Office Modular Workstation: Designing an Efficient Workspace
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Office Modular Workstation: Designing an Efficient Workspace

|Aug 2, 2023

With traditional furniture demanding more space and money to set up, most business owners have switched to budget friendly and flexible workstations. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to a modular desk system right now.

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Advantages of Office Modular Workstations


The biggest advantage of using a modular workstation is the flexibility that it offers. They are so lightweight that you can easily move them from one place to another. Moreover, assembling and disassembling these workstations is pretty simple, which makes them fit into any space. Whether it be a meeting area or a designated workspace, modular stations are built to fit anywhere you want.


Modern Appearance

Office modular workstations are not only popular for their flexibility and adaptability but also for the modern and sleek designs they come with. They are highly customizable, which means that there isn’t one configuration setting that you can go with. You can easily attach or detach a lot of additional stuff as per your requirements, making your office’s appearance look aesthetic and professional.

Space Optimization

You can use these workstations for multiple purposes, which reduces the need for additional furniture. The workstations come in various types, with some allowing employees or workers to communicate with multiple co-workers at a time, thus eradicating the need for additional furniture for group work. Moreover, traditional office furniture occupies a lot of floor space, which isn't the case with modular stations, as they can be disassembled and used in different small areas.

Space Optimization

Employee Collaboration and Productivity Increase

One big advantage of using cubicle stations or L-shaped modular stations is that they allow employees to communicate better and complement each other's work, resulting in a more productive solution to problems. According to a study by Craig Knight, employees working in office modular workstations are found to be 32% more productive than the ones working with traditional office furniture. 

Employee Collaboration and Productivity Increase

Cost Efficient

Using modular stations can also help you reduce the overall cost of building an office. Traditional furniture requires you to buy all the compatible office equipment separately. For example, you will need to buy a separate meeting table for the meeting room and a casual table for sitting areas. Buying furniture for every single room can be pretty expensive. Modular desk and furniture allows you to use fewer items for all these operations, thus, reducing the overall furniture cost.

Cost Efficient Office modular workstation


In modern times, ergonomic furniture is the first priority of every businessperson. All the productivity and efficiency come when an employee is comfortable while working. For that reason, most furniture companies have started focusing on workstations that ensure healthy working hours, starting by making ergonomic chairs.

How to Perfectly Set up a Modular Workstation?

Draw a Layout of Your Office

The first thing to do before choosing an office modular workstation for your office workspace is to draw a layout of your office and calculate the total space you have for the workstation. Modular office workstations usually have simple layouts with walls, electrical outlets, windows, and doors. Once you have created an office layout, allot space to each equipment and furniture item.

Draw a Layout of Your Office

Check Different Configurations

To get the best setup for your office, make sure to learn the different types of office modular workstations available in the market. Following are the 6 most common workstation types for offices:

1. Standard

Standard office modular workstations are the most common choice for offices. The simple designs are much easier to customize and cost-efficient too. You can easily replicate the designs throughout large office areas without caring too much about matching the color theme. Moreover, standard models also allow you to modify the layout with much ease.

2. Curved

Curved workstations have become quite popular in recent times for their increased privacy levels while reducing the sharp edges present in most cubicles. They basically reinvented the office cubicles by making them more modern looking and ergonomic.

3. Cubicles

Cubicles are one of the most widely used modular workstations in offices. They are standard cubes consisting of a desk with some space to place the monitor or laptop. These cubicles are quite easy to set up as they consist of three wooden panels attached to each other with one open end. Cubicles are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes them highly flexible.

Autonomous bulk order

4. Standing desks

Standing desks are popular in modern modular desk systems. This is because sitting for long hours gets difficult for some people, and it is not possible to reach the screen of your computer system while standing. So, standing desks solved the issue by providing sleek designs of standing desks which have the desk surface a bit higher than usual. These desks are also height adjustable, so you can set them according to your eye position while standing.

5. Pentagon

Pentagon is a type of workstation that can accommodate around 4 to 5 employees at a time. This is an ideal setup for a team that needs constant communication to fulfill a task. It allows the employees to easily talk face to face as the partition walls are slightly lower than usual.

6. L-Shaped

L-shaped desks are the best choice for offices that require more equipment to be placed on desks. It provides extra space for essential items such as printers, keyboards, important documents, and files.

Check Different Configurations

Customization Options

To customize your modular computer desks, make sure to check the material it is made of. There are three different materials: most modular desk workstations are usually built with – magnetic glass screen, pre-laminated particle board, and aluminum profile. All three provide different customization options.

Glass screens give a modern look and come in more colors compared to the other two materials. However, the aluminum profile is more of an industry standard, mainly due to its form and functioning. At last, a pre-laminated particle board is used by people building their offices on a budget. These boards serve the purpose without being too heavy on the pocket.

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