A Complete Guide to Creating a Perfect Work from Home Routine
Remote Working

A Complete Guide to Creating a Perfect Work from Home Routine

|Nov 4, 2020

Being able to do your job remotely can feel like an immense privilege. However, if you don't set up an efficient work from home routine, you are likely to find yourself falling prey to either chronic stress or severe procrastination. Either outcome is equally likely since they both emerge from improperly managing the situation. 

Sometimes, getting into a rhythm is the best way to stay in control of such occurrences. How do you get to a place you've never been without planning for the destination? You may have to ask someone, use a map, or use GPS navigation, but it still requires you to formulate your route based on the objective. A daily working routine has the same effect, as it allows you to maintain higher levels of productivity and efficiency through strategizing. 

Pros and Cons of Remote Work


  • Greater control over your schedule
  • The ability to work in a space that is likely more comfortable
  • More flexibility with time and tasks
  • Elimination of time wasted in transit


  • The potential emergence of laziness
  • Ability to work may be less effective depending on the availability of tools
  • Lack of internet access can derail the whole process
  • Managers and supervisors may try to micromanage your time more intensely than normal

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Importance of Having the Optimal Equipment

While developing a productive daily working routine is necessary, getting your tasks done can become very hard if you don't have the right equipment. The principles of ergonomics are very important here, as your environment and the tools you have should promote your comfort and efficiency.

A standing desk, an office chair, a standing desk mat, and other accessories may be essential to this equation. Remember that while you are an employee, you are a human being who needs to remain healthy first. Much of this equipment helps you to maintain proper posture and blood flow.

When people work remotely, they tend to forget these critical things. Adequate tools and fixtures are just as necessary as establishing a solid work from home routine

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Creating the Work from Home Routine

Remember that a routine is something you need to commit to and maintain consistently to achieve the desired results. The sections below highlight different areas that come together to make the work from home routine viable. Be that as it may, you undermine its effectiveness when you don't stick to it. 

Use a Consistent Awakening Time

Starting your day right can shape the way the rest of it goes. Waking up early enough to get your tasks done is a significant part of the equation. When working in a traditional office setting, people put measures in place to do this almost instinctively. However, the importance of this seemingly simple action tends to be thrown to the wayside in a remote work setting.

Though you don't need to travel to an office, waking up in time to get through your entire shift should be a work from home habit. If you are not on a shift system, you must wake up at a reasonable time to get through the day's tasks. Use an alarm to do this if you must.

Set Work Time Boundaries

One of the most significant drawbacks to working from home is the blurring of the line between personal and work time. Even those in traditional offices may find that making the distinction is not easy. Naturally, using a personal space makes the problem even worse.

A good work from home routine requires that you set boundaries for the time dedicated to working. If you allow it, the job can overtake your personal life, which leads to burnout. If you have a shift, commit to giving your all during that time, and put work aside after that. If not, establish a period for work and stick with it.

Unless there is an emergency or doing so is entirely unavoidable, do not let focusing on your job become a work from home habit during personal time.

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Get Dressed for Work

This is one part of the work from home routine that you may find a little strange. If you are in your personal space, why should you be worried about getting dressed? After all, wouldn't it be much easier to roll out of bed and sit at your desk? It might seem more convenient to do things that way, but there are two significant benefits to getting dressed even when you are at home.

When employees get dressed to go to a traditional office, they do so based on context and aesthetic requirements. However, there's a sense of confidence and focus that comes with the outfit. Even if you get dressed at home, these feelings are still present, and they contribute to your getting your tasks done effectively.

The second advantage applies to virtual meetings. Most people don't turn their cameras on out of fear of looking unpresentable. If you've dressed the part, you can confidently switch your camera on, and you can even throw in a virtual background to make things look even better. 

Set a Lunch Time

This aspect of the daily working routine feeds into the earlier point of keeping job-related tasks confined to your designated work hours. It's very easy to neglect to eat because of the amount of work you must do. Regardless of how critical your tasks may be, your health should be one of the top priorities.

Therefore, it's best to set aside daily time to enjoy some food. Remember that proper nutrition contributes to better health and focus. Your work from home routine doesn't need to have the same lunchtime every day, but it should never be without one. 

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Set Reasonable Goals to Achieve Each Day

Your goals make up another massive part of your roadmap. It would be best if you had a work from home schedule that is reasonable. Consider the tasks that you must get through, in terms of your capability and the amount of time you have. If you set unrealistic expectations, you are going to put yourself into a position where you keep missing your targets.

Goals are meant to be specific, realistic, and measurable. Setting them is one part of the solution, but sticking to them is how you shift to a good work from home routine. You may be the kind of person who needs to consistently see things to remember them. Find a way to write or print the daily goals and place them somewhere you look frequently. 

Make this a part of your morning routine, so you can define how you want the rest of the day to go. Remember to make your lunchtime a part of the schedule, instead of leaving it to chance. 

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Maintain a Personal Life

Though you may not see this as a part of a work from home routine, you need to put in a concentrated effort to keep your work-life balance in check. As part of the remote workforce, it's not very hard to find that your life starts to revolve around your work. While you may enjoy your job, remember that you work to enhance your life. Therefore, you need a life to improve!

Take time to do the things you love and to work on the relationships that matter to you. Once you are outside of your work hours, spending time relaxing, and having fun should become a part of your daily working routine. If you can get a small measure of enjoyment during every lunchtime, you should also do so.

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