The 28 Best Big & Tall Office Chairs for 2023
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The 28 Best Big & Tall Office Chairs for 2023

Autonomous|Feb 17, 2022

Tall people should have big aspirations, so why settle for a small chair? To reach your goals at work, you need a seat that can help improve your overall productivity. That is why a big and tall computer chair can be instrumental to your future success. The chairs on today’s markets have grown with improvements in technology, so some people have difficulty discerning which one is worth getting and which one should be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, this guide should dictate the top 28 best heavy-duty office chairs for you.

A comfortable office chair can be hard to find if you're a large individual. In addition, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long hours can result in spinal problems and poor posture. On the other hand, a big and tall computer chair could provide a comfortable sitting position for large people.

There are several categories worth discussing when it comes to the pros and cons of a big and tall computer chair. Some factors to include are price, durability, comfort, adjustability, and customizability. Naturally, some seats excel in ratings, so that’s considered as well. Nonetheless, all of these chairs are a solid option for tall and heavy workers seeking something to improve their day-to-day work.

Top 28 Big & High Office Chair for Tall People

1. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair 2

The ErgoChair Pro is a classic on any list in relation to Autonomous. Unsurprisingly, this ergonomic chair is one of the highest-rated on the Internet, as its excellent performance helps people of all statuses. Predictably, the ErgoChair Pro is one of the best best big and tall executive chairs in 2022 for tall and heavy workers. It’s not a traditional XL office chair, yet its amazingly sturdy frame makes it highly durable and perfect for tall and heavy workers.

It is the best big and tall computer chair that is affordable and well designed. Modern working demands require updated chairs for ergonomic sitting posture, and the ErgoChair Pro does just that. It's better adjustment, materials, controls, and ample support for the spine offer a healthier fit. There are mesh headrests, backs, and cushions on the ErgoChair Pro. Under the seat is a lever that controls the seat height as well as back and forth.

One of the main draws to the ErgoChair Pro is its unbeatable adjustability. Very few chairs have the customization options that the ErgoChair Pro can offer, and even fewer can match up with it in the ergonomic department. This key feature allows it to help alleviate back problems while preventing new ones from arising. Considering office chair 350 lbs can help support up to 350 lbs, this big man's office chair seat is easily one of the best options for heavy individuals in need of a reliable chair.

The ErgoChair Pro is sometimes cited as the best ergonomic chair for a tall person, hence it isn’t surprising to see it on this list. The cushioning is soft, and the back support is sturdy yet comfortable. If you need a chair that focuses on maximizing energy, the ErgoChair Pro may be the perfect one for you. Its height adjustment features make it ideal for tall people, as it can help people well over six feet tall work without a problem.

Pros of ErgoChair Pro

  • Provides optimal back support
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Wide range of color schemes
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Includes a 30-day free trial and a two-year warranty
  • Highly durable and lasts a long time
  • Can support up to 350 lbs

Cons of ErgoChair Pro

  • Fairly expensive
  • Requires an individual to do the assembly themselves

2. ErgoChair Pro+

Kinn Chair

When it comes to adjustable chairs focusing on comfort, only a few chairs can match up to the ErgoChair Pro+’s level. 2022 or not, this seat is practically timeless. Its sleek fishbone design makes airflow more naturally, which is highly beneficial for those who work in hot climates. Tall and heavy people tend to sweat more easily, as their body requires more energy than their smaller counterparts. Hence, this feature is one of the many reasons why the ErgoChair Pro+ is highly regarded in 2022.

ErgoChair Pro+ ergonomic chairs for scoliosis are easy to assemble and can be quickly assembled. There is no foam or mesh in the seat or backrest, and some cushions are needed for additional softness. This design is meant to be modern and slick, which is perfect for smaller spaces. A fishbone frame on the backrest of this chair enhances back support and provides a very sturdy construction. For greater comfort, the seat has springs underneath, despite being made entirely of TPE.

There are several colors to choose from, which can make this big and tall ergonomic office chair seem highly personable. When one considers the high level of adjustability in tandem with its customization options, it’s undeniably one of the most solid options for those more concerned about aesthetics in 2022. It’s a fairly big man's office chair, yet its size isn’t so gruesome that it can be an eyesore like some other choices on the market.

One more thing worth noting is the 30-day free trial and a five-year warranty bundled together if you purchase the ErgoChair Pro+. Sometimes, big office chairs break for no fault of your own. Autonomous’s quick shipping and warranty process can make your life a lot more efficient and worry-free when this happens. Naturally, it’s sturdy framework should make it highly invulnerable, but it is nice to have a backup plan if things go south.

