How to Adjust Office Chairs: A Complete Guide
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How to Adjust Office Chairs: A Complete Guide

|Mar 5, 2021

In today's world, the emphasis is placed on the importance of investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair. However, merely buying the chair is not going to resolve all your problems. You need to know precisely how to adjust office chair components to get the most out of them.

Many people want to invest in one of these products to help deal with lower back pain issues. The way you adjust your chair is going to determine how much support is provided to the rest of your body. If you calculate the chair's correct height and depth, you can say goodbye to all the pesky issues you are dying to get rid of. 

An incorrectly adjusted chair is not going to resolve any of your concerns. In fact, it might only add to your problem. This is why it is essential to set up office chair components according to your body such as adjustable office chairs with back support to solve back pain problems. There are specific guidelines to follow to ensure that you set up office chair appropriately; therefore, this is not a complicated process.

Keep reading to find out the ultimate office chair ergonomic guide to make the most out of your workspace and improve your overall health and well-being.

Why Do You Need to Adjust Your Office Chair Correctly?

Adjusting your office chair appropriately is crucial for various reasons. One of the most obvious factors to consider is the fact that you are going to be spending countless hours sitting on this chair. You want to ensure that it is set up correctly so that it does not have any negative impacts on your health or work performance. 

Various parts of the chair need to be adjusted, such as the seat height, chair depth, armrests, headrest, lumbar support, and the reclining and tilting function.

Why Do You Need to Adjust Your Office Chair Correctly?

 You need to adjust your chair to the correct height and depth because:

  • It provides the necessary support that your body needs.
  • Correct height and depth help to reduce back and neck pain
  • You are going to notice positive impacts on your energy levels and productivity.
  • It promotes a good and healthy posture.
  • You are more motivated to work.

There is a wide range of chairs that do not give you the option to adjust the seat height and depth. You want to avoid these chairs because they cannot cater to your specific needs or requirements. Adjustability is one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a new ergonomic chair.

Calculating the Correct Office Chair Height

How to adjust office chair? Is calculating the correct office chair height important? Who would have thought that it is crucial to calculate your office chair's correct height and depth? While this may seem extreme to some, the correctly adjusted chair reduces lumbar pain and helps to align your entire workspace and its equipment. Some available calculators such as standing desk height calculator and chair height chart help to determine the exact sitting and standing height you should be at when working at your desk. After calculating, you can use office chair adjustment guide to adjust your chair height. 

Calculating the Correct Office Chair Height

All requirements need to be considered, not just height. Everything down to the position of the armrests is going to impact how you work and feel. All the critical factors are discussed individually in detail below, which include:

  • Seat height
  • Chair depth
  • Armrests
  • Headrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Reclining and tilting function

Adjusting Your Chair to the Correct Seat Height

When sitting, one needs to determine the height of the chair in accordance with the size of the desk to set up office chair better. Essentially, the chair needs to be at a level where your knees are parallel to the top of the cushion of the chair. You should also aim to get your feet flat on the floor, which causes them to be parallel to the ground. Many believe that this is not possible, but you have to adjust your chair's height until your feet are flat.

In addition to the office chair adjustment guide, there should also be a space between your knees and the office chair's front edge. This should also result in a 90-degree angle. You should place minimal weight on the back of your legs.

Ultimately speaking, the height of your chair is also primarily dependent on the height of the desk. You should adjust your desk to the point that you can implement the correct sitting position. With regards to the upper half of your body, your elbows should be bent until they are at a 90-degree angle around the area of your torso. Elbows should barely be making contact with the armrests, which is discussed in further detail below.

The height of your share should also keep you upright so that you are maintaining the correct posture. The lumbar support needs to support your spine so that you do not place unnecessary strain on your vertebrae.

A high-quality ergonomic chair that helps maintain the correct office chair control regarding adjustability is the Autonomous Chair 2. It is easy to adjust the ergonomic chair to your exact preferences.

The Correct Seat Depth

Adjustable seat depth is one part of office chair control that you can easily adjust. It means that you can move the chair forwards or backward depending on your needs and preferences. Ideally, the seat should be at a depth that makes sure that the back of the seat does not press against the person's calves.

The Correct Seat Depth


Armrests are often capable of being moved from left to right and up and down. The ideal position in an office chair ergonomic guide is the one that enables your arms to rest easily at a natural angle. There should be no strain placed on your arms or shoulders.  

The armrest should lie slightly below the level of your arms. The user’s arms should barely make contact with the armrests.



An office chair with headrest should also be adjusted to an angle to give a person maximum comfort. One can often move the headrest up or down; the ideal position does depend on the height of the person using the seat.


Lumbar Support

The lumbar support or backrest should ensure the person sitting on the chair is not leaning too far forward or that they are not slouched over.

