8 Ideas To Set Up A Training Room In Office
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8 Ideas To Set Up A Training Room In Office

|Dec 6, 2022

The advantage of training rooms today is that you can concentrate on one thing at a time, limit costs, and more. This is where you can help improve your colleagues or employees' skills - and if you come to think of it, it's a place that benefits them as they focus on their professional development. Participating in common training rooms can familiarize you with similar individuals who could be useful resources for developing your business. 

Because of these advantages, plenty of offices go out of their way to provide a training room with the best layout and equipment. That's the focus of this article here - to provide you with training room ideas to build a training room inside your office that helps everyone. Using the training room layout ideas can provide you with the perfect turnout for your development and the right organization for your needs.

Key Considerations for an Effective Training Room Space

Your business will make a good impression on clients and partners by providing a professional environment and a comfortable meeting space.

First impressions

Your company's professionalism is enhanced by providing a good first impression to your partners and clients. Meeting in a professional setting can earn you new business and clients, which will lead to the growth of your business.

First impressions - training room ideas


Unlike a public setting, a training room is created specifically to keep things private with the right modern training room design.


Conference rooms provide a quiet environment without distractions, allowing everyone to concentrate. You can modify them so that they can double as training rooms.

Focus - training room ideas

Plenty of space

There should be plenty of space for your meetings in training rooms that should be large.


You can use smart devices, office equipment, and other smart devices in most training rooms with Wi-Fi.


Support services

Modern training rooms can include dedicated Wi-Fi as well as office support services.


Everyone expects the training to be conducted professionally when they work in a modern setting such as this.

8 Training Room Ideas for Setting Up

1.  Lighting

The lighting used inside the training room designs should also be well considered to create a dynamic and lively environment. Since all of your training sessions are carried out via devices: screens, laptops, phones, and so on, it is better to optimize the room's ambient lighting in order to prevent screen glare and other issues when seeing content on them. Training rooms should be lit with dimmable lighting. 


The training room is a place where people gather, collaborate, and share the ideas they have. Since these rooms are made to accommodate a great number of group activities, they need to be aimed to be completely flexible. These fundamentals listed below can help you to design such a room for any type of training program while focusing on flexibility.

2.  Flooring

Finding the right flooring involves merging function and form. It is best to choose a commercial carpet covering with low-pile patterning that remains timelessly fashionable till your next renovation. It also won't show any coffee stains, mud-covered shoe prints, or scuff markings. In addition to improving acoustics, low-pile carpets muffle sounds created by foot traffic and moving chairs. 

3.  Training Room Furniture

If you are planning a business event, such as training, a conference, or a negotiation, you should place it in a comfortable environment where business communication can be successful. A conference room in a hotel is the ideal place to hold this type of meeting if your office doesn't have the space for a training room. There is more to these premises than just their convenient location. As well as providing high-quality service, they also offer comfortable living and dining. A modern facility with the necessary equipment is usually arranged for the high-quality hosting of various events.

Training Room Furniture

It is ideal to have a workstation (chair, desk, and monitor) that can be adjusted to fit your needs, but these are rare, and those that can be adjusted to fit both short and tall people are even rarer. You will be less likely to move, stand, and stretch if you find a workstation that can approximate your ergonomic needs and make you comfortable. However, you shouldn't stay in your conference room chair for too long. While most people will not enjoy standing for long periods of time, you can at least walk away to keep your legs moving or move your feet.

4.  Standing Desks

Make sure the standing desk is adjusted at hip level, and the laptop is placed on the platform. One of the main characteristics of this type of standing desk is that it must always be adjusted manually. A problem with these types of standing desks is that they do not have a second shelf for the monitor or screen, forcing you to look down at them. You'll most often need an elevated laptop stand or desktop stand to view the computer screen comfortably. The type of compact desk you choose for your office will depend on some factors that you should consider. 

  • The demands of daily work
  • Issues related to lack of ergonomics
  • Training room design and workflow in the office

5.  Ergonomic Conference Chairs

In addition to reducing pressure on hips, coccyxes, and legs, the seat has various adjustment features such as reclining and lifting. Chair backs provide back and lumbar support, allowing us to maintain the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral curvatures. The design of the back of the chair must compound the natural physiological curvature because if it is exaggerated, the destruction of the normal curve will only lead to fatigue for the user.

Ergonomic Conference Chairs

6.  Soundproof

Because it includes foldable training room furniture, the StudioPod is the perfect small prefab cabin solution for training. Furthermore, a layer covering the exterior provides waterproofing, weather resistance, and a beautiful prefab accessory dwelling unit aesthetic. The soundproofing material in this modern prefab cabin is made from eco-friendly honeycomb paper and insulates the interior. Compared to a standard wood frame, the sturdy modern studio shed steel frame lasts longer.


7.  Equipment

Training rooms must have the latest technology, such as ceiling/high-mounted projectors having remote controls, laser pointers, wireless microphones, and more. Such devices give presenters greater flexibility when delivering what they need to, permitting interactive collaborations, examining previous lessons, etc. As a result, it enhances trainee engagement and increases the dynamic of training rooms. Training rooms should use this tech equipment and computer accessories

  • Projector controlled by remote
  • Home theater and sound systems
  • Microphones that don't require hands
  • Screens with large formats
  • Laser pointers

8.  Room Configurations

In town-hall meetings or video presentations, formal classroom or auditorium configurations may work well, but a more relaxed approach will facilitate more free-and-easy communication among participants and between instructors and participants. Arcs, rounds, and U-shapes promote Socratic teaching, emphasizing dialogue between student and teacher. Peer-to-peer teaching and problem-solving are also facilitated by smaller configurations, such as six sets of five.

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