Autonomous: Review working business after the year 2016
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Autonomous: Review working business after the year 2016

Autonomous|Mar 8, 2017

Take a Stand

Last year, Duy Huynh, our founder and CEO, had a realization. He was spending way more time at the office than he was at home. Yet compared to the perks he had at home, Duy felt the office experience was significantly lacking. So he decided to take a stand.

We set out to make pro-health smart office products and technology available to as many people as possible. We’re happy to say that many have taken a stand with us. Here’s a look back at 2016 — where we’ve grown and where we’re headed.

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Growth Milestones

What started as a simple idea to improve employee wellness and productivity through cutting-edge technology quickly took off and became so much more.

  • Our team of 7 grew to a team of 70 spread across offices in New York, L.A., San Francisco, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Shenzhen and Ho Chi Minh City
  • We’ve interacted with 25,000 customers
  • We grew our revenue by 3,000%
  • In total, our YoY growth was 1,800 percent

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We designed each of our products with the same mission in mind: to use breakthrough technologies in artificial intelligence and robotics and embed them inside everyday products.

  • SmartDesk — sit-to-stand desk, embedded with smart technology
  • ErgoChair — fully-adjustable, supports your lower back and promotes good posture
  • Deep Learning Robot — built for advanced research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Clone — the world’s first smart office telepresence robot
  • Personal Robot — instantly connects to all your smart devices, fitness trackers, locks, switches, outlets and thermostats

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Of course, we wouldn’t be here without all of our phenomenal customers who range from tech giants to small businesses, Fortune 500 brands, renowned universities, independent artists, freelancers and more.

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And while all of this growth has been great, the only thing that matters is what our customers think. Fortunately, many have been vocal about how much they love our products.

“I have set up my desk and it is phenomenal. I will be sharing my story here at Apple with all of my co-workers and recommending this product and brand”— Hector Vargas, Apple

“No point in picking it up, fools! It’s mine! Don’t you dare touch the best desk I’ve ever had!” — Chris Palmer

“I just got my chair in the mail. I’m here to complain that I couldn’t find anything to complain about. Just like my desk, I can’t believe how great of a product the chair is for the price” — Tony Allen Moore

But We’re Not Done Yet…

This year, we’re happy to see more and more individuals and organizations advocate for their health by making positive changes in the work environment. It’s clear that the smart office phenomenon is here to stay. Reimagining the way work may be a tall order, but we’re here to take a stand.

So here’s to an even better and smarter 2017.

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