9 Home Office Nook Ideas for Your Small Working Spaces
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9 Home Office Nook Ideas for Your Small Working Spaces

|Jul 20, 2022

The pandemic didn't give us much flexibility, right? From not caring about how cramped our living space was to not giving heed to not having a proper work-from-home setup, the pandemic hit shook us to the core. But since work from home might have started abruptly and uncomfortably, it is also one of the most positive changes in the world. With the benefits of working from home for both employers and employees, most businesses have now consciously adopted this practice for their business.

Hence it is safe to say that now you have all the time, mind, and energy to prepare for the best work-from-home setup. But one thing you still cannot change? Probably the tiny living space where it is hard to manage life, let alone work. But fortunately, there are various home office nook ideas designed and delivered mainly for tight corners. Do you have free space beside a bed or an empty corner near the kitchen? Our home office nook design ideas fit all homes. Read below to discover the most modest and versatile modern home office ideas for your nooks and corners, which you often ignore.

A Small Desk

A Small Desk in home office nook

You cannot go overboard with the furniture when you have limited space; hence the first decision you make when setting up a nook office corner is to purchase a small home office desk. A small desk will provide you with the workstation you need, separate your daily life from work and keep your work essentials in the same place at all times. You can also use a small desk to make a multi-purpose corner at home, which can work as your workstation, study space for kids, or even a gaming corner.

The Right Accessories

This goes without saying, especially when trying to avoid clutter (and spending unwanted money). Office accessories come in many types, shapes, sizes, and purposes, but are you aware that one size doesn't fit all? So a thing that seems important might not be essential but just a way of showing up your home office setup excited.

Choosing the right home office essentials allows you to make a tiny space work and make even the best of the limited corners or coziest free spaces. Make sure to shop for what you only need, and our recommendation is to go on a trial run with just a few basic items to find the things you need every single day.

Wall Mounted Lights

Wall Mounted Lights in home office nook

There are two benefits of wall-mounted lights. First, they help you define an office boundary easily, and second, they keep space free on your desk. Considering the importance and uniqueness of office lighting, you can create a home office nook in the living room without doing much else with just two or three panels of lights on a wall. This also eliminates the need to use a room divider or paint a wall differently, sparing up so much space that would have been used otherwise.

Vertical Storage Options

Every square inch of a small office is valuable. That includes the area directly over the desk and slightly below the ceiling. Utilize the unused vertical space by converting it into a storage shelf with distinct box labels.

When organizing the items, you will store them on the shelf, remember that this won't be the easiest place to reach without a step ladder, so make sure to consider the height and level of the storage you are aiming for.

Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk in home office nook

If you are looking at nook office ideas, it is clear you don't have a lot of free space in your home. This also means you cannot move around freely in the region which you call your home office. Though if you cannot move horizontally on the floor because your office consists of a desk and a chair, and that's all, who says you cannot move vertically?

It’s no dark arts or magic where you float in the air but a simple change as a small standing desk. Standing desks are a great way to allow you the freedom to move without limiting you in space. You can set up a standing desk in any corner or space, and the height adjustability will keep you active and prevent falling bored and feeling dull.

An L-shaped Desk

While we are adjustable height desks, there is no product that suits home office nook ideas better than a corner desk or L-shaped desk. The thing with corner desks is that despite their big size, they aren't going to occupy a lot of footprints since they reside gracefully in a corner.

You can use an L-shaped desk that matches your furniture and pick multiple colors and designs. Our pick is the best smart desk corner from Autonomous because one; is versatile and available in a wooden finish topped with many color options. Secondly, you can earn a decent discount through the Autonomous employee purchase program.

Space under the Stairs

Space under the Stairs

Homes frequently lose space under the stairs. Make it into a chic home office instead of allowing it to end up as a dumping ground for tote bags and sneakers. Go bespoke to avoid common blunders in home office nook design. This is your greatest choice because you may incorporate cabinetry to maximize every square inch of space.

Add Some Plants

Small home office ideas can always benefit from adding a few indoor plants like any other home office. You'll get the benefits of having pops of greenery peppered over the space, helping to reduce the stress associated with work and encourage clarity, so make sure to incorporate a variety of houseplants.

Adding some plants in your home office nook will also create an illusion of open space, and you will feel like working in the natural and open air. This, in turn, will fight off the cramped home office space you had to compromise on.

Devour the Extra Closet Space

Devour the Extra Closet Space

Consider transforming a spare closet into a comfortable workplace if you have more closet space than you require. Then, after organizing it, add shelving, task lighting, and a comfortable work chair. You can choose to keep the closet door, so you can close it at night or remove it to make the closet an extension of the house.

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