ABS vs. PBT Keycaps: What Are the Differences?
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ABS vs. PBT Keycaps: What Are the Differences?

|Sep 6, 2022

ABS keycaps and PBT keycaps are the two most popular polymers utilized in producing keycaps. The touch, sound, and appearance of one form of plastic differ from the other. We'll look into the distinctions and discuss which is preferable. The least expensive and most often used material for keycaps is ABS. PBT plastics are much less prevalent than ABS, but those are often of superior quality.

PBT keycaps appear textural and are considerably more robust than ABS keycaps, which seem smooth and eventually create a greasy gloss. You'll notice that PBT keycaps are typically better. However, ABS keycaps can indeed be preferable in certain circumstances. We'll go into more depth about the primary differences between the two and a few additional intriguing keycap options.

What Are ABS Keycaps?

What Are ABS Keycaps?

Keycaps for keyboards are frequently made from the polymeric Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. Since it is affordable to manufacture while being strong and resilient, ABS plastic has been widely used. It can sustain trillions of keystrokes because it is highly durable before breaking or disintegrating.

The fact that ABS degrades over the term is one of its drawbacks. ABS keycaps letters frequently begin to discolor after prolonged use, and thus the keycap itself may begin to thin. However, Keycaps made of ABS have a matte finish. Your fingertips may like sliding all across the keyboard's surface. This comes with a cost, but cheap, poorly made ABS keycaps can eventually take on a shiny/greasy appearance from use.

This is due to the plastic's progressive discoloration by Ultraviolet light exposure. ABS keycaps typically have a slimmer profile, although, for a modest premium, it is possible to purchase thick, greater quality ABS keycaps. Injection molding is used to create the structure of the majority of ABS keycaps. According to the manufacturer, the inscriptions are then imprinted on the keycaps using various techniques.

The most popular methods include engraving, laser markings, and pad stamping. ABS keycaps are often put on membrane vs. mechanical keyboards; however, attractive and pricey sets are also available on the website. The plastic in pricey keycap settings is typically thicker and has unique designs.

What Are PBT Keycaps?

What Are PBT Keycaps?

Prominent aftermarket keycap choices include PBT keycaps. These are constructed with high-quality materials and endure well. Although some individuals like different materials, PBT is a great option for most gaming arrangements. PBT, also known as Poly-Butylene Terephthalate (PBT), is the strongest substance used to make keycaps.

 However, the difficulty of working with this material frequently drives up the cost of PBT keycaps. Not all PBT keycap settings cost much money, and casual typists may typically obtain a set cheaply from online retailers. PBT keycaps are standard on certain keyboards, whereas ABS keycaps are optional. When we think of the ABS vs. PBT keycaps sound, we realize that PBT keycaps often make a deeper rhythm due to the material.

Another significant contributor to noise creation is key presses. The loud noise bulkier PBT keycaps make as they bottom out from the carpal tunnel keyboard can be reduced by using near-silent switch alternatives. There are additional double-shot PBT keycaps, co-molding two different types of plastic.

Both greater quality keycaps without illumination assistance and keycaps for RGB illuminated keyboards are frequently made using this method. PBT keycaps are indeed a trustworthy and long-lasting option for keycaps. PBT keycaps may not fit everyone's taste in appearance or sound, yet many gaming enthusiasts believe they are the ideal choice when buying a new keycap setup.

Difference Between ABS and PBT Keycaps

Difference Between ABS and PBT Keycaps

ABS vs. PBT keycaps have become the subject of numerous debates. In modern years, the matter has remained a source of debate among the professional and amateur keyboard user communities. Without a doubt, PBT or ABS keycaps rule the keycap industry. Yet, they have distinct technological and chemical characteristics that will affect how productive you are when using an ergonomic keyboard for business or gameplay.

ABS keycaps are unquestionably included with the majority of ergonomic split mechanical keyboards available today. The molding procedure for ABS keycaps is often relatively simple, and the keycaps will not shrink significantly. Because of their capacity to keep their shape, ABS polymers are utilized in PBT keycaps with spacebars.

ABS polymers are utilized in PBT keycaps, where ABS build spacebars to prevent shrinking due to their ability to retain a constant shape. After periods of use, the keycaps' glossy, impervious appearance is linked to styrene, among the primary ingredients in ABS polymers. ABS is resilient and has a respectably high resistance to impacts.

By changing the proportions of chemical components during the manufacturing of ABS plastics, people can make modifications to the ABS that increase its toughness and resistance to warmth and pressure. ABS has several significant issues, including scraping easily when exposed to certain chemical compounds. Additionally, ABS keycaps are extremely combustible when subjected to elevated heat.

PBT, on the other hand, represents one of the toughest and perhaps the most resilient materials used to make keycaps. Heat and the majority of chemicals are very difficult to damage. PBT is much more costly because it is more challenging to mold and has high abrasion resistance. PBT keycaps can withstand constant exposure to Ultraviolet light and perhaps other circumstances, apart from ABS keycaps.

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In the end, the keycaps you choose will largely be based on your individual preference, as the higher-end keycaps by both possibilities will undoubtedly provide excellence. Based on what we've observed so far, PBT keycaps are superior to ABS keycaps, notwithstanding some drawbacks in cost and molding. They are tougher and more textured than ABS keycaps, which improves their durability and all-around effectiveness.

PBT keycaps further demonstrate impressive resistance to heat, Ultraviolet light, and other chemicals. Whereas the PBT keycaps are more common, some people prefer ABS for various reasons. The most important thing is that you purchase a premium keycap collection, regardless of whether it's made of ABS or PBT.

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