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AI in The Workplace of 2024
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AI in The Workplace of 2024

|May 2, 2021

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. It has become one of the essential parts of human life. Artificial intelligence has become more vital, especially after COVID’19, as companies worldwide are looking for effective hybrid work models and using AI in the workplace to keep businesses going.

Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace has become necessary for the survival of organizations around the globe. People are looking for various alternatives for overcoming the issues caused by the COVID’19. Some major examples of artificial intelligence at work include online marketing. Your search for something on one social media site, and the next moment you find many recommendations related to the same item. These are all possible due to AI.

This article will discuss some major uses of AI in the workplace that are proved to be extremely efficient for businesses, especially companies with hybrid remote work. These are discussed below.

Adding Intelligence to RPA

RPA robotic.jpg

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. RPA has seen good growth in recent years. Digital service providers (DSP) around the world are largely adopting RPA. But what is RPA, and why is it gaining fame?

RPA is a low-cost option with low coding for companies to process high-volume data manually. RPA enhances the workflow of users through its higher accuracy, cost-efficiency, and transparency. Through RPA, organizations can easily handle and automate the tasks that repeatedly occur.

Robotic Process Automation is highly effective. However, Using and integrating AI can take its effectiveness, task-handling, and automation to the next level. Additionally, companies also use office automation software in these regards.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

 IPA digital process.jpg

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is also a renowned use case of AI. IPA contains a large collection of technologies. These techs combine to manage, integrate, and automate the digital processes and specific applications. Moreover, companies also use IPA for automating the unstructured content’s processes.

Some of the major technologies that form IPA include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Process Automation (DPA). Companies around the world have seen huge improvement after the implementation of IPA. A report issued by McKinsey stated that many companies were able to automate around 50% to 70% of their tasks through IPA. This saved them a cost of around 20% to 35%.

AI for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

data security.jpg

With the improvement in technologies and AI in the workplace, the threat of data theft has also increased. However, companies can efficiently remove unwanted data and noise to improve cybersecurity and data privacy through artificial intelligence at work. Through AI, users can easily secure themselves from malicious activities.

AI has different automated techniques for cybersecurity that enable users to detect a threat, analyze data, develop and improve existing software and systems to against cyber attacks. It also saves users’ data from malware and exiting threats. Besides, through AI, users can also develop various prevention and recovery strategies to improve data security.

Artificial intelligence forms proper patterns of malicious activities in the files and network traffic and uses these patterns to detect any malware. This enables users to detect even the most hard-to-detect attacks, which ultimately improves cybersecurity and data privacy.

AI with the Internet of Things (AIoT)

AI with the internet of thing.jpg

When combined with the internet of things, artificial intelligence in the workplace creates the most efficient and powerful solution for organizations. But you might be wondering what the internet of things is. The internet of things means connecting things, and the word things is used to refer to different wearable devices, sensors, refrigerators, and digital assistants, etc. When these devices are connected to the internet, it forms the internet of things.

Combining the internet of things and artificial intelligence at work brings some most distinct changes in the automation industry. An example of AIoT includes a smart retail environment that provides retail stores the facial recognition of customers. Some other examples of AIoT are drone traffic monitoring, smart office building, autonomous delivery robots, fleet management and autonomous vehicles, and more.

AI-Infused Chatbots


With the world moving towards work-from-home and remote working, the need for hybrid working apps has also increased. The HR departments in offices are reshaping their ways of connecting with the employees using digital platforms, and artificial intelligence plays a vital role in it. One of such technologies and use of AI in the workplace is AI-infused chatbots.

Through AI-infused chatbots, employers can learn and improve their communication with both the employees and the customers. These chatbots provide a one-on-one employee communication experience while automating simple tasks. The chatbots also build high-performing and highly motivated workforce that improve their productivity, efficiency, and ultimately business profit.

The Transformation of Digital Workflow

digital workflow.jpg

COVID’19 increased the use of different virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, etc. Organizations around the world use these websites for managing employees and enhancing customer experience. And today, these websites and apps have become an integral part of almost all organizations worldwide. Companies are largely using these automation tools and AI in the workplace to transform digital workflow, and the future is expected to be of these tools.


Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in transforming the world into a more efficient and integrated place. AI has made almost everything possible and has eased human life to a great extent. More and more companies take advantage of AI in the workplace. Moreover, these technologies are expected to grow more in the future, so educational institutions, workplaces, and every organization are emphasizing artificial intelligence.

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