9 Cool Things to Put on Your Desk at Work
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9 Cool Things to Put on Your Desk at Work

|Sep 2, 2022

Does your desk setup have to be boring to keep you from being distracted from work? This common misconception has had many of us settle for things that look dull and hence compromise our work efficiency in return. But if we look at research and studies, we will only realize the huge benefits of personalization and decoration in our living space or workspace. Our surroundings truly impact our mind, creativity, and the type of thoughts we develop which is why you often feel positive in the company of positive feelings and have good vibes when the surrounding is pretty and appealing.

But when it comes to workplaces, not many of us realize how the décor, design, and aesthetic desk setup can be beneficial at work. This includes anything to everything, such as the type of desk, chair, theme of your office setup, things on desk, and the choice of office accessories. So, if you have been feeling a dull dud lately, you probably need a change of scenery and some cool things to put on your desk at work, which will improve your work efficiency and be pleasing to look at. This article will list some of the best things to put on your desk.

1. Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Ergonomic Wrist Rest - things on desk

What you choose from the things to keep on your office desk must be aesthetically pleasing and useful for your work. Otherwise, you are just adding clutter to your desk, which is yet another way to minimize work efficiency. This accessory, an ergonomic wrist rest, doubles as a cool work desk gadget and a useful accessory that addresses a common problem in people who spend most of their time working and typing.

An ergonomic wrist rest is a tiny accessory that provides a platform for your wrists to rest on, minimizing the strain you feel on your wrists while typing and performing actions on your laptop. Ergonomic wrist rests are also cool because they have a robotic design and look smart for a modern desk setup.

2. Wall Organizer

 A wall organizer is fantastic for everyone if you ever need to manage the jumble of documents on your desk. If you find yourself in a phone conversation, you can fold the organizer and take it with you. This organizer is for you if you often lose stuff and can never find anything. Thanks to a desktop organizer, you won't have to clutter your desk to reach all of your most important documents quickly.

3. Desk Pad

Desk Pad - things on desk

If you are looking for good things to keep at your work desk, then you probably need a suitable solution to keep your things clean and well-maintained. While cleaning your work desk daily is recommended, it is equally important that you opt for ways that minimize any permanent damage or stains. Desk pads are well-known office accessories that help keep your expensive desk and gadgets free from scratches, marks, or permanent scars.

For your cool things to keep on the office desk, our pick is the DeltaHub minimalistic desk pad, which is both aesthetic and functional. It has a minimalistic felt design which feels nice and soft against your skin hence minimizing friction, and also has an anti-slip back, so your desk pad and the laptop doesn't keep slipping away.

4. Desk Organizer

Don't let the clutter get the best of you; hence we recommend a suitable desk organizer. This magnetic desk organizer is one of the best for many reasons. First, it has a magnetic surface that keeps it in one place. Secondly, it has several compartments that offer storage options for different accessories.

You can keep your pens, pencils, staplers, cellphone, sticky notes, and everything in place, and the organizer will make sure to bring discipline into your life.

5. Notepad


Put a notebook or memo book on your desk where you may make lists of things to accomplish and notes. Even if there are numerous digital choices available to professionals today for taking notes and preserving information, a piece of paper is still useful for quickly noting down specifics. Writing on notepads is less distracting than typing and is simpler to bring into meetings than laptops.

6. Headphones

Purchase some high-quality headphones that you may use for meetings, video conferencing, and music. Wear them to block out background noise and listen privately to meetings and seminars so you can concentrate on your work. Next, select how you'll keep your headphones organized, so your workstation looks tidy. Some headphones have little carrying cases that fit into organizers and drawers. Other options include mounting your headphones on hooks at the side of your desk. This looks both pleasing and also spares the space from your work table.

7. Light Bar

Light Bar

Desk stands are common. How about you upgrade your workstation with a light bar? Our best pick is the Autonomous light bar which offers multiple functions and is unbearably cool to look at. It has various light temperatures and offers five different levels of brightness.

It can also remember your safe and desired light setting and helps you achieve that with a touch of a button. It is 31 inches long, which makes it suitable to illuminate your entire workstation and this one also utilizes a minimum amount of electricity.

8. Case Stand

If you don't use multiple monitors because of the big size but need a place for your cell phone or tablet to be mounted safely, then opt for this Sahara case stand.

This accessory is one of the simplest ways to improve ergonomics and organization because the stand allows you to mount the screen at a comfortable eye level and keeps it in place. You can get this decent deal through the employee purchase program and upgrade your workstation.


9. Cable Organizer

When we're at work, we all have our phones on our desks so we can listen to music to pass the time more quickly. A cable organizer can keep your cords off the ground and within reach. You may use this organizer on your desk, especially on fragile surfaces, because it doesn't require adhesives to stay in place. Now that they are organized, your computer cords won't slide around your workplace.

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