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8 Tips for Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

8 Tips for Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

|Dec 13, 2022

Returning to work after maternity leave is an overwhelming experience for parents as the mom guilt starts to trip in. Even if it's the other parent we are talking about, leaving your newborn at home or in the hands of some other caretaker, going back to work is always challenging after experiencing some magical moments. In most cases, especially for moms, this is going back to work after the baby results in depression and anxiety further fueled by post-partum depression.

All the excitement that has been dwelling up for weeks since the baby was born suddenly changes into stress, and you no longer feel in one place. The confusing mind of returning to your normal work life and starting a new life where it is you, and your baby keeps you going back and forth. Hence you experience a lack of focus and performance anxiety at work too. 

But going back to work after maternity leave is a common phenomenon that happens to hundreds of women daily. Hence there are various ways to smoothen this transition for moms returning to work. In this article, you will find some helpful tips to address the emotions of the end of maternity leave.

Your Goal

Ever since you started going to school, passed each exam with flying grades, got into high school, and chose a college with great consideration, your life's ultimate aim was in mind. This aim kept you going until you joined your dream job and experienced new learning every day. So, while returning from maternity leave and feeling those blues, you need to consider the real aim behind choosing this job/career/life path. This will help you remember the entire journey you have gone through to reach the moment you are at. And when you feel like quitting or taking a long break, think about the fact that how long does it take to learn a new job? This ought to give you some motivation.

Your Goal when returning to work after maternity leave

Financial Security

There is a reason why we opt for those fun part-time jobs when young to serious high-paying jobs after finishing college. The ultimate goal of working is to gain financial stability and security. And with a child, your expenses are going to increase. Starting a family and giving them all the basics will require you to have some money and enough peace of mind that your bank account has enough savings. This financial security helps you live a peaceful life even if you spend some hours of the day engulfed in completing challenging tasks.

Draw a Boundary

Whether it's the end of maternity leave or your bachelor life, the end of vacations is bound to give you several kinds of stress at once. This is major because our work life doesn't have a clear boundary. When returning to work, even after a weekend, you must take that line between work-life balance seriously. Don't overburden yourself either at work or the office. When you are at work, focus solely on the tasks and challenges related to work life. And when at home, it should be all about you and your family. This will help your mind define a clear boundary between work and office, and you will not feel overwhelmed.

Draw a Boundary

Look for a New Job

Some jobs aren't just worth returning to. And even if they were, they might not fit with your new life. Hence, work-at-home ideas for moms are great and give the best of both worlds. You get to work and focus on your career while earning some money. And you also get enough time and pay sufficient attention to your new mom's life throughout the day. Moreover, a work-from-home job for new moms is also a great way to keep their minds engaged and not feel overwhelmed with the baby's responsibilities.

Reshape Your Mindset

Sometimes you are too engrossed in the negatives that you tend to forget how blessed you are. While being a working mother is challenging, it's crucial to remember how fortunate you are to be one. Many stay-at-home mothers would give anything to enter a tidy, peaceful office daily. Similarly, many working women would do anything to return home every day to a darling child. Stop worrying about the things you must do as a working parent for your sake and theirs. Try to reframe these ideas as things you get to do instead.

Reshape Your Mindset

Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help, especially if you are a new mom. Hundreds of people will be eager to help you out. Hence even if some days your daycare or nanny doesn't show up or there is some meeting you need to attend, your office colleagues can help you by babysitting or taking notes. Focus on relationship management in the workplace, and rather than taking the entire stress or workload as your try to find solace in people who would listen to you and help you openly.

Look for Flexible Options

From remote jobs to flexible work hours, there are many things that a modern workplace offers to new moms. Some new mothers work flexibly or from home to maintain a bond with their newborns. Discuss the timetable that works best for you and your family with your co-parent or other supporters. Remember that your co-parent may be able to adjust their schedule as well.

Look for Flexible Options

Show Your Excitement

It is important that you not take nor present your work as a burden on you when returning after maternity leave. One of the best ways to achieve that is to meet with your supervisor before or shortly after your return. Ask them to update you on any adjustments made to your team or the business while you are away. Check any new priorities for your role and confirm that your expectations are in line. Ask if they would be okay with you working from home or a friendly co-working place for a few days a week as part of your transition. Finally, confirm that you are eager to resume crushing things at work.

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