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A Complete Buying Guide for the Most Comfortable Office Chair for Short People

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 20, 2018

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In the last decade, the world has changed a lot. We are living in that era of the time where people are more used to technological blessings. Most of the works are getting done with the help of computers and other electronic devices. People do sit in front of these devices and work almost 8 to 12 hours a day generally. Sitting for a long time is harmful to human health; it can cause backaches, headaches or other serious health issues like cardiovascular disease.

Most of the offices in the world now are using smart cabins and advanced desks to solve this issue. But that is not going to stop the unwanted back pains or joint pains because of sitting all day in front of a computer. That is why workers deserve comfortable chairs in their office to work. They can work without any worries about their health issues. Furthermore, a great office leader will always make sure that his or her employees are working with their 100%.

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However, every office employee body structure and height is different. It becomes difficult for short height people to work properly on the usual chairs. So, many companies use ergonomic office chairs for all. But the chairs of the same sizes and facilities will not help the short height employees much. That is why they need to have chairs which can fit their requirements. The height of a worker may or may not seem important for an office job. But in reality, it has importance in their health-related issues.

As we have already discussed that an ordinary size may not fit the best requirements of a short height employee; their size matters a lot. If you are looking forward to buying the most comfortable office chairs for short people, then it is the best decision you can make for yourself and your employees' health. Before you go ahead, you need to know the things you should consider while buying any variant of these chairs. In this guide, we are going to tell the factors you should keep in your mind while buying an office chair for short people.

Things to consider

Adjustable height

It is the most important term one should consider before buying any kind of office chair. With this one characteristic, half of your job will be done to set the chair for a short employee. Adjustable seat height can always give you the advantage to set the height of the seat according to your need. Before buying, you need to be sure that you can adjust the height of the chair as you want.

Check that your feet can touch the floor while sitting on the seat with straight backbone. Your feet should lie flat on the floor when you are sitting. This position is the best for anyone who does sitting jobs for hours and helps you to lower the side effects of sitting all day. If the chair you are planning to buy meets this need, then you can go for the next tips.

Adjustable Armrests

Armrests are also vital to consider while choosing the correct chairs for short people. If the armrest is too high or too low, then the user can end up with neck, shoulder and wrist pain. Generally, the armrest should not be higher than the elbow of the user. If the armrests are adjustable, then it will be easy to set the height according to the user’s preference.

Hence, before you go ahead, you need to check if the armrests are adjustable or not. Furthermore, make sure that you can tighten it to its proper position. For short people, these should be at the height of the desk in front.

Adjustable tilt tension

A well-designed chair always allows the user to tilt whenever the user bends back or forward. Before you buy a chair with tilt, make sure that you can adjust its height as well. It will make it easy for short people to work comfortably. If the height is not adjustable, then they have to give more force to tilt the backside. For petite people, it will be too hard to adjust themselves to the chair which results in spine and neck pain. Also, it can resist the user for smooth reclining.

With adjustable tilt tension, it will be easier for the users to bend back and forth. They can do it as long as they want without any hard try. Unnecessary over height tilt tension is not expected for a short user. So, make sure that you can adjust its height according to the need. Having this feature is necessary as it provides comfort to the users while having a short break from work; he/she may bend back for relaxation. Smooth and flexible tilt tension will make sure the comfort level of every short user.

Seat depth

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Holding the lower body in the correct way is essential for tall users as well as short users. When it comes to the question of the seat depth for a short user, it must be adjustable as you have to move it to suit the length of your thighs for a comfortable position. It can support your lower portion of the body and help you to get relief from body pain occurred due to a long hour sitting jobs. It will be great if the seat has rounded or waterfall edges. These are designed and developed to cut the pressure on the lower thighs.

Comfortable joints

A short user may feel uncomfortable if the joints of the chair are not soft and smooth. Due to the short height, the user may feel pains on the knees and ankles. Hence, it is vital to make sure that your joints make a 90-degree angle when you are sitting on the chair. It allows the user to move and rotate as required; easy movement should always be on the top priority list. So, check this feature before buying an office chair for short people.

