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All you need to Know about Black Friday Sales in US 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 2, 2018

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The holiday season is close by and the most exciting part of holidays is, shopping. It is the time for best deals and offers all across the internet and local stores. Black Friday sale in US 2018 is on 23rd November which is just a few weeks away. It is time to get geared up for the sale with your plan and budget to get the best out of the upcoming sale. Electronics and gadgets are some of the items that attract most attention during the Black Friday. It is also the most sought after items, so it is ideal to get prepared beforehand to avoid rush. You can even get deals on home improvement items and furnitures like Standing desks on this Black Friday which are great companion for your long gaming sessions and work.

Black Friday Sales in US 2018

2017 Black Friday sale went on for over a week and in some cases closer to a month. You can expect the same trend to continue given that retailers try to maximize sale during the sale. Online retailers are jumping into the scene providing exciting and exclusive deals with the comfort of sitting at your home and shopping. Holiday shopping seasons are great time for fun with family and friends with great gifts. Aslo if you are looking for some buck to save on electronics and gadgets, it is the right time to save up for the Black Friday Sale. If you have been eyeing for buying the iPhone Xs or the new Note, Black Friday can be the best time.

What is the Significance of Black Friday

Black Friday has lot of myths and stories to lead up to the popular term that has marked the pre christmas shopping. It is usually the day after thanksgiving that allows shoppers to buy gift and items for christmas. It however did not start as a retail trend which we know about it as today. There are many stories that has been there for ages without any proof of authenticity.

What is the Significance of Black FridayArguably the most logical explanation has been from the 1950s Philadelphia where the Police used the term to describe the traffic jam and chaos created by urban shoppers and the Army- Navy football game. It became a chaotic situation difficult for city police and authority to control naming it a ‘Black Friday’. It was not all a positive past for the term we not associate with positivity and excitement. Those days it used to a chaotic situation with lots of shoplifting, crowds and other unlawful activities due to the unmanageable crowd on the day.

However, sometime around 1980s the term changed into something positive with retail outlets attracting customers. It also marked the day when retailers finally turned their losses into profit on the day with huge sale and customers pouring in with lots of money. From then, the story fitted like the perfect puzzle piece for shoppers and the retailers. It has since carried on the legacy for being the day when customers get huge discount and retailers turn up huge sale.

Earlier the Friday after thanksgiving was considered as the Black Friday day for shopping. Now a days retailers deciding to maximize profit and sales drag the sale up to a week. In latest year we have seen the Black Friday deals lasting for over a month. It may have come a lot far from the original intention of the term ‘Black Friday’, it does make for a great time for shoppers to welcome the holidays and Christmas with a bang. Not only retailer stores and supermarkets have things up for sale, shopper now get the convenience of online shopping too on the day. It is rather becoming the most attracting platform for shoppers to shop pre holiday. Online Black Friday deals are the new era shopping craziness, which undoubtedly is everyone's favorite.

What to Expect from the Biggest Retailers

This year Black Friday falls on 23rd November and going with the trend in the past years we can expect a longer Black Friday sale. We can expect a lot more exciting deals and offers from big players like Amazon coming into the scene becoming an important place for shoppers. Great deals and discounts are the least things we can expect from this years sale. Additionally, october has been a busy month for smartphone market. If you are in for some flagship grade smartphone at great price, Black Friday is the best time for getting yourself a smartphone. It is more likely to be best time of the year for shoppers.


Big online retailers like the Amazon have deals showing up even before the black friday week for you to plan for your shopping better and efficiently. It being one of the largest retail stores in the world with tons of thousands of items, it is a place to look for during the sale for great discounts. You will definitely find some great deals that will suit your shopping requirement. Not only gadgets and electronics are on heavy discounts, personal products like Ergonomic Chairs along with personal care items are on sale too.


Apple is likely to offer small discounts on its products with some gift cards. Well, we do not expect Apple to give us 50% off on iPhones for sure, but something can be better than nothing. On the other hand other big brands like Samsung can have some interesting discounts on the new devices and other electronics like TVs, etc. Gaming consoles and games also are on great offers that might make you turn up for some gaming accessories and consoles.


Ebay, is going for discounts and offers on new items as well and not only on second hand items. You may find some exciting deals on it if you spend some time looking into it. Keep an eye on your local retail stores and outlets as well, they too come up with exciting offers. Camera buffs will also have something to get excited as DSLRs and Compact cameras are likely to be on sale.

