Benefits of Using Standing Desk on Physical & Mental Health
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Benefits of Using Standing Desk on Physical & Mental Health

|Dec 11, 2020

Standing desks are believed to have beneficial properties. How would the type of desk and the way you sit affect your physical and mental health? 

The sale of standing desks has increased rapidly in previous years, so clearly there is some truth to the matter! The has a variety of standing desks available. 

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is a desk that allows you to draw, read, or write while you are standing up or using a high stool.

There are different variations of this type of desk; some are adjustable, and others are not. The studies conducted on this topic show that standing desks are compatible with ergonomic and adjustable chairs. Both of these objects have overall health and well-being in mind while still providing comfort.

What is a standing desk

Advantages of Standing Desks

These individual desks are said to have an impact on physical and mental health. A standing desk benefit can be associated with the fact that excessive hours of sitting can be detrimental to your health. Longer hours of sitting are said to cause cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and quicker aging. Pros of standing desks are long-term, as they are associated with your overall health and well-being.

There are believed to be various benefits associated with standing desks, many of which are supported by science and professional opinions:

1. Advantages of Standing Desks on Physical Health

The advantages of the desk on physical health are evident. A standing desk eliminates the negative effects of sitting. Additionally, standing improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and increases your metabolism. The benefits are:

1.      Standing may reduce the risk of back and shoulder pain.

2.      These tables assist in muscle movement.

3.      Standing helps to keep your body fit.

4.      The probability of getting certain diseases, such as heart disease, is reduced by standing.

5.      The activity of standing improves your overall physical health.

6.      This is going to help improve your posture.

These benefits have all been confirmed through the conducting of tests and experiments.

Advantage of standing desk

2. Advantages of Standing Desks on Mental Health

The physical benefits of a standing desk are easily understandable and pretty self-explanatory, but how can a desk improve your mental health? How could an object have a psychological impact on you?

 A person's specific posture and body position do affect the mind. The body and mind are integrated and work as one. Studies show that people who spend more time sitting are likely to experience higher and more frequent anxiety and depression levels. The standing-to-sitting ratio affects this; hence, a standing desk means a higher stand-to-sit percentage, which is a mood booster.

Experts and research state that there are various pros associated with a standing desk:

1.      A height adjustable desk is said to boost your mood and increase your energy, thus making work more enjoyable.

2.      Sit stand desk help reduce stress and fatigue.

3.      These objects result in increased productivity and brainpower.

4.      This improves your awareness.

All of these benefits have been tried and tested and have produced very evident results. When standing, you are more aware of your surroundings, and your senses are heightened. Sitting is a more relaxed activity. Standing also requires engaging your muscles and balancing, which means that you are mentally more alert. You are more focused and thus using your brain more, which leads to increased engagement.

Mental health benefit of standing desk

What Happens When You Are Tired of Standing?

This does not mean that you have to constantly stand, because as your legs get tired, so does your brain. You can start considering adjustable chairs for office desks and adjustable standing desk legs at this point. These two objects allow you to take a break when necessary. All you need to do is simply decrease your chair's height or lower the level of your desk when you feel like you need to sit for a little while. This allows you to achieve the maximum results from your work session.

Most modern desks are adjustable, so this makes it very easy and convenient.

The possession of a standing desk does not mean that you cannot sit at all. Sitting has certain benefits and standing has other advantages. Being seated allows you to focus on quieter tasks that require concentration. If you are looking to find a chair to  invest in, this article will provide plenty of options of ergonomic office chairs for back pain. Standing is ideal when you need to be energized and upbeat, when you feel like it is time for a mood booster, you need to stand up again!

Disadvantages of a Standing Desk

A downside to this way of performing work is that investing in a standing desk can be quite expensive. However, this does not always have to be the case. You can attempt to make your own sit stand desk by stacking objects on top of one another on top of your original desk.

While standing is beneficial overall, it is important not to stand for prolonged periods. This can cause pain and poor posture if you do not consider the correct ergonomics. Ergonomics is a study that identifies the physical and psychological factors that help people to perform to the best of their ability, in the healthiest and safest way, when in a working environment.

Another factor to consider is that this is a fairly new study. As much as research and tests have been conducted on this topic, the long-term effects have not been evaluated or examined yet. If the future impact is negative, this would not be known currently.  

Time to Take a Stand

The evidence is clear. Standing should be done more often than sitting; however, this is not the case for most individuals. Many may feel that there is not much that can be done as in a school or work environment, you are often provided with a normal desk that forces you to sit. When sitting, consider investing in a good quality office chair, such as the Kinn Chair or the AvoChair.

Start making a change in your home environment. The difference is going to be seen. Approach your employer or principal and show them the results from the study of standing desks. Proof of increased productivity is something that they are going to want to see.

Standing desks are not only exercise for the body, but also the brain! Decide to improve your mental and physical health with the investment in a standing desk

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