Movement wheels

It is must to have movement wheels to move around along with the chair for short users. Movement from one place to another in the office while working is a common thing. However, walking may not be the best option in a hurry. That’s why movement wheels are needed. Short users also need this feature to have comfortable movements. Make sure that the wheels are smooth and easy to rotate before making a final decision. Hard to move wheels may cause spine ache and knee pains for short people. It happens because they will need to apply more force as compared to other users. That is why it is significant to check the wheels before buying a chair.

Fullback facility

Office employees’ spend their most of the time sitting on a chair. It is not possible to sit straight for long hours without proper back support. A good chair provides full back support to the user in the office. However, shorter back support can cause pain in upper back. Hence, it is crucial to choose a chair having a full back support, no matter it is for short user or tall user.

Perfect cushion

Choosing the perfect cushion is necessary for short people. Most of us prefer a soft and puffed seat for more comfort. That is undoubtedly a good choice for average people to get enough relaxation feeling at working hours. But a cushion that is very soft can be a problem for short employees; it can make them feel lower. So, you must have to choose it wisely to maintain a proper height. If the seat is too soft, buying a chair with adjustable lumbar support is the best alternative. It will make sure that the height is correct with enough comfort level for that user.

Comfortable lumbar support

Lumbar support is essential to supports your lower back. You need to find a chair with adjustable lumbar support, especially when you are buying a chair for short users. Having hard support may bring unwanted back pains. So, it will be great to double check the lumbar support to get a comfortable seat for a short user.

All these features are vital to consider before choosing an office chair for short people. These features will make sure that users are comfortable with their working chair. And of course, it will help you to bring great output from happy employees. Before you step out and shop for an office chair, you also need to know the reasons to buy a comfortable office chair. Let’s have a look at the benefits you can reap from investing in an office chair.

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Why do you need to invest in a comfortable chair?


The main reason for investing in a comfortable chair is the comfort level. Comfortable sitting position can enhance the performance of the user. Also, it puts aside the symptoms like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, etc. Not only it will give the employer more active workers, but also enhance profit. That is why investing in a good comfortable chair is necessary for modern days.


Sitting in a bad posture all the day can bring several body pains. It can bring other health-related issues later. Good posture is crucial to keep the muscles in alignment and work efficiently. A comfortable chair helps the user to maintain a good body posture while eliminating all the neck and back issues.


Another big reason for investing in a comfortable chair is productivity. A comfortable office chair makes the employee happy and reduces absenteeism. And, happy employees can do jobs efficiently and actively. Being an employer can be great you should consider the comfort level of each employee, whether he/she has a short height or average height.

Utilization the office chairs for short people

Unfortunately, many offices use their flawed choice of chairs for their desks. It is not the correct way to use the chairs. The different employee will need different types of chairs as per their comfort, especially, the short ones don’t deserve the chairs others are using. Their chairs must have to be well designed and developed according to their body structure.

Using the normal sized chairs may cause back, spine, neck aches. Modern offices use the average or taller chairs for their employees'. But, they need to focus on the shorter ones as well. It will enhance productivity and make good relations between employees and the employer.

However, it is essential for office workers to use the chairs in the right way. Their feet should touch the ground while sitting on a chair; they should sit erect in position and have the flexibility to move as according to their needs. And these guidelines should be followed by tall users as well as short people.


Rounding it up, you need to buy the chairs for short people that are fully adjustable for better outcomes. Many of you may be looking for buying a short chair instead of a fully adjustable one. But, it will not be effective for future use. Adjustable chairs can be used further by other taller employees too. That’s why the chairs which can be manually adjusted are the best option for an office to hold. It may require more investment rather than normal chairs, but it will give you more benefits as mentioned above, the adjustable chairs will make sure that the users feel the comfort and easiness while working. So, it will help to get away from the health issues with pain-related symptoms. That is why one should consider buying Comfortable office chair for short people for office use.

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