Unlocking the Benefits of Desk Chair Lumbar Support Pillows
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Unlocking the Benefits of Desk Chair Lumbar Support Pillows

|Jan 6, 2024

When you decide to get a chair for your office workspace, the intention is to be productive, while being as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest challenges people may have is low back pain or something else that leads to an overall uncomfortable sitting position. This is where a desk chair lumbar support pillow can be a game changer. 

Low back pain is all too common among those who work in office spaces. While it's easy to solve other ergonomic challenges such as arm discomfort with chair armrests, chair lumbar support is a little more involved. You could have the best reclining office chair or the best big and tall office chair, but find that the lumbar support is lacking. 

There are exceptions to this rule, which I'll talk about later, but for now, I'll take you through all you need to know about what a lumbar support chair pillow should look like and do for you. To do this, I'll be calling on my broad experience with specific products, as well as essential considerations I think you'll need to make. 

Benefits of Using Lumbar Support Pillows

I think a good place to start is the benefits of having a desk chair lumbar support cushion. I'm over here talking about how amazing they are after all. Therefore, it does stand to reason that you may be wondering what the benefits look like specifically. Let me alleviate your concerns. 

Short Stature Assistance

This one might sound a bit odd, but it's not off the mark at all. If you manage to get yourself a decent ergonomic chair, on average, you should be fine from a height perspective. After all, standard ergonomic chairs these days will cater to about 95% of people with no challenge.

That being said, there's another 5% that needs to be taken care of as well. Typically, there's a gap of about 2-5 centimeters between the front edge of the chair and the calf. Outside of these parameters, the seat pan is too deep, which can translate to some circulation concerns for those who are a bit shorter. 

A lumbar support cushion is perfect for reducing this depth, which allows the legs to be in an optimal position without having to compromise the support that you're getting for your back.

Benefits of Using Lumbar Support Pillows


Sure, my focus here is on lumbar support while you're working at your desk, but assuming your cushion is detachable as the best ones are, there are other applications in which it can be beneficial too. One of these is driving, as people sometimes experience lower back pain while doing so too. 

Car manufacturers try to make their seats as comfortable as possible, but sometimes there is just not enough lumbar support for your spine. If this is the case, have no gear as you can simply take your lumbar support cushion with you and get the back support you need as you are driving. 

Home Office Comfort

This one goes without saying. In many cases, companies tend to think about ergonomics when they're purchasing furniture for their staff in the office. However, when you go home, because you don't have the same capital as an organization, the amount of support and comfort you are offered is significantly reduced. 

Who knows? You may simply just not have the luxury of having an ergonomic chair. Regardless of what you are using, a lumbar support cushion can improve your posture to an immense degree.

Home Office Comfort

Tips for Choosing the Right Lumbar Support Pillow


I made a brief mention of this earlier, but your lumbar support pillow shouldn't be attached to the chair. Built-in lumbar support is one thing, but if you're going to have a pillow, it may as well be detachable for easy adjustability and use in other places. 

Memory Foam

As far as this construction of your lumbar pillow goes, memory foam is almost always going to be your best bet. Pure memory foam is what you want, as it's going to provide much greater durability than many of its contemporaries. Additionally, you want your lumbar pillow to match the contour of your body, and memory foam will do that incredibly well. 

Back pain relief is much more likely when the pillow that you are using gives you a personalized support experience.

Memory Foam

Detachable Cover

Some manufacturers may describe it as a hypoallergenic cover, and if you can get your lumbar support pillow built in this way, it's a plus. Effectively, you want the cover to be removable and washable, so you can keep things clean. Bonus points if the extremities are made from mesh since that means it's more breathable and will likely improve your comfort even more. 


I don't think I have to go into all the details of why reviewing your budget is essential if you're even thinking about purchasing a lumbar support pillow. If you can't afford something, then you're simply not going to have it. Thankfully, these kinds of accessories are not usually the most expensive things in the world, which is great considering their importance.


Adjustable Straps

Finally, one or more adjustable straps would be highly desirable in your lumbar pillow designs. This means that it will attach very easily to chairs of different sizes and shapes, meaning if you do decide to change the chair you're currently using, you don't have to think about getting a new pillow.

The more precise the adjustment you can get, the less likely you're going to have to deal with the pillow slipping out of place as you move around.

Top Lumbar Support Pillow

1. ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow

My first stop on this journey of finding you a lumbar support pillow for your desk chair is the ErgoFoam option. You would be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable option in the world if you are someone like me who has dealt with back pain for quite a stretch. 

