desking creates a dynamic and mobile environment, where employees may find it challenging to navigate. It is the responsibility of the office to help employees find what they're looking for. This is particularly applicable to new employees. You can use a workplace experience app or set up maps or layouts for people to study. 

7. Some Things Are Better Off Being Permanent

When workers do not have a permanent place, tiny details make the biggest difference. It is important to decide what should be permanent at specific locations.

Some Things Are Better Off Being Permanent

For instance, monitors and an ergonomic office chair at every desk are a necessity. You can issue a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to employees as well. Sanitizing tissues and wipes are vital, too, since shared surfaces always need to be hygienic and clean. 

8. Run A Trial Period

Hot desking is a new concept, so make sure you run a trial at your office with a dedicated team first to build an environment with hot desking health and safety. You can create a hot desking environment on one floor and observe it for a month or more. You should take notice of this hot desking tip.

Run A Trial Period

Collect feedback from the participants of the trial and keep an eye on the productivity as well. 


Hot desking is rapidly gaining popularity at workplaces. It creates a dynamic space that maximizes efficiency and management. Purchase bulk office furniture order and other office equipment today!

While each office must curate its own hot desking environment, these are some hot desking tips you could always keep in mind. Make sure you collect regular feedback as well! 

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