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Autonomous: Top-selling items this Black Friday 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 25, 2018

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In the United States, Black Friday is an informal name given to the day that comes on the fourth Thursday of November, following the Thanksgiving Day. The name and the day "Black Friday" came into recognition in the 20th century.

During Black Friday, most of the retailers offer promotional sales. Though Black Friday is not an official holiday in the country, some states of the country observe it as a holiday for state government employees. Even schools and non-retail employees have an off on Black Friday which increases the number of potential shoppers in the market.

Autonomous: Top-selling items this Black Friday

If you are also planning to shop your favorite gadgets or products on Black Friday, then it can turn out to be the best decision. However, not all the items are on sale on this day. So, before you go ahead, you need to know the products you should buy on the Black Friday.

Hence, Autonomous is also offering special some great deals on their products this Black Friday at: You will not get these offers once Black Friday is over. Only a few items are left. So, hurry up and check out the website to grab the best deal on stand desks, ergonomic office chairs, smart desks, etc.

Below is the list of Top-selling items from Autonomous that you can purchase this Black Friday, with never like before deals by your side:

1. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition - The best choice Standing desk Black Friday 2018

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition

Adjustable sit-stand desks are all over the marketplace these days, as they are the need of today's generation. However, Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is the best amongst all. The desk is available in two different models to serve the basic as well as the business requirements.

The business edition of this desk is a 52-inch motorized desk which costs $399. With four position height adjustable capability, it can withhold 300-pound weight, and it has all the tools you need to support yourself. The Smart Desk is powered with dual motors that favor a quick and smooth rise. If you are not satisfied with the 53-inch model, then you can go for another model that costs $549. But, if you want to get more deals and discount on this awesome desk, then you should definitely buy it on this Black Friday.

The desk comes with a 5-year warranty on all parts so that you can relax back and depend on it for a long time. It is available in a variety of colors such as white, Black, Walnut, Light Oak, and Bamboo, but the white is something that may amaze you. The finish of the Smart Desk 2 is very solid and durable which is not easily marked or scratched.


  • The assembly of the Smart Desk is pretty much simple. It is a straightforward process which requires 60-90 minutes in total.
  • The design of the desk is attractive as it is sleek and sturdy.
  • The top of the desk has enough space that can fulfill everyone needs.
  • It can withstand heavy loads.
  • The engine used to power the desk doesn’t make any noise.
  • It is an economical Smart Desk.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition

The Home Edition of the desk has been designed taking care of the standing and sitting positions as the basic postures of one’s daily routine. The desk is available with a 52-inch top which draws its power from dual motors. The desk is capable of withstanding a load of 220 pounds. The desk favors good posture and regular movement which helps you look less tired from your daily work and will make you feel enthusiastic the entire day.

The desk is the best bet for all the daily basic activities like working, studying, gaming, reading, etc. Its user-friendly design and features will make you dynamic all day, leaving behind stress and brain fog. You can purchase the home edition for $299 which is quite economical. However, check out this product on this Black Friday to get more deals on it.

With four position height adjustable capability, the desk will let you work as per your convenient posture. Whether you want to do your work while standing or sitting on a chair, you can adjust its height as per your convenience. The desk is the perfect bet for daily activities.


  • The desk has been designed to support any lifestyle.
  • The Smart Desk is the one-stop solution for all your daily needs.
  • Its four-position height adjustable feature favors standing and sitting postures.
  • The design of the desk is attractive as it is sleek and sturdy.

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat is gaining huge popularity these days. The mat provides relief from back pain while providing support to both pelvic and lumbar spine angles. One can easily improve the postures with this mat and keep themselves energized and productive throughout the day.

The mat is also the best buy to relieve all sorts of foot pains. Just put your heels aside and massage your instep over the sloped surface which rises to 2” with a top Ridge that will relieve your foot pain for sure. Besides this, the mat is also capable of defending the strains that you might have got from wearing heels for a long time. Users can grab the beneficial effects of both the incline and the decline for various micro movements. These movements will not only keep you active and energized throughout the day but will also make you productive at your desk. On the coming Black Friday, is going to offer good deals on this product.


  • Using the mat regularly for a period helps in relieving chronic back problems.
  • The mat is quite economical for the features that it supports and the quality of the product.
  • The Mat helps in improving postures and makes you active and productive throughout the day.
  • It has sloped, ridged surface with a 2” rise that provides utmost comfort.


  • Initially, you may feel uncomfortable to use it as it is a bit inclined, but it won’t bother you after some time.

4. ErgoChair 2

ErgoChair 2

Autonomous is a brand which is renowned for making the best and most comfortable products for workspaces. ErgoChair 2 is one of its products from the long list of smart products. The chair has an Italian design which is fully adjustable and is the best in the ergonomic office chair market. The chair has a tilt tension mechanism that provides a complete support system for your back. Sitting for long hours regarding the office work can lead to back issues, but this chair supports your back and helps you to avoid back pain.

