All-New Scratch Resistant SmartDesk Matte Finish Adds Durability
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All-New Scratch Resistant SmartDesk Matte Finish Adds Durability

|Jan 7, 2021

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is an industry-leading height adjustable desk designed for professionals across a broad spectrum of fields, as well as creatives and even gamers. Both the Core and Pro editions have been best-sellers for their reliability, minimalist aesthetic, functionality, durability, and competitive price point. 

The SmartDesk desktop is available in wood finishes like classic deep walnut and bright, airy bamboo, as well as classic black and white finishes with scratch-proof coating and MDF wood that can withstand years of wear and tear. The interchangeable white, black, and grey steel frames make this the ultimate desk for customizing to fit into any space. The minimalist design language ensures it blends into any home or corporate office space seamlessly.

Top Matte

The SmartDesk is highly functional, with four memory settings that let you lift and lower the desk to the exact right height for you with just the press of a button. Best of all, its powerful whisper-quiet dual electric motor can lift up to 300 lbs without disturbing your housemates or coworkers. It’s the perfect companion for anyone working from home or in the office, adjusting to your needs uniquely and giving you the flexibility to sit and stand throughout the day.

Photo of Smartdesk 2 with highly functions

Standing at work, even for a few minutes at a time, helps break up the monotony of the workday and reduce the harmful impact of sedentary work. Most of us spend hours motionless in front of a computer screen for hours on end every day, and the science shows that this lack of activity can have adverse health impacts on your circulatory system, spine, posture, shoulders and arms, and even your mental acuity and alertness, which stifles productivity and creativity.

Despite the success of our SmartDesk in helping office workers around the world work more ergonomically and comfortably, Autonomous is always looking for ways to innovate and improve on its array of smart office tools. We’ve made various changes and improvements over the years based on customer feedback, as well as industry updates and technological advancements. 

That’s why we’re introducing a brand new option for all our SmartDesk table tops: a cutting edge and gorgeous matte finish.

Why Matte?

Though our smooth finish table tops already have scratch-proof coating and anti-UV properties that keep them looking shiny and new, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our power users who need something with even more durability and wear resistance.

The matte finish process begins with CNC cutting for a precise, uniform cut (the same process we use for all our table top finishes). Like our other offerings, we then hand polish the MDF wood surface to a smooth shiny finish. The matte finish then takes things a step further by tripling the amount of UV-protective coating, which also seals the MDF wood from moisture and further prevents accidental scratches. Finally, we apply a dry painting powder for the longest-lasting, most durable color finish ever on a SmartDesk.

Photo of Process

All materials in the manufacturing processes for all our desks meet the strictest environmental and public safety standards set by both California regulations and the US government, free of hazardous substances, formaldehyde, and carcinogenic chemicals. Beyond that, our products meet the European safety standards REACH and EN71-3, which makes them safe not only for the environment, but for children as well. 

Overall, the matte finish gives the anti-scratch standing desk a more granular appearance, as opposed to the smoother surface of our standard finish option. This granular texture is more durable and scratch-resistant than our previous finishing process.

How to order Autonomous Anti-scratch Matte Finish Standing Desk

You might think this new, more advanced finish option comes at an extra cost—and though it does for us, we’re offering this new option at no extra charge for an initial trial period! You can get your dream SmartDesk with matte finish for the same price as our standard smooth finish and experience the upgrade for yourself worry-free.

All you have to do is select the matte finish option from the drop-down menu on the product page for either the SmartDesk Core and Pro. Then proceed to checkout—it’s that simple!

All our SmartDesks are backed by a 30-day risk free trial period. If you’re not satisfied with your Autonomous scratch resistant office desk with matte finish, you can return the desk for a full refund at no extra charge. Our desk frames are also backed by a 5 year warranty. See warranty details here.

Photo of ordering Autonomous Matte

Complete your home office with smart tools

Your home office should be a reflection of your dedication and work ethic. Your desk, chair, and other office tools should complement and support you in your work—not add a layer of hindrance. That’s why all our smart office tools are designed to be safe, ergonomic, and comfortable.
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