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8 Tips to Create a Retro Gaming Room Setup
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8 Tips to Create a Retro Gaming Room Setup

|Sep 21, 2022

No matter how old a gamer gets, their excitement when they think about their first game is a different vibe. The recollection of memories, the simpler times with basic games, and the real collection of video game CDs are all etched in memory and remind one of the happy moments they spent growing up.

Even though the modern gaming industry is advanced beyond measures and allows multiple benefits over conventional modes of gaming with better gaming furniture, modern office electronics, ergonomic gaming setup, and more ideas to build a comfortable gaming room, among others, there is always a knack of retro gaming room setup that you desire.

Retro gaming setup ideas, safe to say, never go out of style, and with time, they are making a huge comeback in the gaming industry. And with all the facts proving the impact of surroundings on the mind, it is important to focus on the best retro gaming setup ideas if that feeds your gaming performance. This article will cover some ideas to build your own retro gaming PC setup at your home.

1. Start with A Classic Touch

Start with A Classic Touch in retro gaming room setup

When it comes to tips to build a retro gaming PC or gaming setup, you can never go right without a bit of classical touch. This means you must liven up the classic theme in your gaming room before proceeding with further details. This includes the designs that are more retros and take a journey back to the 90s or, better, 80s. Opt for classic colors such as black or whites and other funky shades.

You can follow up the glitz and glamor theme from the 90s and recreate the vibe with a colorful LED Light strip or some retro-styled lamps. Moreover, for your desk, go for a basic design in either black or white.

2. Set up A Versatile Room

This one important because, as opposed to today's gaming, where everything is available in the computer system, a versatile gaming room must have a physical gaming setup of all sorts. Pick a bigger room with enough space, or you can skip some of these ideas even if you have a limited area.

You can even include a pool table, musical instruments, and screens in addition to the ancient games you've collected and the old PCs you've maintained in good condition.

When you put all of these things together in one space, it feels like an old-school arcade where people used to gather to play video games. Additionally, it will improve the atmosphere in your gaming space and allow your other buddies to play different games.

3. Don’t Show Off Modern Gadgets

Don’t Show Off Modern Gadgets

Technology is necessary for an incomparable gaming experience, and one should not feel guilty. But if you are aiming for a retro vibe in your gaming room, try to minimize the room occupied by modernity. Opt for a desk setup that keeps your PC and similar accessories in one place rather than a setup that shows off each component related to the computer.

Go for an under-desk CPU mount or a wall-mounted CPU holder, so you're one of the many devices hidden. This also provides room for other items to keep and may give you an option to showcase your old collection of classic games on your desk. To minimize the look of your keyboard or Mouse, use a black desk pad to determine the boundary. Use the rest of the space to go overboard with retro vibes.

4. Follow A Game Theme

Is there anything better than creating an entire retro vibe with a classic retro game? Here is an idea. Choose a theme from one of the great games and use it as the primary decor while decorating your gaming space. These themes might be depicted through paintings, stickers, or souvenirs you gathered from that particular game.

You can also experiment with a mix-and-match theme, which combines motifs from various retro games with components from contemporary video games. A theme from an old bar, arcade, or casino, such as one from the late 90s, is another option outside a vintage gaming theme. And if you are a fan, then follow the Stranger Things Hawkins arcade theme.

5. Choose Vintage Furniture

Choose Vintage Furniture in retro gaming room setup

Now comes the focal point, the right type of furniture. Gaming furniture holds great importance when it comes to designing the entire setup. Not only does it have to be comfortable, but it also has to look fun and challenging for gamers. Hence for retro themes, you can make the most difference with retro furniture.

Opt for bold vintage colors such as white, gray, turquoise, and shades of neon to choose the seating options. Go for bar-style stools or maybe basic old-style chairs for your card play game. For gaming in front of the screen, a chair has to be comfortable and ergonomic; hence you can never go wrong with an ergonomic seating option in the color white or black.

6. Get Original Consoles

Nothing is more nostalgic or authentic if authenticity in your vintage gaming setup is more important than using the original hardware! For most vintage systems, replacement components and controllers are now made by numerous 3rd party businesses, which are frequently rather affordable! However, for a retro theme, we advise sticking with original 1st party supplies, which can occasionally be inexpensive but can also become expensive, especially for the more sought-after goods.

7. Gaming Closet

Gaming Closet

Nothing speaks about retro more than a good old-fashioned closet. But this time, it's not for your retro clothes but your gaming accessories and setup. And what's the point of retro if you don't feel the need to collect as many games as possible because you could not stream or download them decades ago? So, there is the need for a closet to minimize clutter not only but also to add a whole vibe. And while we are all about showing our retro hard work, get something with transparent doors or just a shelf that proudly showcases your entire collection.

8. Create A Scoreboard

A scoreboard is a common addition to a vintage game room. The most effective approach to keep track of results for games like pool, cards, and darts is to keep score. Digital scoreboards that record results are found in other gaming spaces. Nevertheless, obtaining these digital documents for an old-fashioned game space is inconsistent with its theme and function. A conventional scoreboard, where you and your friends can compare scores and boast about one another's accomplishments, is one approach to keeping track of the best of the best.

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