The back of the chair comes with a breathable and responsive Korean mesh, which will keep you refreshed throughout the day even after long working hours. The company has added some new features in the chair to enhance the user experience. The chair is flexible up to 360 degrees, which allows you to adjust it at every possible angle. Adding more to the features the chair has adjustable lumbar support.

If you are looking forward to buying this awesome chair, then check out it on this Black Friday; hopefully you will get alluring deals and discounts on it. Though you may get deals on its older versions, they can also help you to get rid of your back problems without putting more burden on your pocket.


  • The chair has some of the new features that favor sitting experience of the users.
  • It has an Italian Design which is fully adjustable.
  • The chair has adjustable lumbar support which provides pain-free postures.
  • With the use of breathable fabric, the chair is best in the market.


  • Lumbar and headrest only move vertically.
  • Back tilt is not freely adjustable.

5. AvoChair


The chair is one of the best in the market and has an elastomeric mesh back that provides utmost airy comfort to the user and enhances the sitting experience. The chair has been designed keeping in mind the simplicity of nature.  Its sleek design and a flowery line over it give it a natural and soothing touch.

All the elements and features of the chair are designed in such a way that it provides maximum support to the user's back. Even after working for long hours on the chair you will be far away from strains and restlessness.

Talking about the mechanism of the chair, it has a sophisticated mechanism system that favors adjustable seat height, arm position, and reclining tension. As the chair has been designed with a very close approach towards nature, therefore it has been manufactured using recycled materials. The material used in the chair is 100% recyclable and can be easily broken down into its parts.

With so many features, AvoChair is the product that should not be amiss this Black Friday. It is one of the best chairs by Autonomous on which you can get hefty discounts on the coming Black Friday.


  • The chair has a sophisticated mechanism system that favors flexibility and adjustability.
  • The chair has been designed using 100% recyclable material.
  • The elastomeric mesh back of the chair provides the utmost comfort and user experience
  • It has an eye catch design.


  • The chair is pretty much simple.

6. ErgoStool


Sometimes if you feel that you want to sit straight without the back support of your chair, then you should go for this Height-adjustable stool. The stool has sloping edges that keep pressure from hindering circulation in the legs. This stool is the perfect bet to be used with standing or sitting desks. You can feel the gentle wobbling while you sit and use it for your professional or basic needs.

The base of the stool has been designed in such a way that it provides great traction on various surfaces. It favors the users to experience a wide range of motion in the sitting position while concentrating on your stuff.

ErgoStool has an adjustable 10-inch height-range, and the stool is pretty much comfortable to be used with a regular desk. With dimensions 3.5 L x 13.5W x 24.5H (min) - 34H (max) inches, the stool occupies less space and is portable too. This unique height-adjustable stool is available for just $89 and is available in Black, Blue, Green and Grey colors. So grab one for yourself on this Black Friday.


  • The stool has an adjustable height range of 10 inches.
  • It is available in many color options
  • The assembly of the stool is not at all time consuming and is easy too.
  • Gas lift tested to 298 lbs.
  • The stool comes with a weighted and stable base that allows a wide range of motion to improve core and back strength.
  • Its sloping edges keep pressure from deterring circulation in the legs.


  • Similar to other stools it doesn’t have back support.
  • It can't be used as an all-day chair.

7. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

The arm has a 360° rotation and has a vertical range of 20“. It is designed in a way to provide flexible work set up. The monitor arm is the best bet for the people who spend a sufficient time of the day at work and requires workspaces with a flexible environment. It is quite a useful accessory will let you adjust the height and rotation of your screens as per your comfort thereby enhancing the productivity at work and keeping you miles away from stress and strain.

The most you can get from the monitor arm is the flexibility that it provides to the users. It helps the users to avoid eye and neck pain as they can align the work screens to the level of the eye to achieve utmost comfort and work for desirable hours.

The arm will help you with the body postures as well. At Autonomous, we care about making work healthy for both the mind and the body. The monitor arm will help you create a personalized and ergonomic work set-up to improve your posture. All this will result in better concentration and focus during work hours, as healthy body postures come with better blood circulation to the brain and body.

Add this accessory to your work table to maximize the desk space and keep your work environment neat and clean. Its arm will also help you out with the cable management and will manage other stuff too. The monitor arm manufactured by Autonomous can be used with other products of the company which including SmartDesk, ErgoChair or ErgoStool. This is the product that could not be missing from your shopping list of coming Black Friday.


  • The monitor arm offers a flexible work environment.
  • With the use of the arm, users can avoid eye and neck pain which can be caused due to unfavorable working conditions.
  • It helps in achieving better focus and concentration.
  • Maximize your desk space to declutter your environment.
  • Tailor your workspace for productivity.


  • The matte black finish of the product does scratch a bit.


Shopping on Black Friday will be your best experience for sure, as a lot of benefits and discounts will be coming your way on this day. These were some of the top-selling items from Autonomous including standing desks, chairs and other products that you can purchase this Black Friday. By shopping on this day, you will not only get hefty discounts on many of these smart products, but you may even crack some deals of the year too.

If you are looking for good deals and discounts on various items by Autonomous, then subscribe us below or explore our website.

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