Pros of ErgoChair Pro+

  • Eco-friendly
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Promotes back health and support
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Includes a 30-day free trial and a five-year warranty
  • Easy assembly

Cons of ErgoChair Pro+

  • Fairly expensive
  • Requires an individual to do the assembly themselves

3. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline

Are you buying a scoliosis chair? Here's what you need! At the moment, it is affordable and on sale to get a better deal on it. Fabric covers the seat of the ErgoChair Recline so that it retains its shape. People with scoliosis can easily adjust the height of the foam armrests, so they are easier to use. There is better airflow with the mesh so that they won't get too hot. A lever can control the rocking motion.

Not the basic design for a big and tall executive chair, but the ErgoChair Recline is our favorite for many reasons. This chair has a wide meshed back, so it is ideal for people who want complete cushioning for their back. It keeps your shoulders well rested, and despite not having a headrest, the chair keeps your lower neck supported, thus facilitating a great posture.

It is also one of the modern-looking conference room chairs and comes in a selection of black or gray colors. The chair has an additional lumbar support pad to deal with those long meeting hours. Moreover, this chair offers a weight capacity of 250 pounds and a 1-year warranty.

4. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Advanced Contoured Seat

Finding a big and tall computer chair with all the ergonomic features is a blessing. Customers rated this KERDOM ergonomic chair from the Autonomous store five stars. The chair has an advanced contoured ergonomic design with multiple adjustment points, allowing the user to sit in the most natural posture. It has roller blade wheels to protect the floor from scratch and marks while providing a quiet movement action. The 3D armrests move in all directions, and the chair is easy to assemble with a 1-year warranty.

5. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair: Saddle-shaped Mesh Seat

Second on our list of the best big and tall chairs, the Logicfox ergonomic office chair is a saddle-shaped mesh chair. The saddle shape makes this chair boast a unique design, and the mesh body keeps you ventilated during hotter months. The chair is made to prevent slouching and shrugging and provides an upright sitting posture with the help of 8 different points of adjustment. It has high elastic tensile mesh and also offers a 30-day trial.

6. KERDOM Office Chair: Adjustable Armrests & Headrest

Adjustable arms in large office chairs are more desirable than one would realize. This office chair with a headrest and adjustable arms has an elaborate design that improvises comfort. The chair is designed for comfort and safety with a multifunction purpose. It comes with a 1-year warranty and offers a convenient storage option that makes the chair portable.

7. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair: Adjustable Desk Chair

Duramont, a popular leather chair manufacturer, has also come up with its take on a mesh big and tall executive office chair. For people who prefer more breathability in a reclining office chair, the Duramont ergonomic chair is the best option. It has an adjustable headrest and a wide and tall back for maximum support and gives full adjustability. The chair comes with an easy assembly process with easy-to-follow instructions. It offers a 5-year warranty and is made up of high-quality, durable materials.

8. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair: Double Lumbar Support

The Logicfox ergonomic chair with double lumbar support is designed to cover all the pressure points in a person's back. This chair ensures your entire spine, lower back muscles, shoulders, and arms are well rested. The double lumbar pad makes 8+ hours of work pleasant, and this chair is also a great pick for gaming. It is designed to cover a diverse range of people and has a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

With a wide height adjustment, people from 5 ft to 6 ft can sit on the chair and adjust it to their ergonomic position easily. It comes with a 3 years warranty, and for the features it offers, you will find the Logicfox ergonomic chair to be one of the most affordable options.

9. Logicfox Ergonomic Chair with Sponge Seat

Foam seats are common, but a sponge seat can set your comfort game apart. This Logicfox sponge chair has a saddle-shaped design which is suitable for most workstations. The chair is designed for long work hours; hence it fits the best for gamers and programmers. The saddle shape design is closest to the natural body curvature, which is why you will find the chair to support a proper sitting posture. Like other Logicfox ergonomic chairs on our list, this one also offers 8 different adjustment points.

10. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Breathable Mesh Cushion

A breathable mesh back is common, but this one with a breathable mesh seat sets the game apart. The KERDOM ergonomic chair with a breathable mesh cushion is not just an ordinary work chair. It is a chair with a great recline game and a tilt action that can go back to 130 degrees. It has a retractable footrest that can be adjusted in height, and you can also sneak in a quick nap between work hours. The chair offers a tilt tension adjustment and a fully adjustable armrest. 

