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Adjustable vs Fixed Office Chair Headrest: Which is better?

Autonomous Autonomous | Apr 27, 2019

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The debate on adjustable vs. fixed office chair headrest is not exactly a battle of the Titans, but it is something worth looking into when buying an ergonomic office chair.

The thing is … why should you buy an office chair with a fixed headrest when you can get one with an adjustable one? If you are truly strung for cash, you can buy a chair with a fixed headrest. It is better to have any type of headrest than no headrest at all. But not when you have a choice.

Ergonomic Office Chair

An adjustable headrest beats a fixed one any time. In fact, just so you can see how important this little feature is, some office chairs have headrests that can be adjusted to five or six different points. The manufacturer wants you to find your best head, neck, and shoulder resting position.

When you have musculoskeletal problems, you should go for a chair that has an adjustable headrest. When you already have such a problem, it will be harder for you to find the best alignment for your back than a person who is fit and healthy.    

What is the headrest for?

If you have never used an office chair with a headrest, you will be wondering what all the hullabaloo is all about. However, a headrest on an office chair is the same as that of a car seat. It is a good feature for offering support when needed. For the car seat headrest, it prevents your neck against snapping backward if your car gets involved in an accident.

In an office chair, a headrest offers your head support when you need to relax when you need to lean back and take a break from work. Otherwise, for most of the time that you will be working, you will find that your head hardly touches the headrest.

If the headrest will not be in constant contact with the head, why then do you need to go for an adjustable one? This is purely for the reason of height, and your comfort. When you want to lean back and take your well-deserved break, you want all of your vital points on the spine to be supported. In that regard, you will need a headrest that you can raise or lower until you find that perfect spot where you feel most relaxed.

A wide adjustable office chair headrest is better

Another thing that you should consider when buying a chair is how wide the headrest is. The wider the better as you can be able to roll your head easily from side to side. Sometimes, after you have been hunching your neck too long staring at your computer, you want to move it from side to side for the muscles to release the tension and relax.

When you roll your head gently from side to side, it makes the neck and the shoulders muscles move, thereby reducing some of the stiffness. This can give you the relief that you so badly need for your muscles if you work long hours.

Another benefit that you enjoy when your office chair has a wide headrest is that you can be able to adopt different sitting positions on the chair. Whatever position you adopt, you will still have your head resting on the headrest.

You will be surprised that adjustable headrests can be adjusted by up to 10 inches, some less and some more, depending on the chair. Since it is quite hard to find a chair that fits you snugly, unless you have one custom made for you, the adjustable headrest comes in handily all the time.

If you are an employer, then you very well know the importance of buying a chair with as many adjustable features as possible. That way, any employee, tall, short, fat or slim can find their perfect sitting posture in the chair. This is far more economical than having to buy a new chair for every employee that you employ.

As you will find with the adjustable office chair headrest, it is not rigid even after you set it at your preferred height. Rather, it has some bounce to it, which you will feel when you lie back to relax.

A headrest can offer some pain relief

When you already are suffering from back pain, get a chair with a headrest. When you lean back to talk to someone or you recline the backrest further to rest, the headrest will give your spine the natural alignment that it needs to stay fit and healthy.

A stiff neck can hamper your productivity at work and at home. However, with a headrest for support, you will be able to keep the neck amply aligned and supported. A headrest will help to heal a stiff neck faster. It will also give you some relief for stiff shoulders.

Adjustable vs Fixed Office Chair Headrest: Which is better?

If you have been a victim of neck pain, back pain, and even shoulder pain, you will benefit a lot from a chair with a headrest. It would be advisable to get an adjustable headrest with your ergonomic chair, but if you are really running on a shoestring budget, then any headrest is better, even a fixed one.


Some sources say that a fixed headrest on an office chair is a mere ornament. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, another truth is that an adjustable office chair headrest is many times better. It can be used by people of different height. Besides, if you search well in the market, you will see that the price difference between the two is negligible, or almost.  

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