Acoustic Furniture Office: The Silent Trend in Workspaces
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Acoustic Furniture Office: The Silent Trend in Workspaces

|Sep 1, 2022

Noise at work or constant distraction for employees account for wastage of 720 hours annually for a person at work. While a bit of noise and chatter in the workplace Is common, some people find it harder than others to focus on work in the presence of noise in the surroundings. Moreover, it is also researched that it takes around 30 minutes for an individual to develop their focus again after they have been distracted from work.

These alarming stats have urged employers to focus on ways and tips to minimize noise and distraction at work. Though having distance among workstations seems viable, it is not practical as you will require a larger square footprint to accommodate all the employees. Acoustic furniture is a popular solution for modern workplaces and is well known for minimizing noise levels and distractions at work. The soundproofing fabric in acoustic furniture office and acoustic wall panels minimize the vibration; hence the sound transmitted is of much lower intensity and doesn't cause as much of a disturbance.

In this article, we will discuss office sound dampening and the concept of acoustics in the workplace to minimize noise and improve employee workflow efficiency.

Why Pay Attention to Office Acoustics?

Why Pay Attention to Office Acoustics?

Office acoustics are focused on controlling the noise levels and reducing the distractions that happen at work. Employees feel more creative and less frustrated when office spaces have lower noise levels. Constant noise can cause a worker to lose focus, again and again, impacting the workflow and resulting in frustration and irritability.

Secondly, close attention to the office acoustic furniture makes you less likely to hear nearby conversations and chatters. This minimizes the urge to participate in chatting rather than work. Hence employees are less likely to waste their time on office gossip and focus on work completely.

Even for an office space plan, privacy is a desire and improves the comfort level of every employee. Whether it is a work-related call, drafting an email or performing daily tasks, no one likes someone peeking at their screen. Acoustics also help in office privacy due to their wall design and several ideas that give the right level of privacy.

Office Acoustics Furniture and Modern Office Trends

Office Acoustics Furniture and Modern Office Trends

If you observe how a common workspace of today works, you will be surprised at how much it differs from conventional modes. A modern workplace is more and more about comfort, flexibility and making each team member feel valued rather than following a strict mode of hierarchy where subordinates were nothing more than mere enslaved people. This modernism in the workplace is opening up greater avenues of success and growth for organizations while also improving employee retention, which is helpful for the organization's growth.

Office acoustics is one similar concept as office spaces are becoming more open and flexible. For a small open office design or even a coworking space, it is vital to have implied office acoustics as they will provide both the benefits of open office space and the desired privacy and concentration to each employee. Here are some ways through which office acoustics are encouraged in a workplace.

Office Pods


Office pods or cocoons are booths which can be placed anywhere in the room and will provide you with a separate private workspace. Office pods are highly common in workplaces where there is a need for privacy amongst the busy work life. Not only do they block out the noise, but they also have acoustic panels and soundproofing walls which lower the vibrations and minimize any distraction at work.

Many office pods come with essentials like charging ports, an adjustable standing desk and even a built-in Bluetooth connection. Though they are expensive, you can also get a discount on all these amenities through the employee purchase program.

Acoustic Office Furniture

Acoustic Office Furniture

Do you view office furniture as an accessory that allows you to sit and work? With modern concepts, office furniture is much more than that. It is a huge driver of productivity and also impacts the construct of your workplace vibe. But importantly enough, office furniture can also play its part in controlling the acoustics in the workplace.

For instance, an ergonomic chair with a padded design and sound-absorbing fabric will play its part in minimizing the sound that is being transferred or dispersed around. On the other hand, an ergonomic standing desk works with electric motors, making height adjustment simple and noise-free, as most ergonomic, smart desks operate with noise levels of 40db or lower.


To block out loud noises, wings are flat panels of foam or fiber that can be fastened to the ceiling at a 90° angle. They acoustically and aesthetically divide off specific regions of an open office, giving the impression of a wall without seeming too intrusive. They also offer the added benefit of reducing screen glare and altering the lighting in a space.

Sound Absorbing Lights

Sound Absorbing Lights

Never heard of them? No place is complete without lights; why not opt for a lighting system that can do both jobs simultaneously? Sound-absorbing lights have a design with sound-absorbing shades and coating around them. While the bulb illuminates the entire room effectively, the sound-absorbing fabric does its job of minimizing any loud noises.

Sound Proof Zones

Have you ever considered providing your staff with a soundproof floor? The most cutting-edge offices in the world are taking acoustic design to the next level by insulating their whole floors. Certain levels have been classified as "silent zones for employees who prefer peaceful, private settings."

Consider adding a full soundproof space to your workplace if you want to increase your employees' output, creativity, and attention while providing them with various options that meet their daily needs.

Do Acoustic Panels Help Soundproof?

Yes, acoustics panels are highly effective in minimizing noise levels and also adding to the comfort by absorbing all kinds of unnecessary noise. Acoustic panels are also considered one of the cheapest and most straightforward ways to reduce the noise in any place.

Is Wood Good for Acoustics?

Wood has been the preferred material for acoustic performance. By directly striking it, wood generates sound and amplifies or absorbs sound waves. These factors make wood a perfect material for musical instruments and other acoustic uses, such as architectural ones.

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