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What Accessories Make Standing Desk Ergonomic?
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What Accessories Make Standing Desk Ergonomic?

|Jul 9, 2021

There is no arguing that height-adjustable workstations are popular. They’re in demand as they offer several health benefits so that you stay more active in the workspace. They are the answer to creating a convenient, and healthier environment by adding on those ergonomic factors that you won’t find in a regular desk. To enhance this ergonomic experience, one can use standing desk accessories that add more comfort or help newbies get used to their standing desks. If you are shopping online for some suitable ergonomic office desk accessories, start with our checklist below.

1. Anti-fatigue mats


An anti-fatigue mat is one of the very first standing desk accessories you should invest in. It makes standing at your electric desk more bearable – remember, it's tough to get used to transitioning between sitting and standing. It can even help you stand for no longer too. Most of them are designed with an inner gel foam core for softness.

This core can reduce the aches and provide more support. You can wear any shoes you like with a standing desk as long as you have this mat. It works by transferring all the pressure downwards and away from your legs, knees, ankles, and hips. The extra advantage is the beveled edge that prevents tripping.      

2. Monitor armsmonitor arm

As you move your desk up or down, you’ll notice that the alignment of your laptop or PC screen is changing as well. The monitor arm is one of the tech desk accessories that can resolve that. It is a thin, long stand that you attach to the longer edge of the desk right in the middle.

Then you attach the monitor to it. Note that the monitor arm is suited for PCs only. Once attached you can adjust the height, orientation, depth, and angle as you like. If you use a laptop, then you can invest in a stand or monitor arm for it.     

3. Desk lamps


You need a special type of LED desk lamp for your standing desk. A desk lamp works as a focus light, so you can clearly see what you’re working on. These should be smaller, thinner, and lighter so that you don’t overwhelm your desk.

It would be better if you got one of those clip-on variants that you don’t have to remove when moving the adjustable standing desk. The desk lamp would be even better if it had a dimmable light.    

4. Power bars

Most of the stand up desk accessories can easily be clipped on any side of the desk. Take the power bars, for instance; these office desk accessories give you more power options for the desk or other electronics.   

You can get an assortment of USB, two, or three power plug bars, and they are the equivalent of the traditional power bars; only here you need to clip them on. It makes it easier to get an extra power plug for your phone, tablets while leaving your electric desk still plugged in. You can pre-order these based on your needs, and they don’t occupy desk space.    

5. Cable management

These sit stand desk accessories come in all shapes and sizes: buckle cable ties, magnetic cable snakes, cable tray, silicon adhesive holders, hook-and-loop Velcro strips, wire extenders. These are essential to have on a standing desk because they make it look neat.

They also prevent wires from getting stuck or snagged as the desk is being moved. Wires that get snagged can get damaged, and they may be connected to your phone or laptop; they may pull connected devices to the ground; these solutions let you tuck all of them away into one place.    

6. Desktop accessories


Your desktop can be kept clutter-free with the right bamboo desk accessories that are useful and eco-friendly. You can choose from a mobile stand, desktop organizer, or even a stand to store all fatigue mats at the end of the day. In fact, your entire desktop can be made out of bamboo too.

Bamboo is durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. It can resist water absorption and prevent distortion of the surface. Also, it is very easy to maintain and needs no special attention. We recommend dampening a cloth for easy cleaning.

7. Desk chairs


Don’t forget the most ergonomic desk accessories of all – your chair. After all, you will be sitting down for some part of the day. It offers a lot of support for your lower back and even mitigates stiffness and pain. You can use the curved backrest to keep your back in the proper posture.    

Irrespective of your budget, try to find a chair that is compatible with you AND your desk. You can find these standing desk accessories online in most stores with several adjustment options.  

8. Keyboard and mouse

keyboard and mouse

Think about how often you use your mouse and keyboard as your standing desk accessories on your workday. You could end up with repetitive strains on your shoulders, hands, wrists if you don’t use the right tools.  

Get a bigger keyboard that keeps your fingers apart and wrists tilted at an angle. Now you can type painlessly and for a longer time. The mouse is essential too; you should keep your hand on top of it at all times. If the mouse you have does cause your hand to ache, you could upgrade to an ergonomically shaped one. An ergonomic mouse has an extended thumb rest and a curved body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

9. Desk panels

These standing desk accessories are panels that you can fit on top of or under the desk. The one that goes on the top works as a privacy barrier or to help your focus more. The panel that you place under the desk shields hanging wires and keeps them out of sight.

It also prevents wires from getting tangled; or snagged into someone that may be passing by close to the desk. You can get these panels in all shapes, styles, and colors. They can even be attached to the desk using clamps, so there’s no hassle of drilling.

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