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Are Working From Home vs Working From Anywhere The Same?
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Are Working From Home vs Working From Anywhere The Same?

|Jul 5, 2021

Working from home vs. working from anywhere may be similar, but the truth is that multiple sites have started to point out the differences between each term. Although both areas can easily be sub-categories of a hybrid workplace, it is necessary to consider other variables and differences before jumping to conclusions.

Both of these workplace trends are hugely popular, especially among people with talent but with rigid schedules. Having the opportunity of working from any place is something that many freelancers are looking forward to, especially in the post-pandemic world.

However, there’s something that most people don’t know: work from home and work from anywhere are completely different terms. If you manage multiple remote workers at once, it is necessary to point out this distinction.

Many portals catalog working from home as something “temporary” while working from anywhere is a privilege or benefit that many individuals, especially freelancers, enjoy.

We'll point out the difference between work from anywhere and work from home for today's article. Plus, we'll explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option and why they are different from each other.

Work from anywhere vs work from home – Defining each term

Working from home is considered a temporary situation while working from anywhere can be permanent for some individuals as we have thousands of freelancers working from different places daily. We can say it is one of the many remote work models.

Work from anywhere vs work from home – Defining each term

In this section, we’ll define both terms while pointing out the differences between work from anywhere vs work from home.

Working from home

The hybrid work from home model is hugely popular nowadays. It can mean that you alternate between working from home and onsite attendance during selected days. For instance, you may decide not to attend the office if there aren't any meetings scheduled for tomorrow. It can also be a situation granted for a certain worker when they need to complete a certain obligation but would rather not deal with the noise produced in the office.

It doesn’t affect in any way how the office works.  Your co-workers will be able to keep following their normal schedules despite their absence, and so will you. The only difference is that you’ll be working from the comfort of your home during selected days.

Working from anywhere or remote working

Remote working is different. While working from home is a temporary state, working from anywhere is permanently working outside the corporation's headquarters. Therefore, some certain differences and skills need to be addressed.

Working from anywhere or remote working

You’ll need to have access to certain abilities and resources. One of the basic skills that remote workers need is time management, as drawing the line between your work and your personal line can be challenging at times.

Since you won't be keeping up with everyone at the office due to schedule differences or distance, you'll have to make an effort to keep up with your team members as you do not see them on a daily basis.

Remote working can be more complicated

Remote working requires the individual to “create” an appropriate work environment that suits their needs. Hence, you’ll have to “recreate” the commodities that an office or cubicle offers to onsite workers.

While the office can have many benefits that you may be able to enjoy, remote working can be hugely advantageous for certain workers that find it difficult to keep up with the bustle of the office. Although it can be hard to accustom to these working conditions, taking advantage of the work from anywhere can be easier with some productivity tips.   

Why is it necessary to make the distinction between both working models?

Between work from anywhere vs work from home, working remotely can be hugely beneficial for certain individuals, but it’s a position that not everyone within the organization chart is eligible for. On the other hand, work from home is a temporary situation that you may enjoy once in a while.

Why is it necessary to make the distinction between both working models?

For employees that are eligible for remote working, they will be able to work from anywhere as long as they keep up with their daily obligations. Although the worker is in charge of creating an appropriate environment for them to keep up with their obligations, they also offer certain benefits for these workers, such as the appropriate equipment (a computer, for instance, although other corporations also offer desks and ergonomic chairs, for instance).

Once you’re able to differentiate between work from anywhere vs work from home, it will be easier for you to get accustomed to a hybrid working model.

What is a hybrid working model?

The hybrid working model has been trendy in the latest years but has increased in popularity after the pandemic impacted worldwide.

hybrid working model means that certain workers will be required to work onsite while others will be able to keep up with their activities remotely. Their presence at the office is not necessary. Some employees may be granted a work-from-home position. Still, their presence at the office will be required now and then, for instance, whenever a meeting or any other extraordinary situation arises.

What is a hybrid working model?

We can consider that the terms described above are sub-categories of hybrid working. As both of them include working offsite but not, in the same way, it is necessary to make the distinction between the two areas.

Multiple companies have been using a hybrid working model for several years. It has become highly trendy during the digital era as multiple hybrid working solutions have become popular over the years.

The Autonomous hybrid work platform has become one of the most used solutions of this nature due to its affordability, accessibility, and ease of use.


With the popularity that most hybrid working has been gaining over the years, people working from anywhere worldwide are keeping up with companies, either nationally or internationally. Multiple experts have pointed out how this way of working will become the new standard in the near future, and these claims seem to be true as more companies are implementing this working model into their plans.


Although it can be complicated to plan at first, with patience and enough effort, any corporation can start using a hybrid working model where people can alternate between working offsite and onsite.

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