AutoRex NFT Meme - The World's First NFT Meme Collection on Bitcoin
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AutoRex NFT Meme - The World's First NFT Meme Collection on Bitcoin

Autonomous|Feb 22, 2023

What are NFT memes?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) memes are a type of digital artwork or media that are sold as unique, blockchain-based tokens. They are often created by artists or individuals who want to monetize their original content, such as a meme, through the use of blockchain technology. Essentially, an NFT meme is a digital asset that is one-of-a-kind, verifiable, and cannot be replicated or duplicated. NFT memes have gained popularity in recent years, with some examples selling for millions of dollars. However, like other types of NFTs, the value of NFT memes can be highly speculative and may fluctuate based on demand and other market factors.

Autonomous' NFT meme collection on Bitcoin

Autonomous launches the world’s first ever NFT Meme collection on Bitcoin. Each unique NFT Meme features the iconic Autonomous mascot - AutoRex.

Autonomous NFT meme collection

All artworks within the tongue in cheek collection are one of a kind, and touch upon current hot topics in pop culture, including music, film, literature, crypto & more. Unique AutoRex colorways, different outfits, and fresh accessories. The highlight? AutoRex Meme quotes that are always light hearted and sometimes a little bit savage.

An ever growing NFT Meme collection, ten brand new AutoRex NFT Memes will be added to the collection every two weeks.

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