There is a unique design to the cushion that is meant to keep you upright as long as possible without discomfort. The idea is to reduce the amount of soreness in your neck and back as well as your fatigue levels, while maintaining good circulation. 

The extremities here are made of breathable mesh fabric, as the intention is not to have the cushion that's supposed to be making you comfortable creating a situation where you are sweatier than ever. This design is going to wick away moisture, which allows you to stay cool and dry. 

You will find that the level of support here is both for the thoracic and lumbar spine and extends greatly beyond what many other options are going to provide you. It also helps that the design was meant to follow a natural spine curvature, meaning that you'll be able to sit with proper posture. 

Of course, there’s also an adjustable strap for a tailored experience and portability.

2. Mount-It! ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow

Mount-It! is next on the list with its ErgoActive lumbar support pillow. I like the fact that this design features two adjustable straps since that means it's not going to be moving out of place at all as you work. Of course, this also translates to your being able to take it wherever you would like. 

Regardless of the size of the chair, you shouldn't have much difficulty getting comfortable. The composition is a proprietary blend of high-density foam, which is meant to allow the pillow to keep its shape even after you've applied pressure for hours. I find that this works as intended, so if you're looking to get a pillow for those long sessions, this may be the one!

3. Logicfox Lumbar Support Pillow

Our final stop on the lumbar support pillow train is at the Logicfox option, which I must say has a variety of interesting colors that you can use to fit any aesthetic. From stripe green to mesh blue to velour blue, and more, you will be able to find what fits the visual that you're trying to go for. 

This pillow was meant to help you reduce slouching and relax your lower back. Its design can be broken down into several areas that give you layers of support. There's the sacral spine cover zone, waist support zone, and spinal alignment area. 

The comprehensive design is what allows it to give you the kind of support you need. While the outside may not be made of mesh, the fabric is incredibly skin-friendly and easy to remove thanks to a zipper implementation. Washing and drying will be a breeze too! 

Internally, you're getting breathable memory foam which has a slow rebound design. Prepare to eliminate your pressure points while taking advantage of the kind of material that is breathable, retains heat well, and resists orders.

The only thing I would say is missing from this design is a strap to help you keep it in place while you work.

Autonomous Chairs with Built-in Lumbar Support

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Where will you be sitting as you work? Let's talk about that. As you're looking for an office chair for tailbone pain, many options will come at you, but it's hard to beat the Autonomous Chair Ergo. Available in a series of colors such as red apple, baby blue, cool grey, and more, this is a fully adjustable design that is meant to give you ergonomic support from different dimensions. 

Thanks to a 22° recline with a five-position lock, your spine will always be stable, and your lumbar area will be taken care of. Did I mention the whole thing is wrapped in a breathable mesh to ensure that you are kept cool? Posture perfection and temperature management sound like a pretty comfortable deal to me. 

Some of the other notable ergonomic features include the adjustable armrest, height, seat tilt, backrest, and headrest. A broad range of body types are supported too, and the weight capacity goes all the way up to 300 lbs. 

If you're an environmentally conscious person, this is also the chair for you considering that it uses materials that are 100% earth-friendly. 

Getting all of this is exciting enough, but it goes even further when you find out that there is a two-year warranty, which will allow you to get any manufacturing-based issues taken care of. If you're looking for the best ergonomic chair out there, this is certainly a very strong contender.

2. Autonomous Chair Curve

Why stop at one outstanding ergonomic office chair when I can clue you in on two? Absolute comfort is the name of the game here. I can't stress enough how this one blew me away, particularly how it tailors itself to fit your body shape. 

It's not often that you can find a chair that is incredibly comfortable while managing to be pretty soft, and the plush polyester mesh design here achieves that immensely. You're going to be feeling cool perpetually, and the way the chair supports your every move will have you feeling natural throughout. 

If you'll believe it, the design is inspired by rippling waters echoing curves, which is why there is a backfin extension on the headrest and backrest that are complemented by plush fabric. 

Sure, you may not be resting against these, but their inclusion means that your walls will not be getting scuffed one bit. 

3D armrest support is included, as is an 18° seat tilt. The durability is also unquestionable when you consider the nylon plastic frame and base design. You don't need to use this chair sparingly at all to maintain its longevity.

Wrapping Up

What more can I say? A lumbar support office chair pillow is an essential inclusion to keep you comfortable. This is especially true if you fall on the shorter side of the fence and experience sitting discomfort because of that reason. 

Remember the tips that were suggested such as trying to get your hands on a support pillow with at least one strap inclusion to keep it in place as you work. 

At the same time, don't forget about the two Autonomous Chair options that were just covered since they will provide lumbar support as well as a host of other ergonomic quality-of-life improvements.

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