11. The Office Oasis Ergonomic Chair: Hardwood Floors Caster

Hardwood floors are highly sensitive when it comes to wheeled chairs. These chairs can ruin the paint job and permanently damage the hardwood floor coating. Like The Office Oasis hardwood floor chair, it is made with a plastic coating on the wheels. The chair has lumbar support for back pain relief and keeps your back muscles well-supported throughout the day.

The chair has a breathable mesh fabric for maximum cooling comfort, and this mesh design can make this chair usable for more than 8 hours at a time. With 5+ adjustable features, the chair controls the body's natural movements and conforms well to a diverse range of people. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

12. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Double Lumbar Support

The KERDOM ergonomic office chair offers five support points: a headrest, back support, bottom support, armrests, footrests, and enough lumbar support. It is simple to modify to fit various purposes.

You'll adore the height-adjustable armrests' three-dimensional, multifunction movement and their range of adjustment of up to 10 cm. The chair has a solid tilt mechanism that extends back to 130 degrees. In contrast to conventional chairs, it prevents your back and buttocks from perspiring and enables you to sit comfortably for longer amounts of time.

13. US Office Elements Ergonomic Office Chair: Head Rest

The users of this US Office Elements ergonomic office chair with a high back and adjustable headrest will experience the highest level of comfort possible. It provides complete control, good lumbar support, breathable mesh to keep you cool, and height adjustment. The chair is among the top options for an executive in terms of design, dependability, aesthetics, and features.

Other than looking great, it offers a curved armrest design for natural arm placement and a chrome base that adds a nice metallic finish and durability for years to come. The chair has a 360 degrees swivel action and a tilt tension control mechanism. The chair also comes with a breathable mesh design.

14. Serta Air Health Chair

Serta Air Health Chair

The Serta brand is a respected one among chair enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise to see the Serta Air Health Chair make it on the list of best big and tall computer chairs in 2022. It’s available in most parts of the world, and its multitude of colors can help complement an office aesthetic quite nicely. One of the main drawbacks of this XL office chair is its high price in some regions, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for big and tall desk chairs.

Pros of Serta Air Health Chair

  • Available in five colors
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Highly-rated and widely available
  • Easy assembly
  • Promote back health
  • Supports up to 400 lbs

Cons of Serta Air Health Chair

  • Some shipment issues
  • Lackluster arm bracket
  • Mediocre durability
  • Expensive

15. Intimate WM Heart

Intimate WM Heart

Many gaming chairs look identical to one another, so one of them was bound to show up on this review. Still, the Intimate WM Heart has a pleasing aesthetic to it. Considering gaming chairs are meant to help support a person sitting for several hours, it’s easily usable in a home office or in a real office. The additional support on this big man's office chair should also help tall people who cope with back and neck issues.

Pros of Intimate WM Heart

  • Allows you to fold armrests if you don’t want them in the way
  • Comfortable for sitting even after eight or so hours
  • Affordable

Cons of Intimate WM Heart

  • As a gaming chair, several alternatives function similarly
  • Awkward space in the middle of the back can make seem interactions seem clumsy
  • Different color options change the overall material of the chair

16. Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

This ergonomic drafting chair primarily focuses on tall workers as opposed to overall heavy folk. The Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair mainly focuses on one niche, but it does it really well. It isn’t the most ergonomic, but it has enough ergonomic features to make a person work comfortably without paying too much. It’s easily one of the cheapest big and tall desk chair options on this list, but don’t be fooled into thinking it breaks easily. While not as sturdy as some of the previous options, it should still last for several months to years if maintained properly.

Pros of Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

  • Excellent for tall people
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Comfortable mesh back
  • A frequent discount complements its low price

Cons of Zipcode Design Hirst Mesh Drafting Chair

  • Not ideal for short, heavy people
  • Limited ergonomic functionality
  • Takes a while to ship

17. Inbox Zero Executive Chair

Inbox Zero Executive Chair

If you’re a tall individual who prefers style over function, the Inbox Zero Executive Chair is an excellent option. It doesn’t have the functionality that the Autonomous chairs have (as far as ergonomics go), but its simplistic design might make it more relatable for some people. Like some other best big and tall computer chairs on this list, it’s better suited towards tall people than short, heavy ones.

