9 Must-Have Modern Office Accessories

Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 16, 2019

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The versatility of a stand-up desk is a beautiful thing, with being able to adjust the height from a sitting to standing position in a matter of seconds. But what if we told you that there are office accessories that can take your user experience to another level? Just like adding a memory foam pillow to go with your new mattress, pairing your standing desk with the right accessories can give you tremendous added benefits.

Here are 9 must-have modern office furniture accessories that focus on keeping your workspace organized and efficient, while keeping your body energized.

1. Cable Tray

Some would say that aesthetics and functionality are equally important, which is why we are starting with a product we believe offers both. Whether in your office or at home, having a bunch of cables dangling all over the place can be annoying. Even if you’re not a neat freak, it still looks messy and messy doesn’t lead to an efficient workspace. Consider getting a cable tray that will organize and hide all those cables and cords. Look for trays that offer 30” or more of space to organize your cables as they will be able to fit the extension cords, too.

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

What would most people say is a downside of using a standing desk? If you’re thinking back pain, you got it. Standing while working has many benefits because it encourages and increases overall body movement, which is far better than sitting all day. However, there is no doubt that lower back pain can be an issue.

If you want to improve the experience of using this type of desk, an essential accessory to purchase is an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are ergonomically designed with two goals in mind – to relieve back pain and improve posture. They can be particularly useful for those prone to pain in the lumbar and pelvic areas. An important feature of a proper anti-fatigue mat is that is has a rigid top and a surface with a slope of at least 2 inches. That way it will massage your instep and decrease foot pain as well, which is particularly vital for those wearing heels!

3. Flow Board

Let’s take the anti-fatigue mat and bump it up a few levels. For those looking to stay active while working, a flow board might just be your answer. It will help to enhance your energy, productivity and muscle memory while using your standing desk. Flow boards create micro-movements that keep your blood flowing while you’re focused on other tasks. It’s an excellent way of keeping your body toned at work.

Now, there are larger options, such as cycling or treadmill setups for your desk, but those don’t work so well at the office or in a small home office. A flow board is a much better option. It’s small, efficient, easy to store and easy to take with you from one office to another.

4. Filing Cabinet

Now let’s get back to keeping things organized. Managers and office workers often have plenty of paperwork to handle, so they need a place to properly store everything. Another advantage of a standing desk is that it has a sleek, minimalist design, leaving plenty of room for movement and for storage space.

To fill this space, you don’t want a big old-fashioned filing cabinet from the sixties that weighs a million pounds and looks downright ugly. You want something fresh and easy to use. A modern filing cabinet is one that is durable, small enough to fit under your standing desk, has multiple draw dividers and comes on wheels so it can be easily moved at any time. A nice bonus is the ability to choose from a variety of colors to give your office design some added flare.

5. Monitor Adjuster

When working at your standing desk, your monitor screen should be at eye level and directly in front of you to minimize neck strain. Where things get tricky is that if you’re adjusting your desk between sitting and standing throughout the day, as you should be doing, and then moving around in various positions while standing, you may find that you’re continuously fiddling with your monitor to keep up with you. An adjustable monitor arm is a perfect solution for this, making it easy to have your screen exactly as you want it, whether you’re sitting, standing or someplace in between. It allows monitor rotation for 360 degrees horizontally and 20 degrees vertically, and don’t forget that the experts advise to keep it approximately 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes.

By finding the ideal position for the screen, the monitor arm can relieve neck and eye pain, making it much easier to work for hours. Plus, it will enable extra desk space for your things. Those who appreciate a decluttered line of sight will also love this accessory. 

6. Ultra-Wide Desk Lamp

What good is a standing desk if you can’t see what’s on it? An ultra-wide LED desk lamp helps you to get the most out of your workstation by bringing light to the entire space. At Autonomous, we’ve designed a desk lamp that not only covers your full workspace but also remembers your preferred light settings, so you don't have to cycle through the various temperature settings every time you turn the light on. It’s a little thing, but the little things add up when it comes to an efficient desk and workspace.

7. Privacy Panel

“Look, it’s nothing personal, neighbor, but sometimes I just need a little more privacy around here.” That’s what you can say to your co-worker when you put up your new privacy panels. These mini-walls help limit surrounding noise and other unwanted distractions, and you can buy them in singles or as multiple pieces to give your workspace whatever level of privacy you need to stay focused. They’re also light and easy to move around when need be.

8. Desk Clamp Power Outlet

You know you’ve done it. Down on your hands and knees under your desk, stretching with all your might to try and reach the power outlet that always seems to be in the most difficult possible place at your office. With a desk clamp power outlet, you’ll have ample power right at your fingertips. No more searching, and no more bumping your head on your desk when you’re getting back up.

At just 8 inches in width, this is a small yet mighty addition to any office desktop that adds a fleet of power sources, with 3 power socks and 2 USB ports. 

9. Active Seating

Okay, so this one is more of a strategic complementary product than a straight-up accessory, but it’s still a great idea to add to your arsenal to really make the most of your standing desk.

Picture this: you’ve been standing for hours and your feet could use a break. However, as soon as you sit down, you feel sleepy. The solution is called active seating. The goal is to keep yourself moving and engaged even while you’re sitting. Cue, the ergonomic stool, a height-adjustable seating option that allows you to rest your feet and legs while still stimulating your body’s core, keeping you energized and promoting good posture.

Final Note

If you’re going to make the worthy investment of buying a standing desk for yourself or several for your office, then it’s worth going all in with the right accessories to maximize your space and productivity. Once you feel the immediate physical and emotional boost of working smarter, you’ll be glad you took the leap.

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