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8 Most Popular Office Chairs For The Elderly With Supportive Features

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 8, 2021

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This list of office chairs for the elderly will help you equip your office with the best options in ergonomic furniture like an ergonomic office chair to avoid ailments like backache while you’re at your workstation.

It isn’t a secret for anyone that, as we get older, we become more fragile. Thus, it is essential for us to take care of ourselves even more as we reach an advanced age. This fact includes senior citizens that cannot help but keep themselves at the office. However, your desire to work and feel useful doesn’t excuse you from overlooking your health.

For that reason, today’s article is focused on listing office chairs for seniors that will help you be as comfortable and supported as possible as your workday goes on.

Although there are many orthopedic chairs for the elderly in the market, the ergonomic chair industry has improved a lot in recent years. Now, most of the office chair features that these devices include are more intuitive, allowing each person to use it without applying any "adjustments." However, the more customizable the chair is, the better.

What do you need to consider when choosing an office chair for older adults?



All ergonomic chairs are adjustable to some degree. Hence, some are more adjustable than others, and it's usually the most expensive models that allow you to almost modify the chair's whole structure for the utmost comfort.

The only important factor you must take into account before purchasing an office chair for seniors is adjustability. Here we summarize and simplify the factors that you must be able to set up once you've acquired the product.

  • Seat height, like your legs, must be at a 90º angle regarding the floor.
  • Seat width and deep, which should allow you to sit on the chair while the backrest keeps supporting your lower back area. Some chairs also come with customizable forward and backward tilt.
  • Backrest, as your spine needs to be fully supported while you’re sitting for prolonged periods, or you’ll become fatigued quickly. Here you can learn the functions of a backrest for an office chair.
  • Armrests, like your arms, should be at a 90º angle regarding the floor. In other words, they should be at the same height as the table.
  • Swivel, because what is an office chair if you can’t rotate when you need it?
  • Seat material, which should have comfortable padding where you can sit for prolonged periods without feeling tired. For instance, the mesh has become quite popular recently due to its affordability, resistance, and breathability. However, materials like leather aren't out of the options.
  • The chair must have adjustable lumbar support (including height and depth) as each person’s lumbar curve is different.

Keep yourself in optimal health with one of these office chairs for the elderly!

1.  ErgoChair Core

Autonomous ErgoChair Core

The first option is the ErgoChair Core by Autonomous. This office chair comes with multiple intuitive features that will help you remain supported as you continue with your daily obligations at work. You will forget how your couch feels like while you’re sitting here!

All features, from the seat height to the backrest tilt, are 100% adjustable. There is a standard version available, but you will be able to include a headrest and a leg rest for an extra price.

2.  ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Core

Next up, we have the ErgoChair Pro. As it happens with most Autonomous devices, it is wholly customizable. This time, the brand takes comfort to the next level by featuring breathable material as the upholstery. Thus, this chair has everything an older adult needs to be completely comfortable while they're working at the office.

It's also worth noting that this office chair for seniors includes flexible lumbar support. So no matter what posture you adopt, it will keep your lower back area fully supported.

3.  ErgoChair Pro+

ergo pro=

There is an enhanced version of the previous model, the ErgoChair Pro+. The manufacturer refers to it as the “most dynamic chair” they have to offer.

The main purpose of this chair is to provide the user with as much movement as possible. You may also choose between two different materials for the padding/upholstery, including naked TPE and breathable mesh. As a final fact, it can support up to 300 lbs without problems.

4.  Ergonomic mesh office chair by Gabrylly

Ergonomic mesh office chair by Gabrylly

All the important parts of your body that become vulnerable while you're seated will be completely supported when using this chair by Gabrylly. All of its features are adjustable, and it's also larger than most office chairs for the elderly found in the market. Thus, it is more appropriate for people with diverse heights. In addition, it supports up to 280 lbs, and it isn't complicated to install.

5.  Ergonomic adjustable office chair by Duramont

Ergonomic adjustable office chair by Duramont

If you want a cost-effective option with everything you need in an office chair for older adults, you can consider this your top option. It is one of the best options in the market as it provides full adjustability for a good price. The weight capacity is also considerable, as it is capable of carrying up to 330 lbs. In addition, it's extremely resistant and breathable.

6.  Office task desk chair by HBADA

Office task desk chair by HBADA

This office chair for the elderly has an interesting design but also provides enough adjustment for a senior adult to be comfortable as the day goes on. Its backrest will keep your back fully supported and comfortable, no matter how much time you spend working.

7.  High back mesh office chair by BERLMAN

All features included in this office chairs for the elderly are adjustable. Furthermore, it is sturdier than most of the options listed here, which means you can be sure that it will last for a long time. We believe the only drawback is the weight capacity, as it only supports up to 250 lbs.

8.  Ergonomic home office chair by HBADA

Ergonomic home office chair by HBADA

Last but not least, we have this home office chair for the elderly by HBADA. It features interesting aesthetics, intuitive features, and full adjustability for you to remain supported as your workday goes on. It also emphasizes your lumbar area, allowing you to continue working without worries. It's one of the best office chairs for seniors in the market.

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