Everything You Need for An Ultimate PC Gaming Setup
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Everything You Need for An Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

|Apr 16, 2022

We've got you covered no matter what type of machine you need, from high-performance machines to affordable PCs. Suppose you don't know where to start when building your own ultimate PC gaming setup. In that case, you may be intimidated by the higher resolutions, faster frame rates, and better visuals PC gaming offers. Now, how to build the most powerful gaming PC?

PCs are much easier to build now than they used to be, and while they're not as simple (or as affordable) as Lego sets, you don't have to be intimidated by the process. The chances are that you will want your PC gaming setup to be perfect if you are serious about gaming. This will help you play your games to the best of your ability. So, how much does building a good gaming PC cost?

This article will explore the elements necessary for the ultimate PC gaming setup. Additionally, we will examine the possible costs associated with each piece of equipment. You will also learn how to build the dream gaming setup from scratch.

The Basics

Graphics card, or GPU

Graphics card, or GPU in ultimate pc gaming setup

A GPU (graphics processing unit) is arguably an essential component in a gaming rig because it renders images from the PC and outputs them to the monitor. The power of a GPU determines what setting and graphics options you have in-game.

CPU for Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

The CPU (central processing unit) makes your computer work more efficiently than any other component. The CPU transfers information between the different systems in your computer. Both software and hardware functions will be faster when using a better processor.


Motherboard in ultimate pc gaming setup

In your computer, all the hardware is located on the motherboard. In addition to compatibility with the parts you choose, motherboards also often include integrated graphics cards, wireless networks, and other features.


Despite having the latest, most powerful PC parts in an ultimate PC gaming setup, a subpar 1080p monitor will not make them look impressive. Gamers playing at high resolutions have a high demand for beautiful and responsive monitors.

This monitor from Acer looks amazing and performs beautifully at 4K resolution. If you'd like to game at 4K resolution, you should check out the Predator XB273K 27 inch monitor. This monitor has a crystal clear 4K display, 144Hz response rate, HDR, G-Sync, and an IPS panel.

Although 4K gaming offers stunning visuals, not all PCs can handle that kind of resolution. We recommend that budget-conscious PC builders check out our list of budget-friendly gaming monitors if 4K gaming is out of reach for them.


RAM in ultimate pc gaming setup

Memory (RAM) determines how much data can be processed at any one time by your computer. The RAM in your computer is where it stores information that it requires immediately. Your computer will process a lot of information more efficiently if you have more RAM - useful for productivity; essential for games.



Your mouse might seem like a minor piece of equipment compared to your PC or monitor, but it's an important part of your setup. Logitech's G502 HERO wired mouse is a great all-rounder thanks to its programmable buttons, weight adjustment, customizable profiles, Logitech software, and affordable price.

Despite its somewhat angular design, you will find it an excellent companion for all your gaming needs. It is worth noting that Logitech also offers a wireless version of this mouse, the G502 Lightspeed. This mouse is much more expensive than the wired G502 HERO but is a nice option if you're willing to splurge.



The keyboard and mouse are required for desktop PCs in any ultimate PC gaming setup, unlike laptops. It can be tempting to cut corners on peripherals such as the keyboard after spending a considerable amount on PC parts and a monitor.

Our recommendation: don't. The keyboard (and mouse—more on that below) will be the most important part of your PC setup. When you have a great keyboard, everything you do will be a pleasure, whereas everything will be a nightmare if it is terrible. Corsair's K70 RGB TKL keyboard is recommended as a result.

It's easy to use and a pleasure, making the Corsair K70 TKL our pick for the best mechanical keyboard for gaming and typing. It is an ideal keyboard option with many layers with a durable frame, dedicated media controls, RGB lighting, and customizable profiles.

With a low travel distance and soft operating force, Cherry MX Speed key switches deliver faster response times for gamers. The Corsair K70 number pad is available in full-sized variants, but we recommend the TKL version because it's smaller and easier to use

HDD/SSD (Storage)

Hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) are the two basic types of storage for PCs. No matter what, it's where your files are stored when they're not being used. As drives get bigger, they can hold more files, games, media, etc.

Power supply

Power supply

The power supply is one of the least interesting but most important pieces of your PC. It gets power from an outlet to different systems in your PC. You may have a hard time choosing the right one, but you won't have to worry about it again once you've chosen one. Sometimes a dual monitor arm mount could help you place your screen closer to power outlets.


Choosing your computer's case for ultimate PC gaming setup is largely a matter of taste, although some models include fans for additional cooling. Although it's possible to build "open-air," a case will probably keep dust out and components protected. The addition of additional cooling systems or secondary hard drives is nice to have but not vital. From a pile of hardware to a functioning PC, these components are needed so you can use your PC easily from the comfier of your fabric suede gaming chair.

Sound systems

To fully appreciate all of a game's features (plus communicate with friends, family, and fellow gamers), your monitor's built-in speakers will probably lack sound quality, sound clarity, and bass level. Rather, you should use a well-designed gaming headset for your sound and communication needs. One of the cool gaming setup accessories is that gaming headsets come with built-in microphones and provide wide, all-encompassing sound, making them a great way to immerse yourself in the experience fully.

Since we've tested many gaming headsets over the years, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S remains my favorite (and longest-lasting). You could even use a futuristic Bluetooth speaker in place of headphones. These headphones feature expansive, enveloping sound, easy to use, comfortable, and affordable.


The ultimate gaming computer setup can be considered in terms of health, well-being, relaxation, and enjoyable gaming experience. This article will help you build your dream gaming setup. Let’s get started!

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