Expected Deals on Black Friday Sale 2018

While it is not a definite truth to predict the exact deals and offers as early as october. However, going by the trend and combined with leaked information, we compiled a list to give some idea of what is coming. Not all deals will hold true, but it is more likely to be a feature on the Black Friday sale. You need to look past the barrier to get the deals you desire. In the past years we have seen, better and jaw dropping deals to appear the end of the month. Sometimes the best deals fall back until the last saturday to christmas to draw the sale duration. The weekend just before the Christmas week tends to be a great time for more blockbuster deals. It is also ideal from the business perspective for the retails to earn some profit while offering discounts. Higher priced items and branded items see the last weekend as the most happening days for sale.

iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr

The most exciting and awaited sale on the Black Friday sale day would be the ne iPhones, the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xr. They are of the most sought after smartphones in the market and people will be eagerly waiting for some discounts on them. It is more likely to be subtle discounts as per Apple’s strategy but still you should keep an eye for it.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

Samsung will surely punch ahead in terms of discounts and offers on its latest flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9. Both the smartphones are most likely to get some discounts and offer to make it a great day for shoppers out for buying a smartphone. There will also be some cut down contract offers for you to save money on your new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

PS4 and Xbox

Gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One will also get some discounts and bundle offers. We can even expect some limited edition offerings at attractive discounts. Games will also get some cut off for you to have a pleasurable time gaming this holiday. PC gamers can also hold on to some discounts on PC games and graphics cards from various retailers. Most of the time computer components are retailer specific on sale and you will need to look hard for good deals.

4K Televisions

TVs are one of the hot selling cakes during holidays. Keeping this in mind 4K TVs will expect great offers for getting more and more people on board the new trend. If you are in the market or planning for a new television, Black Friday Sale will be the right time to purchase one. Additionally, large electronics like Washing Machines, Ovens, etc too get exciting offers in holiday seasons as people look for opportunities to renovate and upgrade their homes for the holiday with latest gear.

Smart Devices

Smart devices is the new trend of the day and it will be one of the hottest sectors for exciting deals and offers. Not only smart watches or fitness bands will be on discount, smart home controllers like the Echos and Google Home will see some offers to get more people integrated into the smart home ecosystem. Smart desk are also something becoming popular among desk worker and content creator for the health benefits and flexibility it offers. Black Friday will be the right time to switch over to a smart home setup with smart desk and ergonomic chairs for comfortable working and taking care of your body.

Smart Devices

What not to do on Black Friday Sale

Black Friday seems to have moved away from its negative past into a positive and merry making time of the year. However, there are still some potholes that you must avoid to not fall into the traps of frauds and cheats. While most shoppers would be busy getting their hands on the best deals, some frauds will use this opportunity to cheat customer if they are not aware. Awareness and patience are two things that can save you money and find the best deals. You should not rush into deals without looking into it with extra care and a second opinion.

Although most popular retailers be it online or local store does come under jurisdiction of law and will not try to cheat customers for their goodwill, you still should be aware. Avoid any unknown seller or retail outlet that you find popping out from nowhere just around the sale. These shops or online retailers try to cash in the rush or customers in search for deals to get quick bucks out of the shoppers. You should also never trust any unknown website or outlet providing coupons and deals. Additionally beware of where you use your credit card, take extra precaution while using them at stores or online. Be safe and be sensible while shopping, do not get carried away.

What not to do on Black Friday Sale

Final Thoughts

Black Friday is a time for fun, happiness, togetherness and shopping. This comprehensive guide will get you all the necessary information that you might need before preparing for the sale. It is always more efficient to get prepared beforehand than to pathom for items on the sale day. Avoid traps and be aware of where you are spending you cash, you will surely be at the safer side with better chance to find the best deals among the lot.

To round up, TVs, Smartphones, gadgets, Camera, Gaming Consoles, Smart home devices and other electronic items are more likely to be on sale and discount. While most authorized retailers will have proper warranty, you should still confirm for the same and look for any terms that can make it null or void. You should ensure you are not sacrificing the warranty or service guarantees for extra discount.

Keep some simple things in mind and preparing ahead of the Black Friday sale day, you can easily get the best out of the big day with some extra cash to spare with the planned budget.

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