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Need an ADU in Glendale, California? Regulation, Permits, and Guides for 2024
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Need an ADU in Glendale, California? Regulation, Permits, and Guides for 2024

|May 20, 2024

If you have been looking for great ideas for home improvement, why not invest in an ADU? Glendale, CA is one of the most ADU-friendly places in the US. The new ADU laws (California 2024) make it very easy for any homeowner to add an ADU to their property.

The term ADU, meaning Accessory Dwelling Unit, is often used to describe a smaller and separate building that is built on a residential property that already has a main house. In many cases, ADUs come with their own set of utilities, making them completely independent from the main structure.

Thanks to the very generous California ADU grants that are available, getting an ADU is a lot easier than you think. However, you need to make sure you are well aware of all the important regulations and permit requirements in your area. This article will help you with that.

Guide to Getting an ADU in 2024

When it comes to guidelines for getting your hands on an ADU, Glendale, CA has very lenient rules that, however, still need to be considered. To stay on the right side of the law and ensure that you get the best possible ADU for your needs, you need to take the following five easy steps:


It is very important to take time to research all the Glendale ADU requirements that may apply to the type of ADU in Glendale you plan on buying or building.

This includes asking yourself questions such as “How big can an ADU be in California?” In that regard,  each ADU must be a minimum of 1,200 square feet in measurement with a height of at least 25 feet or the same height allowed by your zone.

If you are not sure about the requirements, you can either reach out to the authorities by sending an email to [email protected], or you can buy a prefab ADU in Glendale from a trusted supplier who knows the zoning requirements in your area.

Guide to Getting an ADU Glendale

Apply for a Permit

Senate Bill 9 for ADU construction requires construction proposals to be approved by the authorities in that particular city or county. Therefore, once you have decided on the type of structure you want, it will be time to apply for a permit for your ADU.

Glendale, as mentioned before, has very lenient ADU laws and requirements that encourage the building of tiny homes on residential properties. As such, getting a permit should not be difficult.

Build or Order an ADU

You have to decide whether you are going to build your tiny home from the ground up, or you would rather simply buy a good-quality prefab ADU from a reliable supplier. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider carefully.

If you want the more convenient option, going online and simply ordering a prefab ADU from Autonomous is a great idea. In no time at all, your ADU will be delivered right to your doorstep, ready for use.

Build or Order an ADU Glendale

Install Utilities

When constructing an ADU, Glendale, CA laws allow you to have separate utilities for the extra building if you wish. If that is the case, you will need to install all the utilities you may need depending on what you plan on using the ADU for. These may include electricity, water, gas, and internet/telephone.

Get the Right Furniture

The final piece of the puzzle is to find the right furniture for your tiny home, office, shed, or studio. If you want to lease out the ADU for rent, Glendale laws allow that too, so you will need to find appropriate furniture for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen.

Most people struggle a lot when it comes to furnishing their ADUs. When dealing with such small spaces, it is often difficult to know what furniture to buy and what to leave out. This is why Autonomous allows you to order a fully furnished WorkPod or WorkPod Versatile that comes ready for occupation.

Get the Right Furniture

Glendale ADU Regulations, Permits, and Fees

What are the regulations, permits, and fees that you have to consider for your ADU in Glendale? Glendale makes life easier for homeowners by having separate regulations for single and multi-family ADUs.

The following are some of the things you have to keep in mind regarding each type of ADU you choose:

Single Family Residential

Glendale ADU requirements for single-family residential units state that properties that have a single existing structure are allowed to add up to two extra ADUs within any existing legally permitted space. The ADU must comply with the following regulations set by  Glendale Municipal Code Section 30.34.80:

  • Maximum size must not exceed the California ADU size limit of 500 square feet
  • Must have independent access and an efficient kitchen
  • The building must comply with the Building Codes regarding fire ingress and egress clearances

Must have independent sanitation and utilities or share them with the main house.

If a second ADU is required, depending on your ability to meet certain standards, the maximum allowed square footage is 1,000 square feet.

In terms of fees, you will have to pay a developmental impact fee of $5,000 unless your ADU is less than 750 square feet in size. A parking space is also mandatory if the ADU is larger than 800 square feet. Any ADU above 850 square feet will also require a second bedroom.

Any balconies that you wish to add to your ADU will be limited to 60 square feet or 5% of the ADU’s total area, whichever is less.

Single Family Residential

Multi-family Residential

If you are considering investing in an ADU for rent, Glendale laws allow the addition of an extra structure on multi-family residential properties that have more than one dwelling unit. In such a case, you are allowed to either convert an existing non-livable area or construct a separate unit.

