Amazing Streaming Setups for Small Spaces to Inspire You

Amazing Streaming Setups for Small Spaces to Inspire You

|May 26, 2021

Everyone desires a little privacy in their life no matter how outgoing or social a person gets; me-time is something that brings peace to all of us. Whether it's reading a few pages alone, scrolling through your favorite social media app, or streaming to get your mind off anything. For people who live in tiny homes or share a room with many people at once, getting privacy is hard.

You are short on space and cannot set up your separate corner only if there was a magical small streaming desk setup where no one would disturb you, and you could binge-watch the favorite shows peacefully. Thanks to the modifications in desk and chair setups, you can now get anything from a small streaming room setup to a large theatre in your home. Here we will bring the finest and easier small streaming desk setups for your small desk gaming setup or even a movie session as you love.

The Best Small Streaming Desk Setup Ideas

2021 is the year of positive change and new ideas without any limitations. The work from home routine has taught us many things and, most importantly, the significance of having your personal working space. As the family members got confined in the same home for months, we all realized the importance of privacy and having a separate small streamer desk setup.

The Best Small Streaming Desk Setup Ideas

Fortunately, there are many ideas you can use to create your safe den, even if you are tight on budget and space. Though everyone has a different idea of what a perfect streaming setup looks like, the following ideas work great for the best experience and a limited budget.

1. Monitor Arm

Suppose you are limited on a budget and don't have enough space to keep a large table for your huge monitor, purchase a monitor arm. Since, a big monitor is a necessity for an amazing streaming experience; a monitor arm helps you save a lot of space so you can keep other accessories on the desk.

Monitor Arm

2. Camera with Built-in Lightning

Poor lightning frustrates everyone, and you don't want to be the part of that clan. Whether you have a streaming desk setup for gaming or even vlogs, lightning is an important part of the experience. And if you are not willing to spend extra (who would be), then buying a camera with built-in lighting is your best bet. They don't cost much as compared to the separate cost of lightning for the whole experience.

3. Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is an important part of any desk chair setup. Whether you need an ergonomic gaming chair or setting up a workstation, you need a comfortable place to work or play. Ergonomic chairs help you retain posture and prevent you from reaching the point of exhaustion because of physical stress. It also improves health and adjusts to your body type and posture. Investing in an ergonomic chair is one of the most crucial steps to build your small streaming desk setup.

Ergonomic Chair

4. Mechanical Keyboard

What's the point of getting an ordinary keyboard when we're all going all ergonomic otherwise? An ergonomic keyboard, also known as a mechanical keyboard, gives a light feel to your fingers. It is also space-friendly and reduces the strain and turn angles on your wrist. After all, people who do a typing job know how an ordinary keyboard puts pressure on your wrist.

5. Height Adjustable Desk

Streaming is no tiny work. It doesn't take a single hour, nor is there any time limit to gaming. As you are fully engrossed in playing or even working, you put unnecessary load and stress on your body. The negative impacts of sitting don't scream before it's too late. To avoid this, it is wise to opt for a height-adjustable desk.

Height Adjustable Desk

A height-adjustable desk can help you relax and stretch your legs. Once you are too tired of bending your knees, stand to stretch a little, or if you are tired of standing, lower the desk to sit and work. 

6. Bean Bag

If you are working with a laptop or can work for a while away from your huge desktop setup, then a bean bag is a great accessory. A bean bag helps you relax in a way that is beyond words. Though it is not very ergonomically suitable nor great for your posture for long hours, it can help you relax your entire body. Plus, it adds a great look to your streaming area.

7. Microphone

Having a separate dedicated microphone has a great influence on the streaming experience. Since sound quality governs the likeliness of a streaming video, a good microphone can help you record better sound and even cancel unwelcomed noise.  Many streamers love the built-in microphones with their headset, and it is an affordable option and compromises the quality.


8. L-Shaped Desk

No surprise that desks are the most important accessory of a small streaming desk setup. Without a proper desk, you would be in trouble at all times. To find enough space for your streaming set up and not waste a whole lot of square footage of your room, invest in an L-shaped desk. An L-shaped gaming desk is also a great accessory for gamers, and it also helps them use multiple monitors at once.

L-Shaped Desk

9. Streaming Accessories

There are a lot of streaming accessories that can help you towards a better streaming experience. Whether it's a tripod stand, an ergonomic mouse pad, a tabletop that works as a mousepad, or even storage cabinets under your desk, the choice of extra accessories depends on your personal use and preference.

Getting A Small Streaming Desk Setup

A small streaming desk setup is a noise-free and private corner that each person can use depending on their needs. If you are looking for a place to continue your meetings, need a corner to play your favorite games, or a corner where you can easily record your vlogs without any disturbance, a small live streaming desk setup requires a few must-have items or accessories. Depending on the space, you can choose the best fit for your needs and develop the most suitable small streaming desk setup for you

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