Air Purifiers Myths You Should Stop Believing
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Air Purifiers Myths You Should Stop Believing

|Nov 11, 2021

Air purifier in-house is a decision we all make, especially if we suffer from seasonal allergies. Ever since the pandemic arose and we all were restrained inside our homes, it occurred to us that indoor pollution is also a thing that can seriously impact the respiratory system and cause other diseases too. A small air purifier in your bedroom is also a good way to have a sound sleep, and with home office ideas, it is important more than ever to focus on creating an indoor space with filtered air for you and the entire family to breathe.

Who knows, we could be carrying germs and infections and spreading them by breathing in the same air.  A powerful air purifier offers many advantages and health benefits, but some air purifier myths have been circulating for a while now.

This article will bust some of the most common air filter myths and also help you find the best air purifiers available for you in the market. Let’s find out what those air purifier myths are!

Some Common Air Purifiers Myths You Should Know

Air Purifiers don't Work

Air Purifiers don't Work

A common air purification myth is that there is nothing like air purification. Since air purifiers are made to help you without taking up much in your life, thanks to them, it is likely to be assumed that a tall, quiet machine isn't doing anything worth the praise.

But the truth is the opposite. They are specially made to work quietly and not damage the environment through various loud noises. Air purifiers do work in keeping the internal air clean. This action takes place because filters trap the various allergens and dust particles in them.

If Air Purifier isn't Removing Any Bad odor, it's Not Working

Another air filter myth on the list. A cleaner with only a HEPA filter will remove pollutants well, but it will do little to nothing to remove odors. So, lingering foul odors in your house aren't always a sign that your cleaner isn't performing effectively.

An air purifier in-house with an activated carbon filter, on the other hand, should be able to eliminate gas and odors. Therefore, if you have a cleaner claiming to remove both pollutants and odors and notice any unpleasant aromas, it may be time to replace the carbon filter.

Air Purifiers Work Always

Air Purifiers Work Always air purifier myths

This is entirely dependent on the quality of the air outside. If the air quality is poor outside, it is best to keep doors and windows closed. However, it is highly recommended to keep windows open when cooking, dusting, or any smoke inside the room, such as from incense sticks or cigarettes, to maximize the air purifier's efficacy.

If You Have an Air Conditioner, You Don't Need an Air Purifier

Here is one of the popular air purifier myths. The cool air from the air conditioner might give an illusion that you are getting clean air. Cold air might also feel refreshing; hence you will feel fresh. But the truth is the opposite. Air conditioners can even ruin the quality of air in your home.

The inside of your air conditioner is humid and black. It could even have stagnant water in it. Mold thrives in dark, wet conditions. Because air conditioners recycle the same indoor air over and over, mold spores could potentially spread throughout your home.

Air Purifiers Dry the Air

Air Purifiers Dry the Air air purifier myths

The last air purifier myth on the list you should notice. People who think air purifiers dry out the air are wrong. If air purifiers were drying out the air, they wouldn't be used for seasonal allergies and similar solutions. On the other hand, air purifiers do not work as dehumidifiers, which draw in damp air, remove the dampness by cooling and condensation, and then blow out dry air.

Air purifiers remove impurities from the air around you without changing the moisture level, resulting in a clean and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

Best Air Purifiers in the Market

Finding the best air purifier might be hard not because they don't work, but you need a proper air purifier size, capability, and features depending on the size of the room and air quality. Here are some of the best air purifiers in the market that will work for you.

1. X5 Air Purifier

X5 Air Purifier

This air purifier is an ideal medium room air purifier, thanks to its size and purifying capability. In addition, you will easily wash reusable filter plates. Thus, there is no need to buy new plates each time the cleaner is full. Ideally made friendly to the environment and your pocket, the X5 Air Purifier is modern and made with one of a kind latest technology.

2. X3 Air Purifier

X3 Air Purifier

If you need a rather small air purifier that works for tiny rooms, there is no point in paying extra money. This X3 Air purifier by air dog will work the best for tiny room settings. This one also comes with a reusable filter, and one of the greatest things about this product is its low price. The compact shape and size also make it ideal for small places.

3. Blue air Purifier

The superb large-room air cleaner from Blue air looks nice, operates quietly, and, most importantly, cleans vast rooms effectively. The Blue Pure 211 Plus is 13 pounds in weight and has a straightforward user interface: Set the device to low, medium, high, or off with the touch-sensitive button on the front.

4. Dyson Luxury Air Purifier

Dyson Luxury Air Purifier

One approach to make your home's air safer is to filter out volatile organic compounds and particles. However, another critical component that is sometimes overlooked is adjusting it to the proper humidity level. Indoor air is typically very dry, which is ideal for viruses.

When you have the correct indoor humidity, viruses inactivate considerably faster than they would otherwise, making airborne viruses less likely to infect you. And this Dyson luxury air purifier achieves all of this for you right in just a matter of a few minutes as you turn it on.

5. Coway Air mega Air Purifier

The Air mega 200M is likely to fit most people's lives, dwellings, and budgets due to its simplicity and cost. The stylish, small device fits nicely into a corner of the bedroom and is suitable for rooms up to 361 square feet. In addition, it saves energy thanks to an integrated air-quality monitor that turns the machine off when no pollution is detected and adjusts the fan speed automatically when particles are detected.

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