Conversions are only allowed in non-livable areas, such as a garage, storage, laundry, basement, or other similar area. At least a single ADU in Glendale can be constructed in such areas, with any additional units allowed up to a maximum of 25% of the existing units on the property.

At least two new detached ADUs may be constructed on such a property. Even if you decide that all the ADUs will be attached, they must be detached from the main house on the property. You are also supposed to leave at least 5 feet between the roof eaves of adjacent buildings.

Other requirements state that the ADU cannot be built between the main house and the street or be higher than 16 feet. It should also be set back at least 4 feet from the interior property lines.

You should expect to pay a developmental impact fee of around $5,000 unless the ADU is less than 750 square feet in size. As long as you comply with all underlying zoning requirements, such as maximum floor area ratio, maximum lot coverage, minimum landscaping, and common and private open space, you may build up to three ADUs on your multi-family residential property.

Multi-family Residential

Discovering Autonomous ADUs

In the city of Glendale, ADU laws are favorable to homeowners who wish to add an extra unit on their property. However, there is still a lot to digest before building an ADU. That is why many people prefer to simply buy a prefab ADU that is specifically designed for use in their area.

That is where Autonomous ADUs come in. If you are looking for the ultimate ADU for your Glendale property, either the WorkPod, WorkPod Versatile, or WorkPod mini from Autonomous would be a great choice. Below, is a brief look at some of the benefits of buying an ADU from Autonomous, as well as a review of its three top-tier prefab ADU options.

Benefits of Autonomous ADUs

One of the main benefits of buying an ADU from Autonomous is that you will know that you are getting a unit that is built specifically to comply with the zoning laws, building codes, regulations, permits, and guidelines for Glendale, California. This means you have no fear of being caught on the wrong side of the law and being fined huge sums of money.

An Autonomous prefab ADU in Glendale also comes ready to use, which means all you have to do is decide where you want to place the unit and the rest of the work will be done for you. Such a high level of convenience makes this one of the best investments you can make on your property in 2024.

Benefits of Autonomous ADUs

However, you do have an important choice to make regarding which ADU you want to buy. Autonomous offers you the following three options:

1. WorkPod

There is a reason why the WorkPod is the best seller of all the prefab ADUs available at Autonomous. It is the perfect to create an extra rental unit or home office on your property. The WorkPod is made of high-quality material, such as plywood, honeycomb paper, and roof shingles, all of which ensure that it will easily last a lifetime while withstanding a wide range of weather conditions.

In terms of aesthetics, the WorkPod comes with beautiful panoramic windows that allow as much natural light as possible into the pod, making it a pleasant place to live or work. If you are worried about how you will furnish your ADU in Glendale, the WorkPod has you covered. It comes with the option of adding many different furniture items depending on the intended use of the pod.

2. WorkPod Versatile

If you are looking for a great place to set up a home office, the WorkPod Versatile may be just the type of versatile backyard office pod you need. In place of the huge panoramic windows found on the WorkPod, the WorkPod Versatile has solid walls that provide better insulation and a lot more privacy. This makes it a great place to quietly escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday family life.

Your WorkPod Versatile will also come with the option of choosing excellent furniture from the Autonomous website. Its awesome "plug and play" feature will allow you to simply connect your pod to your main house's energy grid and it will be ready for use.

There is no limit to the number of things you can use this versatile pod for, from dance studios to home offices. You can even use it to generate some additional income by using it as a rental unit. Simply add some bedroom and living room furniture from Autonomous and it will be ready for occupation.

3. WorkPod mini

While the WorkPod and WorkPod Versatile are already considered small ADUs, it is the WorkPod mini that takes the crown when it comes to the ultimate backyard tiny home. It is amazing how such a tiny ADU in Glendale can handle so much. Even with its small size that is designed specifically for yards with limited space, there is still enough room inside the WorkPod mini to use as a home office, studio, or even an extra bedroom.

What the WorkPod mini lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality and character. It will make the perfect addition to any backyard garden and will be the envy of all your neighbors. As a bonus, having an ADU this small means that breaking any zoning laws or building codes will be the last thing you will ever have to worry about.

Get Your Hands on an ADU Today!

In the city of Glendale, ADU requirements have been carefully adjusted to encourage more California residents to build extra dwelling units on their properties to help combat the ever-growing housing problem in the state.

As a forward-thinking homeowner, you can take full advantage of these favorable ADU requirements California lawmakers have designed. By simply visiting the Autonomous website, you can browse through some of the best ADUs on the market. Built by responsible and knowledgeable manufacturers, the WorkPod, WorkPod Versatile, and WorkPod mini are all great options for boosting the value of your property in 2024.

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