9 Methods for Improving Memory at Work
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9 Methods for Improving Memory at Work

|Oct 17, 2021

Technologies have made human life easier. It has brought a lot of benefits for all of us, and we all are impressed by it. However, we often ignore that it has also brought challenges for all of us along with benefits. We hardly push ourselves to think. We are so habitual of using calculators, mobile notes, and reminders, etc., that we no longer use our minds for it. That’s why today’s generation has lower memory than the generation before.

We all have these moments where we get up for some work and then forget it—for instance, bringing water from the kitchen. You go to the kitchen and stand there for a while. You come back to the room thinking what you needed and why you went to the kitchen. After thinking hard, you finally remember that you needed water. We all go through similar experiences in our daily lives that include both professional and personal.

So, how to improve your memory? In this article, we have listed 9 essential methods to improve memory. These steps are discussed in the coming paragraphs. Let’s read on to know how to improve memory!

Improve Memory with These 9 Methods

1. Sleep Well

Sleep Well to improve memory

Most of us have disturbed sleeping cycles. We stay up late at night and sleep all day. Yet, sleep is the medicine for better memory. When awake, the brain collects information, and when sleep, it stores, consolidates, and catalogs that information.

The human body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, and it is proven both scientifically and medically. If you lack proper sleep, you can’t effectively operate your memory. Besides, the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity. Your body should be in complete rest while sleeping. Just lying in bed for 7 to 9 hours is not enough for better sleep.

2. Learning or Playing Instrument

Most psychological therapies include music. It is not only good for improving moods but also for brain health. That’s why you should learn and play any musical instrument. Music improves the performance of almost all areas of your brain. For example, it expands the capacity to recall. Plus, it is a good way to improve concentration too.

3. Martial Arts

Martial Arts to improve memory

You might question what martial arts have to do with memory improvement. Both physical and mental exercises have a high impact on cognitive health. With these exercises, the process of cognitive decline slows down. Martial arts bring the separate components of brains and optimize its benefits. It has also been proved through a study published in 2016 in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. The study proved that both Baduanjin and Tai Chi Chuan enhance the functionality of the brain. Along with martial arts, you can also try out desk workouts and other exercises to improve memory power.

4. Purposeful Practice

What is purposeful practice, and why include it in the improved memory tips? A purposeful practice can be defined as the breakdown of large goals into different steps. It also includes utilizing feedback channels and then moving to more challenging targets. A helpful technique is to test yourself and your skills throughout the process. It will enhance your memory-oriented skills and maintain mental health. You can gradually remember numbers and names through purposeful practice and even deliver a complex presentation without a text.

5. Meditation

Meditation to improve memory

 Meditation is one of the most emphasized brain exercises. It has numerous benefits such as, it reduces stress levels and improves cognition functionality, including concentration and memory. Meditation has different forms that also include yoga. You must identify a suitable form for your body. However, we often get lazy when it comes to meditation because it demands high focus, and we all lack it. At the start, it might not be easy. But you can make it part of your habit by practicing it daily.

6. Concentrate on Your Diet

Our diet has a high impact on our overall body health and also improves memory if you make it right. That’s why everybody emphasizes healthy eating food. Right diet also improves the blood flow that is directly connected to brain health. Higher blood flow enhances oxygen that ultimately makes the brain more powerful.

Most doctors and nutritionists recommend eating pomegranate because it is good for blood flow. Besides, drinking green tea transfers brain waves to the relaxed alertness state that boosts cognitive performance. It is better not to rely on caffeinated and sugar-filled energy drinks, etc. Such drinks harm the brain in the long run.

7. Avoid Multitasking

Avoid Multitasking to improve memory

We all are habitual of multitasking which has a bad influence on memory. Avoiding multitasking is one of the major improved memory techniques. Through this method, the mind cannot focus on a single task, and instead of giving the best results, it reduces its functionality. Plus, multitasking also hinders the human capacity to recall, disturbs sleep at night, and exacerbates stress. Make an office or a productive work from home schedule, set specific times for each task, and do them in their dedicated times. This will help you avoid multitasking. 

8. Keep Yourself Organized

Keeping your items and yourself organized is another important method to improve memory. It promotes recalling capacity and attention to detail. So, what to do to keep yourself organized? The answer is simple, plan well. Begin your day with quick planning. Ask yourself, what do I need to complete the whole day and dedicate specific time for all.

9. Use Memory Tricks

Use Memory Tricks to improve memory

What if you tried all the above techniques to improve memory, but still nothing worked? You still have one last option available, and that is using memory tricks. For instance, forming a link between noteworthy information and visual cues. Learn their chunking, rhymes, and acronyms. Plus, you can also apply the loci method, which means associated geographical location with certain information.

So, don’t panic if you feel your memory is declining because, with the techniques mentioned above, you can easily get your memory back. Just follow them and improve your memory. However, if you try everything and still nothing works, then you can also consult any doctor.

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