Pros of Inbox Zero Executive Chair

  • Regularly available on a discount
  • Supports up to 400 lbs and can support the height of taller individuals
  • Comfortable and ships quickly
  • Great aesthetics

Cons of Inbox Zero Executive Chair

  • Five-year warranty costs extra
  • Some ergonomic features are missing
  • Only one color option

18. Hbada Office Chair

Hbada Office Chair

Office chairs should primarily focus on relieving a person of unnecessary pressure. It should come across as no surprise that the Hbada Office Chair is an XL office chair capable of making your day-to-day work seem like a breeze. Its ergonomic features make it able to compete with some of the best ergonomic executive chairs in the market, which is complemented by its low price.

Pros of Hbada Office Chair

  • Solid framework
  • Multiple color options
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable

Cons of Hbada Office Chair

  • Easy to make a mess out of
  • Lackluster reclining features
  • Mesh can break easy

19. Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

Symple Stuff sounds simple, well, that’s because it is simplistic in its design. It’s another affordable option, although its availability leaves a lot to be desired. The main problem with this basic big and tall ergonomic office chair is that it’s difficult to clean; otherwise, it helps you unwind after a long day of work.

Pros of Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

  • Good ergonomic features
  • Affordable price range
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Good for using up to eight hours a day

Cons of Symple Stuff Common Executive Chair

  • Hard to clean and easy to make a mess out of
  • Some availability issues
  • Faux leather isn’t the most comfortable

20. Space Seating Airgrid

Space Seating Airgrid

The Space Seating Airgrid is a simple yet highly effective office chair. While it doesn’t win any points for style, it more than makes up for it in functionality. Its mesh design is highly ergonomic, allowing its user to use it at work without any hassle.

Pros of Space Seating Airgrid

  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • Mesh design makes airflow more naturally
  • Built for longevity

Cons of Space Seating Airgrid

  • Pretty boring to look at
  • Only comes in one color

21. Herman Miller’s Aeron

Herman Miller deserves a lot of credit for designing the Aeron ergonomically. Backrests made with PostureFit SL follow your natural back curve from your neck to your buttocks. Your entire back and seat feel very comfortable and supported with this big and tall computer chair design. Supporting your chest and shoulders back at your desk will help you maintain a proper sitting posture. In addition, this seat design helps tilt your pelvis forward and prevents your lower back from feeling the pressure. The result is less back pain.

22. Serta Bonded leather office chair

Serta Bonded leather office chair

This chair can support up to 350 pounds, so if you're heavy, you can sit in a Serta Big and Tall Office Chair. The chair is commercial grade, and the backrest is tall, so tall people can sit comfortably in it as well. However, those under 6'2" should be careful as their feet will dangle on this quality office chair. Also, the Serta Executives' assembly will not be a laughing matter. The stylish and classic design of this chair gives it an air of power. Brown leather and strong stitches give the chair extra durability.

23. Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

The Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair is a delightful entry on this list for its simplicity. It won’t set the world on fire or anything like that, but it is still an undoubtedly strong contender for a top-notch big and tall office chair. It lacks some of the essential ergonomic features that both the ErgoChair Pro+ and ErgoChair Pro have, but its lower price point may be appealing for some people. Aside from that, the Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair is highly-rated and has some of the essential height adjustment features that tall and heavy workers should come to love.

Pros of Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

  • Affordable price range
  • Comes in a few color options depending on the year and model
  • Helps alleviate back pain

Cons of Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

  • Basic ergonomic features
  • Armrests are too far off from the rest of the chair when reclining
  • Difficulty in assembling it due to faulty instructions

24. Leap Plus chair from SteelCase

Leap Plus chair from SteelCase

The ‘Liveback’ technology enables you to take control of your posture by adjusting to how your spine moves. Adjusting Steelcase Leap is easy due to its automatic mechanisms. During the day, you can adjust the height of the armrests and position them vertically, horizontally, at different depths, and swivel them to facilitate your movements and positions.

When you sit on the Leap Plus swivel desk chair, your upper body and neck will not experience discomfort for hours. In a recliner, you can relax your back after a long workday. The adjustable backrest of this big and tall desk chair is easy to use and secure. Additionally, the back support is satisfactory.

25. Hercules Series from Flash Furniture

Hercules Series from Flash Furniture

With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and extra-thick foam padding to support their weight, this big and tall computer chair option is excellent for heavier users. Flash Furniture's Hercules Series features this executive chair for people who are heavier and have back problems. However, its solid construction makes it capable of supporting more weight than that, although some online reviewers suggest it can handle even more.