Reclining and Tilting Function

The angle at which your office chair adjustment guide is tilted needs to keep you in an upright position and ensures optimal comfort. Ultimately, one should adjust the chair to a reclining function that promotes good posture. Hence, it should be at an angle that allows you to have your feet flat on the floor and your back situated comfortably against the chair's lumbar support. Adjust this function until you are sitting with your back to the seat in an upright and sturdy posture. 

When using the tilt function, it is essential to keep the chair balanced.

Reclining and Tilting Function

An Ergonomic Desk Chair Height Chart Calculator

There are charts available that can assist you in calculating the correct height, width, and depth of your chairs and desks to know how to adjust the office chair. These charts are relatively simple to follow; therefore, you are going to have your chair set up correctly in no time. There are various ideal office chair adjustment guide articles available.

An Ergonomic Desk Chair Height Chart Calculator

The Ultimate Ergonomic Workspace: Complete Guide

Your workspace is something that requires a lot of thought and effort. You need to consider all features so that your physical and mental health can benefit from the setup.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Workspace: Complete Guide

Pros and Cons of a Completely Setup Workspace

  • icon checkReduced pain.
  • icon checkIncreased focus and concentration.
  • icon check
  • icon checkA sense of organization.
  • icon timesThe products are often expensive.
  • icon timesA lot of time and energy is put into making the necessary adjustments.

One needs to consider more than just their office chair control when setting up their workspace. You also need to pay attention to:

  • The office desk and its’ height
  • The monitor or computer screen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Additional ergonomic office accessories

These are discussed below.

Office Desk Height

The desk you purchase also needs to complement the office chair you are using. A standing desk is ideal because it can be adjusted to the necessary height. Autonomous offers a variety of ergonomic desks that would be ideal for any office or work-from-home setup. These accommodate people of all sizes with various health concerns.

It is not difficult to find a standing desk to fit into your workspace. There are various designs and colors that are going to perfectly match your office space. You are also free to determine the style of desk you want. More traditional desk shapes are available, as well as L-shaped office desks. There are no limitations on what desk you choose; however, one thing you must ensure is that it is set to a height that enables your arms and wrists to rest comfortably.

Another feature to look out for that makes the office chair adjustment guide process slightly easier is to look for a motorized desk. These products enable you to change the height of your desk with the simple press of a button. This is ideal for switching between standing and sitting. Autonomous has a variety of motorized desks for you to choose from.

The Monitor or Computer Screen

Your screen should work together with your headrest, as this also affects the health of your neck to get a better office chair setup. Ideally, the screen needs to be placed at a specific distance that is not too close or far away. You may not realize it, but this does place additional strain on your neck.

If you want to find the perfect location for your screen, all you need to do is sit back in your seat and extend your arm out so that it is straight in front of you. The perfect spot is the point where your middle finger stops. Your monitor should be centered in this location.

This is slightly different when it comes to dual monitors. These should be set up according to how often you use them. The screens should be placed directly next to each other, with no gaps in-between them. If both are used equally, they should be centered; however, if one is used more than the other, the primary screen should be centered, and the other should be off to the side.

The Monitor or Computer Screen

Keyboard and Mouse

When positioning your keyboard and mouse, you have to try to keep a natural position as much as possible. This means that your arms should be placed comfortably at the side of your body, and your elbows position must be placed at a 90-degree angle. The idea is to not place any strain on your wrists. This means that you should not tilt your keyboard at strange angles, and your mouse should be positioned at a shoulder-width distance apart from the keyboard. The focus is on keeping your body straight and centered. Therefore, the keyboard needs to be directly in front of one shoulder while the mouse is in front of the other.

Keyboard and Mouse

Additional Ergonomic Office Accessories

An office, whether at home or at your place of employment, is something unique. You want to add your own personal touch to this space. Accessories do not only come in the form of decorative objects, such as photo frames and plants. Objects such as computer monitor arms can also be used, which makes your space more productive.

The most important thing is to try to get rid of all clutter so that this is a positive and productive space. Physical health is not the only important factor; mental health is as well. The height, width, and depth of your office furniture prioritize your physical well-being, while other elements such as lighting, decorations, and air affect mental well-being.

Additional Ergonomic Office Accessories

The Bottom Line

With all information provided above, it is no longer difficult for you to know how to adjust office chair. The idea of measuring and calculating your ideal height, depth, and width to adjust your chair may seem like a daunting activity; however, this is easier than it appears when you find high-quality ergonomic products. Now that you have all the necessary information, making your decision and setting up an office chair is going to be a piece of cake.

Out of all the factors to consider, it is essential not to compromise on the adjustability features. These are what make ergonomic office furniture and equipment stand out from the rest. Invest in the right office chair for you so that you can say goodbye to all the discomfort and pain.

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