26. DXRacer Series

Gamers should choose gaming chairs that are ergonomic and allow them to move freely. The DXRacer Tank is such a good big and tall computer chair. During intense gaming sessions, the chair's lumbar and headrest cushions provide great support, as well as tilting back to provide maximum comfort. In addition, a race-car design is evident in the ergonomic backrest, which is extra high and flexible. So, the side flaps of the curved S-shaped backrest will ensure you're supported while you sit.

27. Big executive Signature Series chair from NFB

With its top-quality materials and craftsmanship, the NBF Signature Executive Chair is without a doubt a comfortable chair for large & tall users. As a result, it's ideal for long seated sessions or prolonged gaming sessions. Perhaps its best feature is the memory foam seat. Because memory foam doesn't wear out quickly like a sponge, it's a great padding choice for heavy users.

28. Big & wide Tall chair from La-Z-Boy

Big & wide Tall chair from La-Z-Boy

This is one of the perfect office chairs for a large person. This Delano large office chair is stylish because of its chestnut bonded leather upholstery. Additionally, the walnut finish on the armrests and base complements the upholstery well. This is a well-designed furniture piece.

Furthermore, it is supple and soft, as well as low-maintenance. If you do not wear long sleeves, your arms and legs may become sticky because leather gets extremely hot. Heavy people find the ComfortCore Plus to be exceptionally supportive, thanks to its many layers of memory foam.

The Benefits of a Big and Tall Office Chair

It should go without saying that a comfortable chair is always more ideal than one not suitable for your preferences. Unfortunately, many people in today’s workforce use outdated or unsuitable office chairs, which can lead to back problems and reduced productivity. While these chairs tend to cost extra (they require more parts to build after all), their benefits significantly outweigh their downsides.

In some ways, you might think of a big and tall executive office chair as a t-shirt that fits your size. You could wear a smaller shirt, but it won’t be as comfortable. Just as there’s a piece of clothing that best fits your size, there’s a remarkable chair out there for you to purchase. 2022 might have some unexpected options to consider, but all of these office chairs on this guide contain the benefits that a good big and tall office chair should have. Below are the pros and cons of a big and tall computer chair:

Pros of a Big and Tall Office Chair

  • It tends to have greater durability than normal (lasts longer)
  • Alleviates back problems
  • Contains ergonomic benefits smaller chairs have
  • Improves posture with lumbar support
  • Can improve productivity

The Benefits of a Big and Tall Office Chair

Cons of a Big and Tall Office Chair

  • It tends to cost a little more (more materials = a higher price)
  • It tends to be less useful when sharing with smaller people

Figuring Out Your Height

Before you consider purchasing a big and tall executive office chair, you should figure out how tall you want it to be. If you’re under six feet tall, some of these chairs won’t be ideal for you. If you’re over seven feet tall, you might need something more specially crafted for your comfort (especially if you’re working for hours on end). Should you be between these height ranges, consider the best big and tall chair for you.

Once you measure your height, you should also think about how much height adjustment you wish your chair to have. Not every six-foot-four person wants their chair to be on the same level, so you need to ponder about how much height variation the following chairs bring to you. If the seat isn’t ergonomic in the slightest, then it might not be suitable for your needs.

Figuring Out Your Height

How to Choose a Proper Big and Tall Chair?

Seat height adjustment

The typical big and tall executive office chair was not designed for people taller than six feet. For people with heights exceeding 6 feet, you will need to find a big tall desk with an appropriate back height. Taking a seat on an inappropriate big man's office chair can put unnecessary strain on your neck and back.

Seat depth adjustment

Seat height adjustment

It may also cause numbness and blood circulation problems in the legs if the seat is not wide enough. Therefore, you should purchase a big and tall ergonomic office chair with at least a 22-inch seat width, a 20-inch backrest depth, and a 19-inch seat depth.

Seat angle adjustment

Seat angle adjustment refers to the ability to independently adjust the seat cushion angle of an XL office chair, independent of the backrest cushion. There are two main ways to adjust the angle of a seat cushion. Either it "floats" to any angle within a certain range, or it is fixed in one position.

Back angle adjustment

Back angle adjustment

A regular 8 hours office chair usually isn't designed to accommodate users over six feet tall. Therefore, you must find a chair with a back height that suits an individual taller than 6 feet. In other words, if you sit without proper support for your neck and back, you may suffer from unnecessary strain.

Tension control

Seat angle adjustment refers to the ability to independently adjust the seat cushion angle of an office chair, independent of the backrest cushion. The seat cushion can either be free-floating within a certain range or fixed at one specific angle.

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